A & M Confections, Inc.
A Le Peidevin & Co.
A. Allan & Son
A. B. Chair Co.
A. B. Farquhar Co.
A. B. Farquhar Co., Ltd.
A. B. See Elevator Co.
A. B. Stove Co.
A. C. Horn Co.
A. C. Norquist Co.
A. C. Spark Plug Co.
A. D. Cook
A. D. Hughes Co.
A. Dambacker & Sons
A. E. Jacobson Machine Works
A. F. Curtin Valve Co.
A. F. Daum
A. F. Holden Co.
A. F. Schwerd Mfg. Co.
A. G. Spalding & Bros.
A. Gusmer
A. Hoenigsberger
A. J. Bayer Co.
A. J. Lehmer
A. J. Spanjers Co.
A. Jensen
A. Knight Maurice
A. L. Henderer's Sons
A. Leschen & Sons Rope Co.
A. M. Byers Co.
A. N. Russell & Sons Co.
A. O. Smith Corp.
A. P. De Sanno & Son
A. P. Green Fire Brick Co.
A. P. Smith Mfg. Co.
A. P. W. Paper Co.
A. R. Wilfley & Sons
A. S. Aloe Co.
A. S. Cameron Steam Pump Works
A. Schrader's Son
A. T. Baker & Co.
A. W. Cash Co.
A. W. Franklin Mfg. Corp.
A. W. French & Co.
A. W. Haydon Co.
A. Wyckoff & Son Co.
A-1 Engineering Co.
A-B Stove Co.
Abalon Precison Mfg. Corp.
Abart Gear & Machine Co.
Abbe Engineering Co.
Abbe Engineering Corp.
Abendroth & Root Mfg. Co.
Abendroth Bros.
Abrams Aerial Survey Corp.
Acampo Winery & Distillery
Accoustical Materials Assn.
Accurate Metal Weather Strip Co.
Accurate Paper Tube Co.
Ace Engineering & Machine Co.
Ace Metal Products Co.
Acker & Man, Inc.
Ackerman-Johnson Co.
Acme Asbestos Covering & Flooring Co.
Acme Brick Co.
Acme Cement Plaster Co.
Acme Coppersmithing & Machine Co.
Acme Electric Corp.
Acme Electric Heating Co.
Acme Electronics
Acme Machine Tool Co.
Acme Metal Mfg. Co.
Acme Metal Products Corp.
Acme Partition Co.
Acme Road Machinery Co.
Acme Steel Co.
Acme Tank Co.
Acme Tank Mfg. Co.
Acme Ventilator Corp.
Acorn Wire & Iron Works
Acorn Wire and Iron Works
Acoustical Corp. of America
Acoustipulp, Inc.
Active Elevator Co.
Adam Folger
Adams & Elting Co.
Adams & Westlake Co.
Adams Co.
Adams Electrical Co.
Adams Fence & Wire Co.
Adams Products
Adamston Flat Glass Co.
Adel Clay Products Co.
Adensite Co.
Adensite Co., Inc.
Advance Coppersmithing Co.
Advance Directory Co.
Advance Electric & Relay Co.
Advance Electronics Co.
Advance Floor Machine Co.
Advance Pump & Compressor Co.
Aeolus Dickinson Co.
Aeolus Dickinson Industrial
Aeolus Dickinson Industrial Div. Paul Dickinson
Aero Service Corp.
Aerocrete Corp. of America
Aerofin Corp.
Aeroil Burner Co.
Aeroil Burner Co.
Aeroil Burner Co., Inc.
Aeroil Products Co.
Aerolite Electronic Hardware Corp.
Aeroshade Co.
Aerovox Corp.
Aetna Ball Bearing Mfg. Co.
Aetna Steel Products Corp.
Aetna Steel Products Corp. Div.
A'G'A Co.
Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Co.
Ainsworth Buck
Ainsworth Lighting
Air Associates
Air Marine Motors
Air Preheater Corp.
Air Reduction Sales Co.
Air-Control Systems
Aircraft Mfg. Co.
Aircraft Radio Corp.
Aircraft-Marine Products
Airetool Mfg. Co.
Air-Lite Grating Co.
Airmap Corporation of America
Airmaster Corp.
Air-Maze Corp.
Airolite Co.
Airpax Products Co.
Ajax Building Bracket Co.
Ajax Electric Co.
Ajax Electric Furnace Corp.
Ajax Electrothermic Corp.
Ajax Engineering Corp.
Ajax Metal Co.
Akins Products
Akron Metallic Gasket Co.
Alabama Brick & Tile Co.
Alabama Clay Products Co.
Alabama Marble Co.
Alabama Pipe Co.
Alabastine Co.
Aladdin Co.
Albany Lubricating Co.
Alberene Stone Co.
Alberene Stone Corp. of Virginia
Alberger Companies
Alberger Heater Co.
Albert Furniture Co.
Albert Grauer & Co.
Albertson Bowe & Associates
Albright & Friel
Alco Products
Alco Valve Co.
Alden Products Co.
Aldon Co.
Aldrich Pump Co.
Alemite Div. Stewart-Warner Corp.
Alert Mfg. & Supply Co.
Alexander Bros.
Alexander Car Replacer Mfg. Co.
Alexander Lumber Co.
Alexander Smith & Sons Carpet Co.
Alexander Thomson
Alfol Insulation Co., Inc.
Alhambra Tile Co.
All Metal Chocolate Mold Co., Inc.
All Metal Partition Co.
All Purpose Spreader Co.
