1943 The Darcoid Company, Inc.

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original 1943 ad
for The Darcoid Company, Inc.  It is 2 pages.  The ad features
Squadron Square Braided Asbestos "A popular all-asbestos
square-braided high-pressure packing, braided like flax,
Squadron 802 is supplied either with or without wire in coils or
rings.  Each strand of long fibre asbestos is separately and
thoroughly lubricated before braiding.  Squadron 802 is
recommended for centrifugal or rotary shafts, rods, valves and
dispensing pumps handling hot, or cold water, oil and weak
acids."; Rodtite Semi-Metallic Packing "Made of a specially
shredded long-fibre asbestos, anti-frictional metal, graphite
and a lubricant, which is not affected by the action of heat, air,
steam, gasoline, petroleum, distillates or hot or cold water,
Rodtite, an especially resilient and readily responsive packing,
is recommended for centrifugal, rotary or reciprocating rods and
shafts, expansion joints and valve stems.  Rodtite is furnished
in loose, jacketed, spiral and coil form."; Dominion Asbestos
Metallic Gaskets "This is a folded asbestos gasket made from
Darcoid Asbestos Metallic Cloth, and pressed to required size.";
Darcoid Seamless Gaskets "Manufactured from asbestos
wire-woven tubing, heat-treated, folded and pressed to desired
shape and size, this asbestos metallic gasket may be used in
tube plates on water-tube boilers."; Asbestos Gasket Tape
"Recommended for service against all steam pressures where
heat-resisting tape is required, Asbestos Gasket Tape 235 is
made from Asbestos Metallic Cloth treated with a heat-resisting
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