1960 Cameron Iron Works

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original 1960
product catalog for Cameron Iron Works
.  It is 104 pages.  The
catalog features Cameron Drilling Control Equipment (Blowout
Preventers; Valves-Drilling Service; Gauges; Control Panels;
Spools; Flanges;Weight Indicators); Cameron Completion
Control Equipment (Complete Christmas Trees for any Well;
Housings; Spools; Control Heads; Hangers; Flanges; Chokes;
Flow Controllers; Tees & Crosses; Multiple Completion
Equipment for Dual, Triple & Quadruple Trees; Pipe Plugs,
Valve Removal Nipples, Control Plugs; Ring Gaskets, Studs,
Stud Bolts, Nuts, Wrenches); Valves-Cameron Gate Valves
Type "F".
Cameron Iron
Works, Inc.
40 pages-PDF
Cameron Iron
Works, Inc.
20 pages-PDF
Cameron Iron
Works, Inc.
72 pages-PDF
Cameron Iron
Works, Inc.
104 pages-PDF
Cameron Iron Works
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