1946 Gustin-Bacon Mfg. Co.

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original ad for
Gustin-Bacon Manufacturing Co. Gustin-Bacon was bought by
CertainTeed in 1968.  This ad features several products,
including G-B Flexible Pipe Insulation “These highly efficient
thermal insulations are composed of rot-proof, flame-proof,
resilient Fiberglas backed by rugged, overlapping
weatherproofed asbestos jacketing.  Quickly and easily applied
to temporary and permanent lines-100% reclaimable.  
Withstand hard usage-won’t crush like cellular pipe insulations.  
G-B Flexible Pipe Insulation is available for pipe or tubing sizes
from ¾” to 4”.  Regularly furnished in 3-foot sections in a
standard thickness of one inch for straight runs or curves, and
boots for insulating tees and elbows.  Glassbestos tape spirals
tightly and securely over compound bends and sharp securely
over compound bends and sharp angles on pipe of any size.”
angles on pipe of any size.”
1946 Gustin-Bacon Mfg. Co. Ad
Asbestos Product Information
Gustin-Bacon Mfg. Co.
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