1932-Curtis Lighting, Inc.

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original 1932
catalog for
Curtis Lighting, Inc.  It is 28 pages, including front
and back covers.  Products featured include:  Altar Lighting;
Arena and Armory Lighting; Art Galleries; Lighting through
Artificial Windows; Auditoriums; Bank Lighting; Book Rack
Lighting; Bracket Lighting; Built-in Lighting-Ceiling and Wall
Panels; Built-into-furniture Lighting; Flush Mounting Ceiling
Flanges; Church Lighting; Curtis Adapters; CurtiStrip; Dining
rooms; Display Room Lighting; Drafting Rooms; Elevator
Lobby; Factories; Pendant Ceiling Type Fixtures; Floodlighting
for Exterior Uses-Exteriors of Buildings; Floodlighting Interiors;
Footlights (disappearing type); Gymnasiums; Hospitals;
Hotels; Ice Skating Rinks (indoors); Industrial Interior Lighting;
Indirect Lighting Luminaires; Inspection Racks; Laboratories;
Libraries; Light Transmission through various kinds of glass;
LightStrip; Lobbies, Foyers, and Promenades; Lodges-Fraternal
Buildings; Luminaires; Marquise Lighting; Museums;
Night-Light for Hospitals, Corridors, Stair Landings; Offices;
Operating Rooms-Hospitals; Panel Lighting; Pedestal Lighting;
Planning (Lighting General; Ceiling and Panel Lighting; Cove
Lighting; Indirect Lighting; Industrial Lighting; Skylight
Lighting; Show Window Lighting); Public Buildings; Recessed
Lighting; Reflector Lamps; Restaurants; Schools; Show Window
Lighting Skylight Lighting Solarium; Stations of the Cross;
Stock Quotation Board Lighting; Stores, Shops and
Salesrooms; Swimming Pool Lighting; Tennis Court Lighting
(interior); Theatre Lighting; Urn Lighting; Wall Case Lighting;
Wall Panel Lighting; Window Reflector Equipment and
1932 Curtis Lighting, Inc.
1932 Curtis Lighting, Inc.
Curtis Lighting, Inc.
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