1953 Ceresit Waterproofing Corp.

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an Waterproofing
Corp. It is 4 pages.  This catalog Hardeners, Masonry Repair
Materials...and allied protective products.   Products containing
asbestos include: Ceresit Fibrated Roof Coating "A heavy paste
consisting of cut back asphalt containing asbestos fibres.  A
maintenance material for coating flashings and parapet walls.  
A cold application material."; Cerophalt Emulsified Asphalts
(No. 20F and No. 30F) "These products are the same asphalt
formulae, with asbestos fibre added.  The asbestos fibres
materially increase tensile strength and prolong the life of the
1953 Ceresit Waterproofing Corporation ASBESTOS
Asbestos Product Information
Ceresit Waterproofing Corp.
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