1960 Greene, Tweed & Co.

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original 1960
catalog for the Greene, Tweed & Co., catalog features Palmetto
Packings.  In addition to many other products, this catalog
contains listings for the following products made with
Braided “High grade, high tensile 12 cut Canadian white
asbestos yarn-each strand separately lubricant-impregnated
with a special Palmetto compound, then twisted and braided,
braid over braid.”, Palmetto Twist, Palmetto Plaited, Palmetto
Pelro, Palmetto Cutno, Palmetto Teflon “Long fibre, pure
African blue asbestos, individual strands impregnated with
Teflon Suspensoid.”, Palmetto Super Cutno “Long-fibre, pure
African blue asbestos-individual strands impregnated with a
special acid-resistant lubricant.  This blue asbestos contains no
water of crystallization, hence one point of acid attack is
eliminated.  Plaited construction provides packing softness
essential in high speed pump service.”, PALMETTO HIGH
PRESSURE PACKING for steam, air, gas, oil-high resistance to
solvents.  “High grade asbestos cloth coated with a highly
resistant synthetic rubber compound.”, Asbestos Reinforced
Palmetto Pyramid (Palmetto 2500), Asbestos Reinforced
Palmetto Kup (Palmetto 2700), PALMETTO SHEET PACKINGS
AND GASKETS-Palmetto Compressed Asbestos Supersheat
“Selected long-fibre asbestos pressure-bonded with special
heat and chemical resisting bonding materials.”, Palmetto HI-4
Compressed Asbestos Sheet, Palmetto Aeronautical
Compressed Asbestos Sheet “Blended long asbestos fibres
bonded with an exclusive Palmetto compound which seals the
asbestos fibres and prevents leakage.”, Palmetto Asbestos
Metallic Sheet “Selected high grade wire-inserted asbestos yarn
woven into cloth.  Treated with a highly heat and chemical
resisting compound.”, Palmetto Neoprene Compressed
Asbestos Sheet “Blended long fibre asbestos fibres mixed with
neoprene and other compounding ingredients, heat and
AND GASKETS-Palmetto High Pressure Folded Asbestos Gaskets
“Select wire-inserted asbestos yarn woven into a strong cloth.  
Coated and bonded with a heat and chemical resisting
compound.”, Palmetto Asbestos Metallic Gasket Tape,
Palmetto Furnace Door and Retort Packing, Palmetto Dry
Asbestos Rope “Braided Asbestos Rope is firmly constructed of
commercially pure asbestos yarn braided over a twisted
asbestos rope core.  Twisted Asbestos Rope is firmly
constructed of two or more strands of Palmetto Asbestos Wick
twisted together, then compound-bonded to prevent
untwisting.”, Palmetto Dry Asbestos Rope, Palmetto Blue
Asbestos Lagging, and Palmetto Asbestos Wick.
1960 Greene, Tweed & Co. ASBESTOS
Asbestos Product Information
Greene, Tweed & Co.
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