1958 Cabot Shops, Inc.

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original 1958
product catalog for Cabot Shops, Inc.
.  It is 10 pages.  The
catalog features Pumping Units, including the Adjustable-Crank
Series "...ranging from 6,300 to 33,000 pounds maximum
polish rod load.", the Beam Balanced Series "The structures on
these beam balanced units are of exceptionally sturdy design
with large walking beams, heavy four-legged Samson posts,
and deep, wide-flanged steel base members." and Air
Balanced Pumping Units.  The catalog also lists Adjustable
Crank Weights, Pumping Unit Reducers, Equalastic Bearings,
Wrist Pins and Bearings, Needle Bearing Center Bearing,
Special Portable Base, Stub Electric, Universal Bases, Hinged
Horsehead and Long Stroke Hydraulic Units "The Cabot Long
Stroke Hydraulic Unit is designed primarily for deep production
and high volume production. It is a fully counterbalanced unit,
utilizing a centrifugal power pump and featuring an extremely
simple control valve developed by Cabot Shops."
Cabot Shops, Inc.
Pumping Units
10 pages-PDF
Cabot Shops, Inc.
Pumping Units
7 pages-PDF
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