1926 Pyramid Company

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original 1926
ad for the Pyramid Company.  It is 1 page.  The ad features
Pyramid Stucco "Pyramid Stucco is a finely graded magnesite
stucco containing a large percentage of Magnesite, mixed with
Silica and carefully selected, Asbestos fibre.  It has remarkable
tensile strength, and wonderful elasticity.  It is very adhesive.  
It can be applied over grade of wood, metal or patent lath,
brick, hollow tile or concrete.  It fills every crevice, be used in
zero weather without freezing.  It is manufactured by pioneer
producers in a modern factory especially designed and
equipped for scientific stucco manufacture."
1926 Pyramid Company ASBESTOS
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Pyramid Company
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