1963 The Cellulo Co.

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original 1963
ad for The Cellulo Co.  It is 1 page.  The ad features
CELLU-FLO "Loose Fiber" mediums, especially adapted to low
cost clarification work.  Its great flexibility allows it to perform as
an excellent filtering medium for many treatment.  Made of
pure fibrous asbestos and supplied in two grades, a "standard"
for general purposes, and specially chemically purified grades
for products where high standards of purity are required.  These
special grades permit retention of delicate flavors and
bouquets, and clear, sparkling coloration.  A special "exfoliation
process" bulks the filtering material so that depth filtration, so
necessary for long fibre cycles and economical results, is readily
attained."; White Star Filtermass "Excels by far, the quality of
any imported mass, and is the largest and most widely used
filtering medium in making and finishing of beverages and
other liquids that require clarification.  Made from all new
selected fibres, pure, snow-white, and free from iron, starch,
oils and other contaminations."; Filter Paper; Filter Presses;
(Extremely low calcium and iron).  A filter sheet free of calcium,
iron and copper.  In the clarification of many liquids with
asbestos sheets or pads, a precipitate or cloudiness is apt to
appear after filtration.  This is true by nature of some products
that leach calcium, iron and copper from asbestos pads.  By
special treatment, all leachable calcium, iron and copper have
been removed.  Lo-Ca discs and pads are the last word in
superior filtration media...".
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