Allan J. Coleman
Allan Marker Traffic Signs
Allegan Furniture Shops
Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp.
Allegheny Steel Co.
Allen & Billmyre Co.
Allen & Garcia Co.
Allen & Hoshall
Allen Air-Turbine Ventilator Co.
Allen Automatic, Inc.
Allen B. DuMont Laboratories
Allen Billmyre Co.
Allen Billmyre Corp.
Allen Corp.
Allen Electrolytic Cell Corp.
Allen Mfg. Co.
Allen Shade Holder Co.
Allen Window Co. of America
Allen-Bradley Co.
Allen-Drew Co. Div. of Babcock-Davis Corp.
Alliance Brick Co.
Alliance Furniture Co.
Alliance Machine Co.
Allied Chemical & Dye Corp.
Allied Chemical & Dye Corp. Barrett Div.
Allied Control Co.
Allied Radio Corp.
Allied Rubber & Mica Co.
Allington & Curtis Mfg. Co.
Allis Co. Louis
Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co.
Allison Coupon Co.
Allison Radar Corp.
Allith Mfg. Co.
Allith-Prouty Co.
Allith-Prouty, Inc.
All-Metal Partition Co., Inc.
Allmetal Weatherstrip Co.
Alloy Laboratory Equipment Co.
Alloy Products Corp.
Alloy Steel Products Co., Inc.
All-Steel Equipment
All-Steel-Equip Co.
All-Steel-Equip Co.
All-Steel-Equip Co., Inc.
Almy Water Tube Boiler Co.
Alonzi Furniture Co.
Alpek Co.
Alpha Portland Cement Co.
Alphduct Co.
Alphons Custodis Chimney Construction Co.
Alsop Engineering Corp.
Alta Vineyards Co.
Alton Brick Co.
Alumina Shale Brick Co.
Aluminum Co. of America
Aluminum Cooking Utensil Co.
Aluminum Ore Co.
Aluminum Research Institute
Aluminum Seal Co.
Alvey Conveyor Mfg. Co.
Alvey-Ferguson Co.
Alvord Burdick & Howson
Amalgamated Roofing Co.
Ambler Asbestos Shingle & Sheathing Co.
Ambrose & Co.
Ambrosia Chocolate Co.
Ambursen Co.
American 3 Way-Luxfer Prism Co.
American 3-Way-Luxfer Prism Co.
American Abrasive Metals Co.
American Agri. Chemical Co.
American Air Filter Co.
American Air Filter Co.
American Air Filter Co., Inc.
American Ambi Corp.
American Appraisal Co.
American Arch Co.
American Art Bureau
American Asphalt Tile Corp.
American Atmos Corp.
American Automatic Electric Sales Co.
American Balance Valve Co.
American Bar Lock Co.
American Bar Lock Co., Inc.
American Bar-Lock Co.
American Beccari Corp.
American Bed Co.
American Bitumuls Co.
American Black Granite Co.
American Blower Co.
American Blower Corp.
American Blue Print Paper Co.
American Blue Stone Co.
American Bosch Corp.
American Brass Co.
American Bronze Co.
American Bulb Co.
American Cabinet Co.
American Cabinet Hardware Corp.
American Cable Div. American Chain & Cable Co.
American Can Co.
American Car & Foundry Co.
American Carbonic Machinery Co.
American Cas Association
American Cast Iron Pipe Co.
American Cement Machine Co.
American Cement Paint Co.
American Cement Tile Mfg. Co.
American Cemetary
American Chain & Cable Co.
American Chain & Cable Co., Inc.
American Chain Co.
American Chain Link Fence Co.
American Chair Mfg. Co.
American Chemical Paint Co.
American Chimney Construction Co.
American Chimney Corp.
American Chocolate Mould Co.
American Chronoscope Corp.
American Circular Loom Co.
American City Bureau
American Clay Machinery Co.
American Clip-On Corp.
American concrete Corp.
American Concrete Expansion Joint Co.
American Concrete Products Co.
American Coolair Corp.
American Copper & Brass Works
American Crayon Co.
American Cream Tartar Co.
American Cream Tartar Div.
American Curb-Gutter Block Co.
American Cyanamid & Chemical Corp.
American Cyanamid Co.
American Cyanamid Corp.
American Dairy Supply Co.
American Dining Room Furniture Co.
American District Steam Co.
American District Telegraph Co.
American Doucil Co.
American Electroneering Corp.
American Electronics
American Elevator & Machine Co.
American Enameled Brick & Tile Co.
American Enameled Brick Corp.
American Enameled Products Co.
American Encaustic Tiling Co.
American Encaustic Tiling Co.
American Encaustic Tiling Co., Inc.
American Engine Co.
American Engineering Co.
American Face Brick Assn.
American Face Brick Association
American Fence Construction Co.
American Fire Prevention Bureau
American Flange & Mfg. Co., Inc.
American Flexible Coupling Co.
American Floor Products Co.
American Floor Surfacing Machine Co.
American Florist Supply Co.
American Food Laboratories, Inc.
American Foundry & Furnace Co.
American Foundry & Mfg. Co.
American Foundry Equipment Co.
American Frog & Switch Co.
American Furniture Co.
American Furniture Novelty Co.
American Gas Accumulator Co.
American Gas Assn.
American Gas Furnace Co.
American Gas Products Corp.
American Gypsum Co.
American Hard Rubber Co.
American Hard Wall Plaster Co.
American Hardware Corp.
American Heating & Lighting Co.
American Injector Co.
American Institute of Architects
American Instrument Co.
American Insulation Co.
American Iron & Steel Works
American Kerament Corp.
