1954 Franks Mfg. Corp.

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original 1954
product catalog for Franks Mfg. Corp
.  It is 52 pages.  The
catalog features Franks Servicing and Workover Units-Cruiser
Models (Cruiser 33; Cruiser 44; Cruiser 65; Cruiser 658);
Rocket and Comet Models with Telescoping Derrick (Rocket 44;
Rocket 65; Rocket 658; Rocket 137; Comet 137); Four New
Clipper Models (Junior Clipper; Senior Clipper; Super Senior
Clipper; Giant Clipper); Franks Rotary Drilling Rigs (Rover 7
"Trailer Mounted Double Drum Rotary Drilling Rig"; Nomad 16
"Truck Mounted Rotary Drilling Rig with Single Piece Open Face
Derrick"; Jet 25 "Rotary Drilling Rig"; Nomad 34 "Truck
Mounted Rotary Drilling Rig"; Jet 43 "Rotary Drilling Rig";
Pioneer 52 "Single or Double Drum Trailer Rotary Drilling Rig";
Stemwinder 61 "Skid Mounted Drawworks for Use with Jackknife
Cabot Corporation
Workover Units

36 pages-PDF
Franks Division
Cabot Shops, Inc.
Workover &
Drilling Rigs
52 pages-PDF
Franks Mfg. Corp. (Cabot Corporation)
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