1939 Chicago Metal Hose Corp.

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original 1955
product ad for the Chicago Metal Hose Corporation.  It is 1
page.  This ad features REX-WELD Corrugated Flexible Metal
Hose; REX-TITE Couplings; REX-TUBE Flexible Metal Hose
"Type RT-15-recognized as the superior steam and oil hose
for heavy duty service.  Meets the exacting demands of
present day processing and production because of its great
flexibility and extra sturdy construction.  Conforms to U.S.
Navy specifications.  Made from heavy strip steel, bronze,
brass, stainless steel, monel, and various other alloys;
interlocking design, with inner packing of high grade
asbestos."; Exhaust Hose; C-M-H Stainless Steel Bellows and
Flexible Connections; AVIOFLEX Oil Connection Hose;
Conduit-Flexible Armor "Various Types for Capillary Tubing,
etc.-High quality flexible conduit for numerous applications.  
Unpacked, cotton cord packed, asbestos packed."
1939 Chicago Metal Hose Corporation ASBESTOS
Asbestos Product Information
Chicago Metal Hose Corp.
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