American Laundry Machinery Co.
American Lava Corp.
American Lead Burning Co.
American Leather Belting Assn.
American Lime & Stone Co.
American Linoleum Mfg. Co.
American Locomotive Co.
American Locomotive Co. Diesel Engine Div.
American Lumber & Treating Co.
American Lumber & Treating Corp.
American Machine & Foundry Co.
American Machine & Metals
American Machine & Metals, Inc.
American Magnestone Corp.
American Mailing Device Corp.
American Maize Products Co.
American Manganese Bronze Co.
American Manganese Steel Co.
American Manganese Steel Div.
American Marietta Co.
American Mason Safety Tread Co.
American Mast & Spar Corp.
American Metal Hose Branch of The American Brass Co.
American Metal Hose Co.
American Metal Weather Strip Co.
American Meter Co.
American Mfg. & Engrg. Co.
American Mine Door Co.
American Mine Equipment Co.
American Mining Tool Co.
American Molded Products Co.
American Monorail Co.
American Nickeloid Co.
American Optical Co.
American Paint Works
American Parlor Furniture Co.
American Phenolic Corp.
American Pile Fabric Co.
American Platinum Works
American Playground Device Co.
American Plywood Corp.
American Potash & Chemical Corp.
American Pressed Steel Co.
American Process Co.
American Public Utilities Bureau
American Pulley Co.
American Pulverizer Co.
American Radiator & Standard Sanitary Corp.
American Radiator Co.
American Rolling Mill Co.
American Roof Truss Co.
American Rubber Mfg. Co.
American Rubber Products Corp.
American Safety Lamp & Mine Supply Co.
American Sanitary Partition Co.
American Sanitary Products Co.
American Saw Mill Machinery Co.
American School Publishing Corp.
American Screw Co.
American Seating Co.
American Sewage Disposal Co.
American Sheet & Tin Plate Co.
American Sheet Metal Works
American Slicing Machine Co.
American Solvent Recovery Corp.
American Star Cork Co.
American Steam Conveyor Corp.
American Steam Gauge & Valve Mfg. Co.
American Steam Pump Co.
American Steel & Wire
American Steel & Wire Co.
American Steel Band Co.
American Steel Foundries
American Steel Furniture Co.
American Stove Co.
American Structural Products Co.
American Tar Products Co.
American Telephone & Telegraph Co.
American Teletherm Co.
American Television & Radio Co.
American Terra Cotta & Ceramic Co.
American Tile & Rubber Co.
American Tile Engineering Co.
American Time Products
American Tool & Machine Co.
American Tractor Equipment Corp.
American Transformer Co.
American Transom Co.
American Tripoli Co.
American Tube Works
American Type Founders Sales Corp.
American Viscose Corp.
American Vulcanized Fibre Co.
American Walnut Manufacturers' Association
American Warming & Ventilating Co.
American Water Softener Co.
American Welding Co.
American Well Works
American Window Glass Co.
American Window Safety Device Co.
American Wine Co.
American Wire Fabrics Corp.
American Wiremold Co.
American Wolmanized Lumber Co.
American Wood Column Co.
American Wood Pipe Co.
American Zinc Products Co.
American3 Way-Luxfer Prism Co.
American-Coleman Co.
American-Franklin-Olean Tiles, Inc.
American-La France Fire Engine Co.
American-La France-Foamite Corp.
American-Larson Ventilating Co.
Americna Wine Merchant
Ames Pump Co.  Div. of American Locomotive Co.
Ampco Metal
Amperite Co.
Ampro Corp.
Anaconda American Brass Limited
Anaconda Copper Mining Co.
Anchor Color & Gum Works
Anchor Concrete Machinery Co.
Anchor Hocking Glass Corp. (Jade-Ite-Fire King)
Anchor Metal Co.
Anchor Post Fence Co.
Anchor Post Fence Div.
Anchor Post Iron Works
Anchor Post Products
Anchor-Hocking Glass Corp.
Andale Co.
Andel & Co.
Andersen Lumber Co.
Anderson Bros. Mfg. Co.
Anderson Corp.
Anderson Foundry Co. Div. of anderson Frame Corp.
Anderson Frame Corp.
Anderson Lumber Co.
Anderson-Pitt Corp.
Andes Range & Furnace Corp.
Andrew Hoffman Mfg. Co.
Andrew King
Andre-White Corp.
Andrews & Goodrich, Inc.
Andy Mouw, Inc.
Angier Corp.
Angus Hopkins
Anker-Holth Mfg. Co.
Ankyra Mfg. Co.
Anniston Electric Steel Corp.
Ansbacher-Siegle Corp.
Ansonia Copper & Iron Works
Ansonia Electrical Co.
Ansul Chemical Co.
Anthony Co.
Anthony Company
Anthracite Separator Co.
Anti-Friction Rolling Shutter Co.
Antihydrine Co.
Anti-Hydro Waterproofing Co.
Apex Chemical Co.
Apollo Steel Co.
Appalachian Marble Co.
Aqua Systems
Aquabar Waterproofing Products
Arcadia Furniture Co.
Arch Roof Construction Co.
Arch Roof Construction Co.
Archer-Daniels-Midland Co.
Architectural Tile Co.
Arco Co.
Arco Vacuum Corp. Div. of American Radiator Co.
Arctic Traveler Div. of American Mfg. Co.
Arex Co.
Aridor Co.
Arkansas Lumber Co.
Arkansas Soft Pine Bureau
Ar-Ke-Tex Corp.
Armco Culvert & Flume Mfgrs. Assn.
