1970 GREFCO, Inc. (Dicalite Division)

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original 1970
catalog for Dicalite Division, GREFCO, Inc..  It is 8 pages.  In
addition to many other products, the catalog features the
following asbestos products:  Diabestos “Diabestos filteraids are
special filteraids for precoating the filter elements.  They consist
of a standard Dicalite diatomite filteraid mixed with a percentage
of selected acid-washed asbestos fibers or non-acid-washed
asbestos (at the option of the user).  The fibrous particles
readily bridge the coarsest septum openings to form a most
effective precoat.”; “Diabestos special precoat filteraid is a
mixture of Dicalite diatomite filteraids and asbestos selected for
high quality and filtering characteristics.  The asbestos (acid-
washed) has an extremely low alkaline and metallic content,
which is an important factor in filtrations of wine, beer, etc…”;
Dicalite Asbestos Filteraid Grades “These are available in two
100% chrysotile acid-washed grades and one non-acid-washed
grade.  Two grades of filteraids are available consisting of 50%
Solka-Floc and 50% acid-washed or non-acid-washed asbestos.  
All Dicalite asbestos filteraids are made from fibers specially
selected for highest quality and efficient filtering characteristics.”
1970 GREFCO, Inc. (Dicalite Division) ASBESTOS
Asbestos Product Information
GREFCO, Inc. (Dicalite Division)
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