Asbestos Product Information
1944 The B. F. Goodrich Co.

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original 1944
product catalog for The B. F. Goodrich Co.  It is 16 pages.  
Products featured include:  Hot Air Heater Hose-Construction
No. K8813 "Designed to carry hot air from motor to cabin,
defroster, wing guns, etc.  Made with only ply light weight
asbestos fabric, rubber impregnated with spiral body wire which
makes hose very flexible.  Extremely light in weight.  The
smooth bore allows a maximum flow of air.  Sizes below 6"
inside diameter do not have blank ends, and hose will be
furnished in long lengths unless otherwise specified.  Sizes 6"
and over constructed using 2 plies asbestos fabric made to
specified lengths with one inch blank ends.  Designed to
operate within temperature range found on airplanes which
employ hot air for heating purposes."; Fire preventive hose
"For use ahead of the engine fire wall.  Approved by the CAA
for commercial planes.  Aromatic-resistant tube of Ameripol
synthetic rubber, inner cotton braid and asbestos outer braid.
Neoprene covering. Identified by red letters "B. F. Goodrich
CAAA AO-19." Max. length, 50 ft."
1944 The B. F. Goodrich Company ASBESTOS
The B.F. Goodrich Co.
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