1948 Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing Co., Inc.

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original
1948 catalog for Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing Co., Inc.  It
is 8 pages.  This catalog features many products, including
Corrugated Metal-Asbestos Gasket-No. 2 (Pressures to 600 lbs.
-Temperatures to 750ºF) “This Phoenix Gasket combines the
increased strength of deeply corrugated metal with the positive
seal of loose fibre asbestos cord. The asbestos is cemented
into the corrugations on both sides of the base. Through this
construction, No. 2 Gasket remains unusually flexible; its
efficiency is unaffected by expansion or contraction. It assures
permanently sealed joints and a resiliency that readily
compensates for rough or uneven flanges, or poor alignment
of piping. It is widely used on high pressure lines and on super-
heated steam lines and is guaranteed to outlast four or five
plain asbestos gaskets.”; Single Jacket Asbestos Gasket-No. 3
(Pressures to 600 lbs.-Temperatures to 750ºF) “Consists of an
asbestos core, is partially enclosed by a copper jacket, which
seals one face and both edges of the core and slightly
overlaps the other face. The asbestos is thereby reinforced
and makes this compact construction blow-out proof and
suitable for higher pressures, yet sufficiently soft to “make-up”
easily.”;Double Jacket Asbestos Gasket-No. 4 (Pressures to
750 lbs.-Temperatures to 1000ºF “This highly efficient Phoenix
Gasket has the additional strength thanks to a double jacket
that completely encloses the asbestos core. One jacket fully
covers one face. The outer jacket covers the opposite face and
extends sufficiently around the edges to overlap the inner
jacket and seal it in place. Consequently No. 4 Gasket is
recommended for sealing joints subject to higher pressures
and temperatures under difficult conditions such as for high
pressure stills, heat exchangers, condensers.”; Metal-Asbestos
Gaskets-Double Armored Asbestos Gasket-No. 5 “In Phoenix
No. 5, the double jacket construction (of No. 4) is given
additional strength and protection by two jackets, completely
sealing the asbestos core, extended around the inner and
outer edges to form double armor. The asbestos core serves
solely as a cushion compressing sufficiently to give full sealing-
without undue strain on the flanges or bolts. It is used where
high internal pressures and unusually severe operating
conditions are encountered.”; Corrugated Jacket Asbestos
Gasket-No. 1100 (Pressures to 1200 lbs.-Temperatures to
1000ºF) “Through its reinforced construction it withstands
exceptionally high pressures and temperatures. Its asbestos
core is completely protected by a heavy, double, deeply
corrugated jacket, to give the greatest resiliency possible. The
corrugations also serve as individual concentric gaskets and
compensate for flange irregularities and piping misalignment.
The asbestos core compresses sufficiently to insure complete
joint sealing without undue flange or bolt strain. Consequently,
No. 1100 is extensively used for sealing joints in chemical,
refining and other processes operating under extreme
conditions. It, likewise, finds wide application in power plants
using superheated steam.”; Asbestos Fiber Sheet Gaskets
“Consists of long-fibered asbestos compressed with enough
rubber binder to hold and waterproof each fiber without loss of
heat resistance. Keeps well without hardening or losing its
flexibility or tensile strength. Resistant to gas, oil, hot or cold
water, ammonia, alkalis and some acids. Asbestos Gaskets
“Long or short fibered asbestos compressed with an inorganic
binder to give hard, medium and soft grades. Resistant to
most acid solutions, milk alkalis, petroleum and its
derivatives, alcohol, glycerine, etc. Low in cost and fireproof.”;
Other Compositions include Goodyearite; Special Shaped
Gaskets-Phoenix manufactured gaskets with single or double
jackets for Heine and Babcock & Wilcox boilers.
1948 Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing Co., Inc. ASBESTOS
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