1970 Azrock Floor Products Division (Uvalde Rock Asphalt Co.)

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original 1970
catalog for
Azrock Floor Products Division of the Uvalde Rock
Asphalt Co.
.  It is 16 pages.  The catalog features Azrock Vinyl
Asbestos Tile, including the Cortina Series; Premiere Series;
Custom Cortina "Spicy colorings in vinyl asbestos tile.";
Alvarado "The authentic look of Venetian terazzo is achieved
with big, bold chips of translucent vinyl combined with small
vinyl chips. The chips, which encase fine particles of actual
marble, are deeply inlaid on a vinyl asbestos backing.";
Pebbled-Onyx "Exclusive patternformed with fine chips of actual
marble encased in translucent vinyl depply inlaid on a vinyl
asbestos backing."; Tarantino; Travertine; Aegean Stone;
Roman Stone; Onyx Italia; Metallics; Tarantino Swingers;
Kingston; Embossed Woods; Inlaid Marbles; Piedmont; Cove
Base; Feature Strip; Inlaid 700 Series; Terrazzo Originals; and
Embossed Patterns.
Asbestos Product Information
Uvalde Rock Asphalt Co. (Azrock Floor Products Division)
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