1976 A. W. Chesterton

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an ORIGINAL 1976
catalog for the A. W. Chesterton MA.  It is 92 pages, including
front and back covers.  Products featured include:  880 Seal Off-
the-Shelf (Available with Patented Self-Aligning Stationary Unit)
“Anti-Clog, highly-reliable seal for water, fuels, oils, chemicals
and slurries.”, 241 Double Seal Off-the-Shelf/Self-Aligning
“Double Sealing Made Easy for pumps, mixers or agitators
handling regular, dangerous or costly fluids or gases.”, 770
Seal Off-the-Shelf/Fits all AVS Pumps (Available with Patented
Self-Aligning Stationary Unit) “Off-the-Shelf General Service
seal covers 90% of all pump applications.”,  440 Seal Off-the-
Shelf “External seal for corrosive and other services…”, 1210
Environmental Seal Off-the-Shelf “Versatile Unitized Design
combines Chesterton Environmental Stationary Unit with Rotary
leakage pollution, shields product from environment or
lubricates dry seal faces.”, 500 Seal “The 500 Seal’s universal
design is factory customized to suit your application on water,
slurries, congealing fluids, corrosive liquids, etc. at a wide range
of pressures and temperatures.”, Chesterton Graphite Tape
Packing, Chesterton Style 1724 Super-Lon, Chesterton Style
324 Super-Lon, Chesterton Style 1000 (For High Pressure
Steam Valves to 1000°F) “…made with a braided core of pure
Chrysotile asbestos around which is braided a cover of 97%
asbestos yarn within the strands of which is inserted Inconel
wire for added strength at maximum steam pressures.”,
Chesterton Style 1500-POWER PLANT PACKING (For high
temperature and pressure valve applications) “The technical
superiority of Chesterton Style 1500 is primarily due to the
ability of the asbestos fibers in the core to slide over each other
in response to gland adjustment.  This is because of the
complete graphite envelopment of individual core fibers.”,
Chesterton Style 64 “The unique diagonal design and
construction of Style 64 places each ply of asbestos cloth
diagonal rather than parallel to the rod.”, Chesterton Style 364-
T, Chesterton Style 350 (For saturated high pressure steam on
rods and valve stems) “Style 350 is a woven, folded asbestos
packing incorporating a resilient rubber back for
compressibility.”, Chesterton Style 5010 (Reciprocating rod and
valve stem packing for superheated steam to 1000°F),
Chesterton Valvelon, Chesterton Super-Valvelon, Chesterton
Style One Super-Graphite, Chesterton Style 375 (Graphite
Packing), Chesterton Style 370 (Multi-Service Packing),
Chesterton Style 326 (CHES-LON Caustic Packing-A new concept
in high speed TFE packing) “In Style 326 we now offer a white
asbestos with low abrasive characteristics and with a chemical
resistance previously associated only with blue asbestos.”,
Chesterton Styles 200/201 (Universal Packing),  Chesterton
Style 1722 White-Lon (Multi-Service Packing) “Chesterton Style
1722 White-Lon is manufactured from white Canadian chrysotile
asbestos and Teflon suspensoid in interbraid construction.  
