Asbestos Product Information
1932 Akron Metallic Gasket Co.-PDF

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original 1932
product advertisement for the Akron Metallic Gasket Co. It is 1
page.  This advertisement features Akron Asbestos Ribbed
Gaskets "A fine gasket for general piping conditions.  Made of
copper asbestos.  For superheat, made of Akro-Metal, asbestos
or monel metal asbestos.  Also made of aluminum asbestos,
steel asbestos, etc., to meet various conditions."; Akron Metal
Shell Asbestos Filled Gaskets (Single Shell) "Made in any size
with asbestos, rubber or packing filler.  Furnished with any metal
shell required:  copper, steel, monel, etc."; Akron Metal Shell
Asbestos Filled Gaskets (Double), Metal Both Sides "Made of any
metal required with asbestos or sheet packing filler. Made in any
size or thickness."; Akron Metal Asbestos Gaskets for Boiler Tube
Caps "Soft steel asbestos filled: copper asbestos filled: monel
asbestos filled (for high pressures). B&W, Heine, Edgemoore,
W&W, etc."; Akron Double Corrugated Asbestos Filled Gaskets
"For oil refinery use. Made of copper asbestos, monel asbestos,
steel asbestos, Akro-Metal asbestos, aluminum asbestos, etc.,
any size for any type of flange."; Akron Solid Metal Gaskets and
Washers "Made of any metal, any size and thickness, in any
shape. Akron plain gaskets cut from asbestos, fibre, rubber,
paper, felt, etc., any size or thickness."; Akron Corrugated
Metal-Shell-Asbestos-Filled Gaskets for Steel Drum Plugs "Made
of steel-asbestos, copper-asbestos or aluminum-asbestos -
3/4", 1 1/2" and 2" sizes..."; Akron Copper Asbestos Gaskets
"For gas, gasoline and oil engines.  Made in all sizes to
1932 Akron Metallic Gasket Company ASBESTOS
Akron Metallic Gasket Co.
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