Armco Drainage & Metal Products
Armitage Varnish Co.
Armored Concrete Corp.
Armour & Co.
Armour Sandpaper Works
Armstong Cork. Co.
Armstrong Bros. Tool Co.
Armstrong Cork & Insulation Co.
Armstrong Cork Co.
Armstrong Machine Works
Armstrong-Blum Mfg. Co.
Armstrong-Wolfe-Zimmerman Co.
Arnold Hoffman & Co.
Arnold-Hoffman & Co.
Aromatic Products
Arrow Electric Co.
Arrow Mfg. Co.
Arrow-Hart & Hegeman Electric Co.
Arrowhead Iron Works, Inc.
Art Craft Theatre Equipment Co.
Art Metal Construction Co.
Art Metal Radiator Cover Co.
Art Stone Block Co.
Art Wire & Stamping Co.
Arthur D. Peterson Co.
Arthur E. Lane Lumber Corp.
Arthur H. Thomas Co.
Arthur Harris & Co.
Art-Lloyd Metal Products Corp.
Artstone Products
Asbestos Insulating Co.
Asbestos Limited
Asbestos Shingle Slate & Sheathing Co.
Ash Grove Lime & Portland Cement Co.
Ashton Fire Brick & Tile Co.
Ashton Valve Co.
Askania Regulator Co.
Asphalt Association
Asphalt Block Pavement Co.
Asphalt Highway Surface Heating Co.
Asphalt Pavement Retreading Co.
Asphalt Products Co.
Associated Alloy Steel Co.
Associated Consultants
Associated Metal Lath Manufacturers
Associated Metal Lath Mfrs.
Associated Tile Mfrs.
Astron Corp.
Atchison Revolving Door Co.
Aten Sewage Disposal Co.
Aten Sewage Disposal Co.
Athens Table & Mfg. Co.
Athey Cloth Lined Weatherstrip Co.
Athey Co.
Atlanta Terra Cotta Co.
Atlantic Gypsum Products Co.
Atlantic India Rubber Works
Atlantic Insulated Wire & Cable Co.
Atlantic Metal Hose Co.
Atlantic Metal Hose Co., Inc.
Atlantic Refining Co.
Atlantic Tank Corp.
Atlantic Terra Cotta Co.
Atlantic Tile Mfg. Co.
Atlas Ball Co.
Atlas Bronze Mfg. Co.
Atlas Car & Mfg. Co.
Atlas Cinder Block Corp.
Atlas Copper & Brass Mfg. Co.
Atlas Electric Devices Co.
Atlas Engineering Co.
Atlas Fence Co.
Atlas Furniture Co.
Atlas Lumnite Cement Co.
Atlas mineral Products Co.
Atlas Mineral Products of PA Co.
Atlas Portland Cement Co.
Atlas Powder Co.
Atlas Press Co.
Atlas Valve Co.
Atmospheric Conditioning Corp.
Atomic Instrument Co.
Auburn Ball Bearing Co.
Auburn Central Mfg. Corp.
Auburn Shale Brick Co.
Auburn Stoker Corp.
Audiffren Refrigerating Machine Co.
Audio Devices
Audobon Wire Cloth Co.
Auer Register Co.
August Kuhnla
August Mietz Iron Foundry & Mach. Works
Augusta Clay Products Co.
Augustus Mowell
Aulsbrook & Jones Furniture Co.
Aurora Pump & Mfg. Co.
Aurora Pump Co.
Aurora Steel Products Co.
Austenal Laboratories
Austin Powder Co.
Austin White Lime Co.
Austin-Western Co.
Austin-Western Road Machinery Co.
Austral Window Co.
Autocall Co.
Autocar Co.
Automat Molding & Folding Co.
Automatic Burner Corp.
Automatic Cradle Mfg. Co.
Automatic Devices Co.
Automatic Door & Equipment Co.
Automatic Electric
Automatic Electric Co.
Automatic Furnace Co.
Automatic Gas-Steam Radiator Co.
Automatic Reclosing Circuit Break Co.
Automatic Refrigerating Co.
Automatic Shade Co.
Automatic Signal & Sign Co.
Automatic Sprinkler Corp. of America
Automatic Temperature Control Co.
Automatic Ventilator Co.
Automatic Weighing Machine Co.
Autoscrew Co.
Autovent Fan & Blower Co.
Avery Scale Co.
B & B Engineering Corp.
B & M Siren Mfg. Co.
B. Eurell Co.
B. F. Goodrich Co.
B. F. Goodrich Rubber Co.
B. F. Gump Co.
B. F. Huntley Furniture Co.
B. F. Sturtevant Co.
B. H. Hubbert & Sons, Inc.
B. I. Anderson
B. J. Grasberger Co.
B. K. Elliott Co.
B. L. Akins
B. Mifflin Hood Co.
B. P. Lientz & Co.
B. Westermann Co.
Babbitt Steam Specialty Co.
Babcock & Wilcox Co.
Babcock & Wilcox Tube Co.
Babcock-Davis Corp.
Bacharach Industrial Instrument Co.
Bache Semon & Co.
Bacon & Vincent Co.
Badge Meter Mfg. Co.
Badger Machine Co.
Badger Meter Mfg. Co.
Badger Wire & Iron Works
Bailey Lumber Co.
Bailey Meter Co.
Bailey Meter Co. Limited
Bailey-Farrell Mfg. Co.
Bakelite Corp.
Bakelite Corp. of Canada
Baker & Co.
Baker & Co.
Baker Ice Machine Co.
