1921 Asbestos Buildings Company-PDF

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original 1921
product catalog for
Asbestos Buildings Company. It is 8
pages.  This catalog features
the "Liberty" Ambler Fireproof
Asbestos School Buildings
"A Permanent School Building for
the Same Price as a Portable one.  "The Liberty" Fireproof
Asbestos Schools are approved by the State Departments of
Public Instruction of Pennsylvania and New Jersey as
Permanent School Buildings. "The Liberty" Fireproof Asbestos
Schools are factory made buildings, which in 80% of the work
is done by machinery, in which manual labor is reduced to a
minimum.  They are made of sections of Fireproof Asbestos, 4
feet wide by 12 feet high.  All bolts used in the erection of
these Asbestos Schools are concealed between the exterior
and interior walls, no bolts being visible, the interior showing a
smooth paneled effect, in buff-colored Fireproof Asbestos.  
The exterior Walls are of the same material.  The roof is of
Fireproof Gray Asbestos Shingles."   ...Related to fire, the
catalog states "This appalling danger is never present where
our Fireproof Asbestos School Buildings are used.  Asbestos is,
as you know, a practically indestructible mineral substance
taken from mines in various parts of the world.  The asbestos
used in our buildings comes from our Bell Asbestos mines in
Canada.  It is the highest grade of white asbestos mined
anywhere.  Our Ambler Asbestos Sheets are made from this
fireproof indestructible asbestos combined with Portland
Cement.  These materials are subjected to the enormous
pressure of three thousand pounds to the square inch, and
the resulting Ambler Asbestos Sheets become as hard as
stone when exposed to the air.  They cannot rust, corrode,
decay nor decompose.  It is apparent that a School Building
with outer and inner walls and ceiling of Asbestos gives the
maximum degree of safety from fire."
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