1900s Dick's Asbestos Co. Ltd.
1900s Dick's Asbestos Co. Ltd. (Established 1874)

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original
catalog for Dick's Asbestos Co. Ltd.  It is 12 pages.  This
catalog features Dick's Universal Patent Packings (Steam &
Hydraulic Types) "The Steam type is distinguishable by its
black coloration due to being impregnated with pure graphite
in the process of its manufacture. The Asbestos yarn from
which this packing is manufactured is composed of the best
quality long fibre Asbestos, each strand being reinforced with
fine brass wire. The yarn is then plaited conjointly with a
special anti-friction metal of our own formula, and in a
manner only known to ourselves, which gives the strands of
the packing, so made up, a pliability which makes it a
perfectly simple operation for the user to construct any
required sized packing."
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