Baker Mfg. Co.
Baker Perkins Co.
Baker-Raulang Co.
Baldor Electric Co.
Baldwin Brass Works
Baldwin Locomotive Works
Baldwin Mfg. Co.
Baldwin Supply Co.
Baldwin-Duckworth Chain Corp.
Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corp.
Ball Engine Co.
Ballantine Laboratories
Ballman Cummings Furniture Co.
Ballou Brick Co.
Balmer Corp.
Balsa Wood Co.
Baltimore Cooperage Tank & Tower Co.
Baltimore Tube Co.
Bancroft-Jones Corp.
Bangor Slate Association
Bank Vault Inspection Co.
Bankers Electric Protective Assn.
Banks Supply Co.
Barber Asphalt Co.
Barber-Colman Co.
Barber-Greene Co.
Barco Mfg. Co.
Barker & Wheeler
Barker & Williamson
Barker Morton D.
Barlith Co.
Barnard & Leas Mfg. Co.
Barnes Co. Wallace
Barnes Corning Co.
Barnes Drill Co.
Barnes Wire Fence Co.
Barnes-Gibson-Raymond Div. of Associated Spring Corp.
Barney & Co.
Barnhart Mercantile Co.
Barnsdall Corp.
Barnsdall Tripoli Co.
Barnstead Still & Sterilizer Co.
Barnstead Still & Sterilizer Co.
Barr J. Toner
Bar-Ray Products
Barret Co.
Barrett Co.
Barrett Div.
Barrett Haentjens & Co.
Barrett-Cravens Co.
Barry Corp.
Bart Laboratories
Bart Laboratories Co.
Bartlett Hayward Co.
Bartlett Hayward Div. Koppers Co.
Barton Spider-Web System
Bashlin Co.
Basic Furniture Co.
Basic Refractories
Bass Foundry & Machine Co.
Bassick Co.
Bastian-Morley Co.
Batchelder-Wilson Co.
Bates Machine & Tractor Co.
Bates Steel Corp. Walter
Batesville White Lime Co.
Bauer Bros. Co.
Bausch & Lomb Optical Co.
Baush Machine Tool Co.
Bausman Mfg. Co.
Bavinco Mfg. Corp.
Bay City Dredge Works
Bay State Elevator Co.
Bay View Furniture Co.
Bay Wood Manufacturing Co.
Bayer Steam Soot Blower Co.
Bayer-Rothgeb Co.
Bayley Blower Co.
Bayley Mfg. Co.
Bayonne Casting Co.
Bayonne Co.
Beach-Russ Co.
Beacon Equipment Co.
Bead Chain Mfg. Co.
Beall Bros. Supply Co.
Beall Improvements Co.
Beam Instruments Corp.
Beardslee Chandelier Mfg. Co.
Beaton & Cadwell Mfg. Co.
Beaton & Caldwell Mfg. Co.
Beaumont Birch Co.
Beaver Falls Art Tile Co.
Beaver Mfg. Co.
Beaver Pipe Tools, Inc.
Beaver Products Co.
Becker  Christian
Beckley Perforating Co.
Beckley-Cardy Co.
Beckman-Dawson Roofing Co.
Beckwith Co.
Beckwith Elevator Co.
Beckwith Machinery Co.
Bedell Mfg. Corp.
Beffalo Meter Co.
Behnke-Fink Mfg. Co.
Belden Brick Co.
Belgo American Trading Corp.
Belknap Hardware & Mfg. Co.
Belknap-Moran-Allen Co.
Bell & Gossett Co.
Bell & Howell Co.
Bell Telephone System
Bell Telephone Systems
Belle Alkali Co.
Belle City Mfg. Co.
Belock Instrument Corp.
Bemis Bro. Bag Co.
Bemis Industries
Bemis Riddell Fibre Co.
Bendix Aviation Corp.
Bendix Corp. Bendix Radio Div.
Bendix Paper Co.
Benj. French
Benjamin Electric Mfg. Co.
Benjamin Moore & Co.
Benjamin Riesner
Bennett Fireplace Co.
Bennett Fireplace Corp.
Bennett Mfg. Co.
Bentley Harris Mfg. Co.
Bergen Building Block Co.
Berger Bros. Co.
Berger Mfg. Co.
Berger Mfg. Co. Div. of Republic Steel Corp.
Beringer Bros.
Berkeley Yeast Laboratory
Berkey & Gay Furniture Co.
Berks Building Block Co.
Bernhard-Crowe Mfg. Co.
Bernitz Furnace Appliance Co.
Berry Bros.
Bertelsen Adjustable Grille Co.
Beryllium Corp. of Pennsylvania
Bessemer Gas Engine Co.
Bessler Disappearing Stairway Co.
Bessler Movable Stairway Co.
Best & Co.
Best Brick Co.
Best Bros. Keene’s Cement Co.
Best Bros. Keene's Cement Co.
Best Mfg. Co.
Best Register Co.
Beta Electric Corp.
Bethlehem Foundry & Machine Co.
Bethlehem Furniture Co.
Bethlehem Steel Co.
Bethlehem Steel Corp.
Better Bedding Alliance of America
Betz Bros.
Betz-Pierce Co.
Bicknell Mfg. Co.
Bigelow Co.
Bigelow-Liptak Corp.
Biggs Boiler Works Co.
Bi-Lateral Fire House Co.
Bilco Mfg. Co.
Bilgram Machine Works
Billings-Chapin Co.
Billings-Chapin Co.
Binghamton Brick Co.
Binks Mfg. Co.
Binney & Smith Co.
