1892-John McLane, Manufacturer of Post-Office Boxes-PDF

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original 1892 catalog for John McLane, manufacturer
of Post-Office Boxes.  It is 44 pages.  The company manufactured the "Harvard" Lock-Box, "Harvard"
Bronze Lock-Boxes, "Harvard" Nickel Lock-Box, "Franklin" Keyless Lock-Box, "New Model" Post-Office
Cabinets, "Harvard" Cabinet No. 104E, New Model Cabinet (Nos. 18, 38E, 70), "Columbian" (Nos. 36,
36E, 80, 80M), Letter and Paper Cases, Money-Order Cupboard and Drawers, Money Order Window,
Stamping Table, Dumping Table, Bronze Letter Plates, "Standard" Wood Front Lock-Boxes, Postal Bag
Racks, Bronze Numbers, Name Clips and Sign Boards.
1892 John McLane Post-Office Boxes Catalog
1892 John McLane Post-Office Boxes Catalog
John McLane (Post-Office Boxes)
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