1932-H. C. Evans & Company

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an ORIGINAL 1932
catalog for the
H. C. Evans & Company, manufacturers of Casino
Supplies, Trade Stimulators, Pocket Novelties, Amusement Park
Supplies, Fair Ground Games and Shooting Galleries. H. C. Evans &
Co. was located in Chicago, IL (1528 West Adams Street, Chicago,
IL). The catalog is 80 pages and features many products, including
pictures, descriptions and prices.  Products featured include Evans’
Walking Charley, Evans’ Monkey Speedway, Evans’ Coin Operated
Psyco Meter, Evans’ Coin Operated Shooting Gallery, Evans’ Chicago
Derby, Pin Tables, Rainbo Pin Table, Diamond Ball Pin Table, Evans’
Coin Operated Automatic Roll Down, Electric Lighted Raffle Wheel,
Evans’ Jumbo Dice Wheel, Evans’ Horse Race Wheel, Evans’ Pari
Mutuel or Money Wheel, Red and Black Big Six Wheel, Evans’
Portable Candy Race Track, Evans’ Miniature Mutuel Race Track,
Miniature Race Course, Evans’ Big Push, Evans’ High Striker, Evans’
Penny Boards, Evans’ Auto Bump Game, Evans’ Automatic Roll Down,
Electric Tally Board, Evans’ Electric Poker Roll Down, Evans’ Straight
Away Racer, Evans’ 7-11 Baseball Game, Evans’ Three Horse Racer,
Archery Supplies, Evans’ Electric Flashers, Improved Country Store
Wheel, Add-A-Ball Game, Automatic Devil’s Bowling Alley, Circulating
Fish Pond, Evans’ Corno, Evans’ Housey-Housey or Tango Cart,
Housey-Housey or Tango Cards, Evans’ Old Style Big Head Baby
Rack, Mrs. O’Leary’s Wash Tub, Evans’ Atta Boy Art, Evans’ Pop It In
Bucket, Evans’ Cat Rack, Evans’ Big Tom, Evans’ Aluminum Milk
Bottles, Huckley Buck Outfits, Evans’ Special Baseballs, Roll Down and
Bowling Alley Balls, Chicago Set Spindle, Silver Wheel Spindle,
Automatic Three Pin Game, English Pool Game, Evans’ Skillo Pony
Track, Percentage Pony Track, Percentage Improved Skillo, Loose
Leg Camel Back, Improved Camel Back, Evans’ Magic Pointer,
Chicago Drop Case, Honest John Drop Case, Three Marble Tivoli,
Improved Bee hive, Pocket Drop Case, Chive or Trick Knife, World’s
Fair Striker, Evans’ Giant Swinger, Spot the Spot, Rolling Log Game,
Percentage Log Game, Jumbo Hand Striker, Evans’ Double Disc
Laydown Wheel, Evans’ Revolving Dart Board, Stationary Dart Board,
Counter Horse Race Wheel, Suitcase Percentage Wheel, Candy
Percentage Wheel, Dollar Percentage Wheel, Evans’ Baltimore Wheel,
Evans’ Baby Baltimore Wheel, Evans’ Wonder G Wheel, Paddle Raffle
Wheels, Lay Down Raffle Wheel, Serial Paper Paddles, Lay Down
Charts, Raffle wheel Supplies, Punch Boards and Push Cards, Arrows
for Spindle Game, Wood Arrow, Cork Guns for Cigarette Galleries,
Quakenbush No. 1 Improved Air Rifle, Jingle Board Rings, Set Spindle
Indicators, Hand Darts for Dart Galleries, Gasoline Mantle Lantern,
Star Hoop La Outfit, Hoop La Boxes, Hoop La Hoops, Watch A La
Blocks, Reversible Soup Peg, Wood Knife Rack Rings, Safety Knife
Rack Pegs, Evans’ Dual Duty Chuck Luck, Evans’ Pee Wee Chuck
Luck, Mexican Six Arrow Spindle, Three Arrow Spindle, Regulation
Chuck Luck Cage, Evans’ Junior Brass Cage, Evans’ Baby Cage,
Evans’ Chuck Luck Tub, Evans’ Chuck Log, Evans’ Novelty Dice
shaker, Hand Cage, Combination Chuck Luck and Red and Black
Wheel, Single Arrow Chuck Luck Spindle, Hylow Hyronemous Chuck
Luck Layout, Combination Chuck Luck and Red and Black Layout,
Chuck Luck Layout, Keno Equipment and Supplies, Keno Goose, Keno
Cards, Keno Balls, Spring Peg Board, Keno Ball Board, Keno Buttons,
Keno Register, Old Style Keno Peg Board, Keno Tally chips, Evans’
Shooting Galleries (Gallery F, M, N, Y, L, O, G, S, E, K, R & P), Evans’
Water Ball Fountain, Automatic Duck Pond, Evans’ Rolling Steel Ball
Device, Continuous Moving Targets, Revolving Wheel Targets,
Malleable Iron Figures for Revolving Targets, Evans’ Kicking Mule,
Malleable Iron Moving and Stationary Targets, Pull Up Racks, Paper
Target Carrier, Paper Targets, Cast Iron Dropping Birds and
Emblems, Malleable Iron Spinners, Water Ducks, Cast Iron Decorative
Targets, Turn Over Targets, Novelty Targets, Gallery Supplies and
Accessories & Grey Iron Sprockets.
H. C. Evans & Company
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