Birch Manufacturers
Bird & Son
Bird Electronic Corp.
Birmingham Clay Products Co.
Bisceglia Bros. Corp.
Bisceglia Bros. Wine Co.
Bishop & Babcock Co.
Bishop & Babcock Sales Co.
Bishop & Co. Platinum Works J.
Bishop Mfg. Corp.
Bishopric Mfg. Co.
Bitu-Mortar Waterproofing Co.
Biwax Corp.
Black & Decker Electric Co.
Black & Decker Mfg. Co.
Black & Veatch
Black Sivalls & Bryson
Blackmer Pump Co.
Blaisdell Machinery Co.
Blake & Johnson Co.
Blake & Knowles Steam Pump Works
Blake Specialty Co.
Blanke-Baer Extract & Preserv. Co.
Blaski Mfg. Co.
Blasteel Mfg. Co.
Blaw-Knox Co.
Bliley Electric Co.
B-Line Boiler Co.
Bliss Steel Products Corp.
Blue Diamond Co.
Blue Ridge Hickory Furniture Co.
Blum Stefan
Blumenthal Bros. Inc.
Bobrick Mfg. Corp.
Bockstege Furniture Co.
Bogert & Carlough Co.
Bogue Electric Mfg. Co.
Bohn Aluminum & Brass Corp.
Boiler Code
Boiler Tube Co. of America
Boiler-Kote Co.
Bommer Spring Hinge Co.
Bonafide Mills, Inc.
Bond Electronics Corp.
Bonded Floors Co.
Bonney Forge & Tool Works
Boone Brick Tile & Paving Co.
Boonton Radio Corp.
Booth Bros. & Hurricane Isle Granite Co.
Borax Union
Borden Co.
Borden Metal Products Co.
Border Queen Kitchen Cabinet Co.
Borg-Warner Corp.
Boston Belting Co.
Boston Galvanizing Works
Boston Gear Works Sales Co.
Boston Insulated Wire & Cable Co.
Boston Lightning Rod Co.
Boston Steel & Mfg. Co.
Bostwick Steel Lath Co.
Bostwick-Goodell Co.
Boulin Instrument Corp.
Bourne-Fuller Co.
Bowen Research Corp.
Box & Co.
Boyts Porter & Co.
Bracke-Sieb X Ray Co.
Brad Foote Gear Works
Braden Steel Corp.
Bradford Brick & Tile Co.
Brading-Sells Lumber Co.
Bradley Co. Milton
Bradley Laboratories
Bradley Patterson & Burgener
Bradley Washfountain Co.
Brady Conveyors Corp.
Braeburn Steel Co.
Brandt Automatic Cashier Co.
Branson Instruments
Brasco Mfg. Co.
Brascolite Co.
Braun & Corwin
Braun Brush Co.
Braunlich-Roessle Co.
Brayman Water-Tight Drain Co.
Brazil Clay Co.
Brazil Nut Association
Breeze Corporations
Breinig Bros.
Breslin Textile Mills
Breuer Electric Mfg. Co.
Briar Hill Stone Co.
Bridge Food Machinery Co.
Bridgeport Brass Co.
Bridgeport Chain Co.
Briggs Forge Co.
Briggs Mfg. Co.
Bright Light Reflector Co., Inc.
Brighton Steel Co.
Briley Mfg. Co.
Bristol Co.
British Driver-Harris Co.
British Electronic Group
British Goodrich Rubber Co.
Broderick & Bascom Rope Co.
Brook Iron Works
Brooklyn Brick Co.
Brooks Bros. Co.
Brooks Parlor Furniture Co.
Brookville Truck & Tractor Co.
Brower Furniture Co.
Brower Mfg. Co.
Brown & Bros.
Brown Hoisting Machinery Co.
Brown Instrument Co.
Brown Jac
Brown Packing Co.
Brown Portable Elevator Co.
Browne & Donald Richey
Brownell Co.
Browning Laboratories
Brunswick Refrigerating Co.
Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co.
Brush Development Co.
Bryant Electric Co.
Bryant Heater & Mfg. Co.
Bryant Heater Co.
Buchanan Electrical Products Corp.
Buck Dryer Corp.
Buck Engineering Co.
Buck Seifert & Jost
Buck X-Ograph Co.
Buckett Lightning Rod Co.
Buckeye Blower Co.
Buckeye Engine Co.
Buckeye Glide Co.
Buckeye Wines of California
Buckingham-Virginia Slate Corp.
Buckner Mfg. Co.
Bucyrus Co.
Bucyrus Copper Kettle Works Co.
Buda Co.
Buell Engineering Co.
Buettner Shelburne Machine Co.
Buff & Buff Mfg. Co.
Buffalo Brake Beam Co.
Buffalo Co-operative Stove Co.
Buffalo Davenport Bed Co.
Buffalo Dental Mfg. Co.
Buffalo Fence Construction Co.
Buffalo Fire Appliance Corp.
Buffalo Forge Co.
Buffalo Foundry & Machine Co.
Buffalo Lounge Co.
Buffalo Meter Co.
Buffalo Pipe & Foundry Corp.
Buffalo Pumps
Buffalo Pumps, Inc.
Buffalo Steam Pump Co.
Buffalo Tank Corp.
Buffalo Wire Works Co., Inc.
Buffalo-Springfield Roller Co.
Buhring Water Purifying Co.
Builders Brick Co.
Builders Iron Foundry
Builders-Providence, Inc.
Building Chemicals Corp.
Building Directories Bulletin & Sign Co.
Building Materials Co.
