1926 Franklyn R. Muller, Inc.-Asbestone

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original 1926
ad for
Franklyn R. Muller, Inc.  It is 1 page.  This ad features
Asbestone Stucco "a highly standardized and uniform
magnesia product for exterior and interior walls"; Asbestone
Hygenic Fireproof Flooring; Sana-bestos Floor of of Magnesia
and Asbestos is fireproof and possesses a high degree of
insulating qualities-making the house stuccoed with Asbestone
easy to heat in winter and cool in summer.  It can be
successfully used over frame, brick, hollow tile or any other
kind of stucco base, and being non-freezing can be applied in
winter as well as in summer."; "Asbestone is shipped in bags,
in dry powder form, with the mixing compound in flakes in iron
containers.  The addition of water is all that is necessary to
make it ready for use."
Asbestos Product Information
Franklyn R. Muller, Inc. (Asbestone)
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