Asbestos Product Information
1961 M. H. Detrick Company

This is a high quality digital reproduction of a 1961 catalog for
the M. H. Detrick Company.  It is 8 pages.  This catalog
features Detrick Industrial Insulations, including Griptex Block
Insulation; Templite Block Insulation; Detroc Asbestos Board
"Detroc is a durable, non-combustible board insulation having
good thermal properties and high structural strength.
Composed of long amosite asbestos fibers and siliceous
binders combined under pressure by an autoclave process.";
Super 711 Insulating Cement "A mixture of high temperature
mineral fibers especially processed into resilient nodules,
combined with asbestos and suitable binders to form a plastic
type insulation for temperatures to 1800 F."; Utility Thermal
Finish Cement; Hilite Insulating and Finishing Cement; Pyroscat
Fireproofing Cement "A preblended mixture of high temperature
aggregates, asbestos fibers, hydraulic binders and other
materials."; Blanket Insulation; Mineral Fiber Felts; Mineral
Fibers (Loose and Granulated); Decrete Castables; Asbestos
Rope "Available in two compositions, each with outstanding
characteristics for specific applications. Blue crocidolite fiber rope
is unsurpassed for resistance to most acids, caustics and other
corrosive materials. White amosite fiber has excellent heat
resistant properties and is used where chemical resistance is not
important. Constructed of 100% pure fiber without organic fillers
or binder added."; MHD Finishing Cement "A pre-mixed
combination of asbestos fibers and hydraulic setting binders
ready for addition of water at the job site."; Permiseal Fire-Safe
Asphalt Coating; No. 7 Asbestos Cement "A straight asbestos
fiber cement used as a white finish coat over other forms of
M. H. Detrick
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M. H. Detrick
Heat Insulation
(No Asbestos)
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M. H. Detrick Company
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