Prior to braiding, each strand of asbestos is individually coated
with DuPont Teflon by a unique yarn coating process to
accurately control and evenly disperse the lubricant.”,
Chesterton Style 322 White-Lon (Multi-Service Packing)
“Chesterton Style 322 White-Lon is manufactured from
Chrysotile asbestos yarn is square plait construction.”,
Chesterton Style 328 (Centrifugal pump packing for all
chemicals), Chesterton Style 320 (Blu-Lon Acid Packing) “It has
two primary base ingredients:  first, DuPont Teflon
tetrafluoroethylene resin which is inert to all materials except
molten alkali metals; secondly, South African Blue Crocidolite
asbestos, a chemically pure asbestos yarn recognized for its
superior acid resisting properties.”, Chesterton Style 1725
(Food Process Packing), Chesterton Style 555 “Chesterton Style
555 is a strong, compressible, anti-frictional, and highly
lubricated metallic packing.  Style 555 achieves unusual
resilience due to its cushioning core of asbestos rovings.”,
Chesterton Styles 1735/1729/329 (Stern-Lon Packings-An
exclusive design in stern tube/paper mill packing), Chesterton
Style 315/1715 “Chesterton Style 315 is made from long,
selected fibers of Canadian asbestos, manufactured in the
square plait method which allows for maximum lubrication.”,
Chesterton Style 330/1730 “Chesterton Style 330 is a
thoroughly lubricated braided asbestos packing, white in color.”,
Chesterton Style 300, Chesterton Flaxes-Styles
80/81/82/84/85/87, Chesterton Style 666 (For rotating shafts
of 500 Brinell hardness to 1000°F on centrifugal hot oil charge
pumps, diphenyl valves, still necks, hot oil valves, boiler feed
pumps, heat transfer fluids) “…constructed in the same manner
as Style 555.”, Chesterton Style 550 (Braided plastic packing-
For centrifugal pumps to 350°F  on hot and cold water, steam,
air) “Style 550 is composed of long fibre asbestos, graphite,
and anti-frictional non-scoring components all bonded together
into a homogeneous product.”, Chesterton Styles 325/382,
Chesterton Style 210 (Heavy duty graphited sheet to 750°F  
against superheated or saturated steam, air, gas, ammonia,
alkalis and many acids) “Chesterton Style 210 is a heavy-duty
compressed asbestos sheet of exceptional quality, suitable for
practically all flange use.”, Chesterton Style 211 “Style 211 is a
heavy-duty compressed asbestos sheet equal in quality and
strength to Style 210.  The difference between these two sheets
is that Style 211 is coated with Chesterton’s new “Anti-Stick”
compound, while Style 210 is graphited.”, Chesterton Style 281
(Wire Inserted Sheet packing) “Chesterton Style 281 is a heavy
duty wire-inserted, compressed asbestos sheet of high tensile
strength for services to 1000°F.”, Chesterton Style 270 “This is
a high quality bonded compressed asbestos sheet which is
recommended for use against aromatic solvents, aliphatic
hydrocarbons such as butane and hexane.”, Chesterton Style
235 (For general service to 700°F on superheated or saturated
steam, air, gas, ammonia alkalis, mild solvents and acids)
“Manufactured from carefully selected asbestos fibres, Style
235 is cured with a heat-resisting compound, and bonded under
great pressure to produce a superior high-quality general-
service sheet packing suitable for steam, air, oil, hot gases,
and many chemicals.”, Chesterton Style 225 Chesco Sheet
“Style 225 is manufactured from quality Canadian asbestos
fibres and bonded under high pressure into a homogeneous
sheet of considerable strength.”, Chesterton Style 260 “For
sulphuric and other strong acids, blue asbestos is generally
preferred over white.  Chesterton Style 260 incorporates a blue
asbestos fibre that contains no waters of hydration and is
chemically pure.”, Chesterton Style 2000, Chesterton Styles
120, 122-NN, Chesterton Style 124, Chesterton Style 119,
Chesterton Style 100, Chesterton Styles 140, 145, Chesterton
Style 292-Asbestos Wick, Chesterton Style 294-Candle Wick,
Chesterton Style 296-Asbestos Rope, Chesterton Styles 290,
291-N (Gasket Tapes) “Style 290 Gasket Tape is manufactured
from brass wire inserted asbestos cloth coated with a heat
resisting rubber compound, white in color.”, Chesterton Styles
250, 251 “These superior gaskets are fabricated from long
fibres of selected Canadian asbestos, through the yarn of which
is spun a fine brass wire which gives these gaskets added
reinforcement and strength.”, Chesterton 10,000 Super-
Monoseal Single Ring, Chesterton 8000 Super-Parachute V-Ring
Sets, Chesterton Style 7000 Supercup, Chesterton Style 5000
Super-Wiper, Chesterton Style 6000 Monoseal Single Rings,
Chesterton Style 600 Parachute V-Ring Sets, Chesterton Style
9000 Back-Up Rings, Chesterton Vanway O-Ring, Chesterton
Style 76 O-Rings, Chesterton Goldend Tape, Chesterton
Goldend Paste, Chesterton Packing Lubricant, Chesterton
Packing Tools, Chesterton Boiler Tube Cleaners.  The catalog
includes maintenance product packaging charts, application
guides, approximate set height charts, chemical resistance
charts, size cross reference charts, and conversion charts.  
1976 Chesterton ASBESTOS
Asbestos Product Information
A. W. Chesterton
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