Asbestos Product Information
1958 The Belmont Packing & Rubber Company

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original 1958 ad
for The Belmont Packing & Rubber Company.  It is 1 page.  The
ad features Crisscross Braid Packing "Made in white and blue
African asbestos, asbestos-copper, flax, and cotton types.";
High Pressure Steam Valve Packing "Inconel wire-inserted
asbestos is braided over a non-metallic plastic core to combine
strength for Packing "A rod packing that stays flexible under the
intense dry heat of air compression service.  Braid over braid
asbestos construction with each jacket lubricated and graphited
to retain flexibility throughout its longer service life."; Belmont
Boiler Gaskets "The Belmont line of Boiler Gaskets includes both
popular types-spiral wound metal-asbestos and wire-inserted
woven asbestos-for manholes, handholes and tube caps of all
makes of stationary and marine boilers, waterwalls,
economizers and other boiler accessories."; Belmont Sheet
Packing & Gaskets "Belmont Sheet Packings include compressed
asbestos, asbestos-metallic..."
1958 The Belmont Packing & Rubber Company ASBESTOS
The Belmont Packing & Rubber Company
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