1955 Fair-Play Mfg. Co.

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original 1955
product catalog for Fair-Play Mfg. Co
.  It is 4 pages.  The
catalog features Fair-Play Scoreboards, including Model FF-1S
"This FAIR-PLAY Scoreboard has been nicknamed the
"Tick-Away" by players and spectators alike. The Tick-Away has
easy-to-read FIGURGRAM numerals and is legible from very
sharp angles. Numbers are plainly legible from a distance of
300 feet."; Model FD-60 "This FAIR-PLAY board combines the
advantages of the dial-type timer and the easy-to-read
FIGURGRAM. Rear lighted 27" dial turns red last minute of play
and indicates seconds only."; Model FF-4S; Model FF-2S;
Model FB-55; Model FK-50.  The catalog includes the
specifications for each model and installation instructions for
the FF-1S.
1955 Fair-Play Manufacturing Company Catalog
1961 Fair Play Scoreboard Company Catalog
1953 Fair-Play Manufacturing Company Catalog
Fair Play Mfg. Co.

4 pages-PDF
Fair Play
Scoreboard Co.
4 pages-PDF
1968 Fair-Play Scoreboard Company

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original 1968
product catalog for Fair-Play Scoreboard Company.
 It is 4
pages. The catalog features Fair-Play Scoreboards for
Basketball, Wrestling, Swimming and other Sports, including
Model BB-230 "This complete scoreboard shows: time
remaining; team scores to 199; bonus foul display; total team
fouls; player foul and uniform number; two-line promotion
panel; and player name panels."; Model 4100 "This popular
'compact' scoreboard is also available in a four-sided model.
Number units are ten inches high with the period indicated by
four individual lights."; BB-60 "Install this new BB-60 inside for
the basketball season...move it outside for football and
baseball."; FB-50-A2 for Football; The 300 Series "For the
larger fieldhouse or gymnasium"; WR-220 "Wrestling...one of
the fastest growing interscholastic sports...and, Fair-Play has
designed this new wrestling scoreboard for the coach, the
spectator and the participant. Large twelve inch numerals show
accumulative team score and time remaining in the match.
3-inch lights also indicate period of the match."; SW 220
"Length after length, swimmers are ahead with Fair-Play's
model SW 220."
1968 Fair Play Scoreboard Company Catalog
Fair-Play Mfg. Co.
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