1947 Armstrong Cork Company-PDF

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original 1947
catalog for
Armstrong Cork Company, with offices and facilities
in Lancaster, PA.  It is 28 pages.  The catalog features the
following asbestos products:  Armstrong’s Plastic Emulsion
“Factory-mixed combination of Armstrong’s Asphalt Emulsion
and asbestos fiber, ready for troweling directly on insulation
surface in two coats to a final thickness of 1/8” when dry.”.
Armstrong’s S. P. Emulsion with asbestos, Asbestos Fiber EX-25
“A special grade of asbestos fiber for mixture with asphalt
emulsion to make the asphalt plastic finish dense, tough, and
hard and to keep it from cracking.”, 85% Magnesia Pipe and
Block Insulation “It combines the high insulating properties of
basic carbonate of magnesia with clean asbestos fibers.”, Hy-
Temp Pipe and Block Insulation “…this insulation is made of
materials having high heat resistance bonded together with
asbestos fiber.”, Hy-Temp Combination Insulation, Bestfelt
Pipe and Block Insulation “Constructed with approximately 30
layers of crimped asbestos paper per inch of thickness, this
insulation has a low factor of conductivity.”, Mani-Ply Pipe
Insulation “Made up of layers of flat and corrugated asbestos
paper, this insulation contains 22 plies to the inch and has
excellent insulating qualities, Air Cell Insulation “Made of
alternate layers of flat and corrugated asbestos felt, this type of
insulation is furnished in three grades-Special Fine Corrugated,
Fine Corrugated, and Standard Air Cell, the difference being in
the number and thickness of plies.”, Asbestos Millboard,
Asbestos Paper and Rollboard, 85% Magnesia Cement, and
Asbestos Cement.  
1947 Armstrong Cork Company ASBESTOS
Asbestos Product Information
Armstrong Cork Co.
Vinyl-Asbestos Tile

48 pages-PDF
Armstrong Cork Co.
28 pages-PDF
Armstrong Cork Co.
32 pages-PDF
Armstrong Cork Co.
28 pages-PDF
1970 Armstrong Cork Company-PDF

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original 1970
catalog for
Armstrong Cork Company.  It is 16 pages.  The
catalog features Armstrong Sheet Vinyl Corlon Flooring
"Armstrong sheet vinyl floors are grouped under the trademark
name of Corlon...All of these sheet Vinyl Corlon materials have
Armstrong's exclusive Hydrocord (asbestos-fiber felt) backing
for installation on any grade level including most basement
floors."; Armstrong Excelon Tile (Vinyl-Asbestos) "Excelon Tile is
representative of today's most widely used resilient flooring
material for all grade levels in schools, offices, shopping
plazas, and similar public and commercial buildings. Specially
formulated of pure vinyl resins fortified with asbestos fibers, it
is an economical flooring, yet its many practical advantages
include durability and resistance to grease, alkali, and dilute
Armstrong Cork Company
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