Asbestos Product Information
1926 American Insulation Company-PDF

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original 1926
ad for the American Insulation Company.  It is 2 pages.  The
ad features Eternit Asbestos Shingles "An absolutely fire-proof
and practically indestructible roofing shingle made of Portland
Cement and asbestos fibre, adaptable to all kinds of building
construction where shingle roofing or siding is required from
farm buildings, barns, garages, etc. to the finest residences.";
"Eternit Asbestos Shingles are "built-up" from the best grade of
Portland Cement and South African Asbestos Fibre.  Authorities
agree that this particular fibre is the best for shingle
construction on account of its exceptional length and exceeding
toughness.  It is also tale-free which permits the cement to
adhere more closely to it.  Layer upon layer of close-knit,
interwoven fibres that mat into a perfect framework of
reinforcement are formed by ingenious machines.  The fibres
are thoroughly impregnated with Portland Cement and then
subjected to tremendous hydraulic pressure which welds the
clinging, cement-surrounded fibres into a solid, stone-like,
impenetrable mass-stone that is given hardness and body by
the cement, and is reinforced and given non-chipping,
non-cracking resiliency by its twisted layers of long, tough,
sinewy asbestos fibres.  These laminated shingles are much
stronger than the ordinary moulded shingle."
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