Building Stone Association of Indiana
Built-in Fixture Co.
Bull Dog Electric Products Co.
Bull Dog Floor Clip Co.
Bullard Machine Tool Co.
Bulls Ferry Chemical Co.
Bunting Brass & Bronze Co.
Burch Plow Works Co.
Burdett Mfg. Co.
Burdsall Russell & Ward Bolt & Nut Co.
Burgess & Niple
Burgess Battery Co.
Burgess-Parr Co.
Burke Electric Co.
Burke Furnace Co.
Burke Products Co.
Burlington Venetian Blind Co.
Burnell & Co.
Burnham Boiler Corp.
Burnham Mfg. Co.
Burns & McDonnell
Burrows Bros. Co.
Burt Bros.
Burt Mfg. Co.
Burwak Elevator Co.
Bury Compressor Co.
Busch-Sulzer Bros. Diesel Engine Co.
Business-Men's Clearing House
Buss Metal Window Co.
Bussman Mfg. Co.
Bussmann Mfg. Co.
Butcher Polish Co.
Butler Bin Co.
Butler Mfg. Co.
Butte & Co.
Butter & Cheese Journal
Byerlyte Corp.
Byers Machine Co.
Byron Jackson Co.
C & D Batteries Div. Electric Auto-Lite Co.
C. A. Boyle & Co.
C. A. Dunham Co.
C. A. Mauk Lumber Co.
C. A. Turner
C. B. Babcock Co.
C. B. Dolge Co.
C. C. Bradley & Son
C. D. Edwards Mfg. Co.
C. E. Squires Co.
C. F. Church Mfg. Co.
C. F. Pease Co.
C. F. Streit Mfg. Co.
C. G. Braxmar Co.
C. G. Conn
C. G. S. Laboratories
C. H. & E. Mfg. Co.
C. H. Buck & Co.
C. H. Hoyt & Son Co.
C. I. Hayes
C. J. Root Co.
C. J. Tagliabue Div.
C. J. Tagliabue Mfg. Co.
C. K. Williams & Co.
C. L. Ballard Co.
C. L. Best Tractor Co.
C. Lee Cook Mfg. Co.
C. M. Bott Furniture Co.
C. M. Kemp Mfg. Co.
C. M. Pitt & Sons Co.
C. M. Steiner Co.
C. M. Wilkinson Co.
C. O. Bartlett & Snow Co.
C. O. Jellif Mfg. Corp.
C. O. Jelliff Mfg. Corp.
C. R. Daniels
C. R. Daniels, Inc.
C. Richardson & Co.
C. S. Brainin Co.
C. S. Card Iron Works Co.
C. S. Johnson Co.
C. T. White
C. W. Hunt Co.
C. W. Hunt Co.
Cabinet Makers' Union
Cabot Samuel
Caddell-Burns Mfg. Co.
Caffall-Cornman Corp.
Cahill Bros.
Calbar Paint & Varnish Co.
Calco Chemical Co.
Calco Chemical Co.
Caldwell Mfg. Co.
Calebaugh Self-Lubricating Carbon Co.
Calef Norwood & Co.
Calicel Products
Calidyne Co.
California Almond Growers Exchange
California Cyanide Co.
California Dispatch Line
California Filter Co.
California Fruit Growers Exchange
California Growers Wineries
California Pellet Mill Co.
California Products Co.
California Stucco Products Corp.
California White & Sugar Pine Manufacturers Association
California Wines
Callaway Mills
Calmet Water Meter Div.
Calorizing Co.
Cambria Car & Foundry Co.
Cambria Steel Co.
Cambridge Thermionic Corp.
Cambridge Tile Mfg. Co.
Cambridge Wire Cloth Co.
Cambridge-Wheatley Co.
Cameo Vineyards Co.
Camp Dresser & McKee
Campbell Casement Window Corp.
Campbell Heating Co.
Campbell Industrial Window Co.  Div. of  Campbell Metal Window Corp.
Campbell Paper Box Co.
Campbell Prints
Canadian Allis-Chalmers
Canadian Blower & Forge Co.
Canadian Carbondale Co.
Canadian Chromalox Co.
Canadian General Electric Co.
Canadian Pneumatic Tool Co.
Canadian Powers Regulator Co.
Canadian Toledo Scale Co.
Canadian Westinghouse Co. Limited
Canton Brick & Fireproofing Co.
Canton Foundry & Machine Co.
Canton Stoker Corp.
Capital Lift & Mfg. Co.
Capitol Bronze Corp.
Capitol Engineering Corp.
Capitol Mail Chute Corp.
Car Dumper & Equipment Co.
Carbide & Carbon Chemicals Corp.
Carbolineum Wood Preserving Co.
Carboloy Co.
Carboloy Department of General Electric Co.
Carbondale Machine Co.
Carborundum Co.
Cardinal Cabinet Co.
Cardox Corp.
Carey Philip Co.
Carl Bajohr Lightning Conductor Co.
Carl H. Wagner & Son
Carlyle Johnson Machine Co.
Carlyle Tile Co.
Carlyle-Labold Co.
Carnahan Mfg. Co.
Carnegie Steel Co.
Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corp.
Carney Cement Co.
Carpenter Steel Co.
Carrick Engineering Co.
Carrier Corp.
Carrier Engineering Co.
Carrier Engineering Corp.
Carrier Lufttechnische Gesellschaft
Carr-Lowrey Glass Co.
Carter & Hakes Machine Co.
Carter Bloxonend Flooring Co.
Carter Motor Co.
Carton Label & Lithograph Co.
