Asbestos Product Information
1935 ALSOP Engineering Corp.-PDF

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original 1935
catalog for ALSOP ENGINEERING CORP.  It is 36 pages.  The
catalog features HY-SPEED Asbestos Discs "HY-SPEED Asbestos
Discs are the result of years of experience and intensive
laboratory research in the solution of difficult filtration
problems.  They have been perfected to the point where they
stand out in performance on any type of production work, even
to the extent of water, etc."; Asbestos Filterite "For use in
gravity, screen, cloth, bag and similar type filters this medium is
unbeatable for producing a brilliant sediment-free filtrate.";
HY-SPEED "Filterite" is made of pure, long fibred, iron-free
asbestos and is available in any desired quantity."; Hy-Speed
Electric Asbestos Disc Filters "Each disc used is really an
individual filter.  Regardless of how many Discs are used, the
liquid is filtered through each Disc separately and perfectly.  The
more Discs used the greater is the total quantity of liquid
filtered, before cleaning or changing the Discs is necessary.";
Two-Disc "Bench Model" Filter; Hy-Speed Multiple-Disc Filters
(Type 300 Power Filter; 500 Series Filter); Gravity Filter "The
HY-SPEED Gravity Filter is an ideal unit for the filtration of liquids
that have a good deal of slime and sediment but are not too
viscous in nature.  It is also very well suited where various
batches of small quantities are to be handled.  Asbestos
Filterite, the filter medium builds up a cake on the walls of the
filter and as the liquid passes through by gravity, all impurities
are removed, producing a clear, brilliant filtrate."; Vacuum Filter
"Ultra-fine filtering results produced with HY-SPEED Asbestos
Discs are obtainable on a lower production scale with this
inexpensive filter unit.  It is very well adapted to laboratory and
small production work on such liquids as wines, liquors, cider,
perfumes, drugs, fruit juices, etc.  A vacuum created by means
of a special attachment that connects to an ordinary water faucet
draws the liquid through the asbestos disc placed in the bottom
of the 5 gallon container.  The unit is simple to operate, easy to
clean, and low in cost."
1935 ALSOP Engineering Corp. ASBESTOS
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