Casein Co. of America
Casement Hardware Co.
Castlewood Vineyards
Castone Products Co.
Catalytic Process Corp.
Caterpillar Tractor Co.
C-A-Wood-Preserver Co.
Cayuga Rock Salt Co.
Ceco Weatherstrip & Screen Products Div. of Concrete Engineering Co.
Celina Specialty Co.
Celite Products Co.
Cellized Oak Flooring
Cellulo Co.
Celluplastic Corp.
Celon Co.
Celotex Co.
Celotex Corp.
Cement Gun Co.
Cement Molding Co.
Cement Products Co.
Cement-Gun Co.
Central Alloy Steel Corp.
Central Foundry Co.
Central Frog & Switch Co.
Central Furniture Co.
Central Oolitic Stone Co.
Central States Paper & Bag Co.
Central Wire & Iron Works
Centralab Div. of Globe-Union
Centrifix Corp.
Centriline Corp.
Centronics Co.
Century Brass Works
Century Cement Corp.
Century Electric Co.
Century Furniture Co.
Century Lighting Equipment
Century Machine Co.
Century Sign Co.
Cephas B. Rogers
Ceresit Waterproofing Corp.
Certain-teed Products Corp.
Chain-Link Fence Corp. Chairinton Corp.
Chair City Upholstering Co.
Chairinton Corp.
Chalfant Spang & Co.
Challenge Co.
Challenge Refrigerator Co.
Chamberlin Metal Weatherstrip Co.
Champion Corp.
Champion Machinery Co.
Champion Rivet Co.
Champion Sheet Metal Co.
Chaplin-Fulton Mfg. Co.
Chapman Slate Co.
Chapman Valve Mfg. Co.
Char Products Co.
Charleroi Iron Works
Charles F. Berger
Charles G. Blake Co.
Charles H. Martin Co.
Charles J. Rogers
Charles P. Limbert Co.
Charles Parker Co.
Charles Pfizer & Co., Inc.
Charlotte Chemical Laboratories
Charlotte Furniture Co.
Chas K. Ernst
Chas. L. Huisking & Co.
Chas. T. Topping Machinery Co.
Chase & Lyman
Chase Brass & Copper Co.
Chatham Electronics
Chattanooga Boiler & Tank Co.
Chattanooga Furniture Co.
Chausse Mfg. Co.
Chausse Oil Burner Co.
Cheambers Bros. Co.
Chelsea Elevator Co.
Chemical Appliances
Chemical Catalog Co.
Chemical Construction Corp.
Chemical Equipment Co.
Chemical Equipment Corp.
Chemical Rubber Co.
Chemical Toilet Corp.
Chemicolloid Laboratories
Cheney Bigelow Wire Works
Cheney Co.
Cherry Tree Machine Co.
Cherry-Burrell Corp.
Chesapeake Mfg. Co.
Chester Cable Corp.
Chester Dairy Supply Co.
Chester Engineers
Chesterfield Cabinet Corp.
Chesterfield Furniture Co.
Cheston Frank C. Co.
Chicago Art Marble Co.
Chicago Bridge & Iron Co.
Chicago Bridge & Iron Works
Chicago Condenser Corp.
Chicago Dryer Co.
Chicago Expansion Bolt Co.
Chicago Faucet Co.
Chicago Fuse Mfg. Co.
Chicago Insulated Wire & Mfg. Co.
Chicago Metal Hose Corp.
Chicago Mill & Lumber Corp.
Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.
Chicago Pulley & Shafting Co.
Chicago Pump Co.
Chicago Spring Hinge Co.
Chicago Stage Lighting Co.
Chicago Telephone Supply Corp.
Chicago Transformer Div. of Essex Wire Corp.
Chicago Watchclock Corp.
Chicago Wheel & Mfg. Co.
Chickamauga Cedar Co.
Chiris Co.
Chisholm-Moore Hoist Corp.
Chittenden & Eastman Co.
Chris D. Schramm & Son
Chrisman Foundry Co.
Christian Bros.
Chromium Corp. Of America
Chrysler Corp.
Churchill Corp.
Cia. Mexicana de Productos Quimicos Roessler & Hasslacher
Ciba Co.
Cima Corp.
Cinch Mfg. Corp.
Cincinnati Ball Crank Co.
Cincinnati Copper Works
Cincinnati Electrical Tool Co.
Cincinnati Floor Co.
Cincinnati Fly Screen Co.
Cincinnati Frog & Switch Co.
Cincinnati Fruit & Extract Works
Cincinnati Iron Fence Co.
Cincinnati Iron Fence Co., Inc.
Cincinnati Mfg. Co.
Cincinnati Planer Co.
Cincinnati Victor Co.
Cincrete Products Corp.
Cinder Block Co.
Cinder Block Corp.
Cinder Brick & Tile Co.
Cinder Tile Co.
Cinema Engineering Co.
Citation Products Co.
Citizens Electric Co.
City Tank Corp.
Clarage Fan Co.
Clark  Peter
Clark Cast Steel Cement Co.
Clark Crystal Co.
Clark Door Co., Inc.
Clark Grave Vault Co.
Clark James Jr. Electric Co.
Clark Tructractor Co.
Clarostat Mfg. Co.
Claude B. Schneible Co.
Clay Products Association
Claycraft Co.
Claycraft Mining & Brick Co.
Clear-Vision Counters
Cleaver-Brooks Co.
Cleco Div. of the Reed Roller Bit Co.
Cleland Mfg. Co.
Clement Restein Co.
Cleveland Alloy Products Co.
Cleveland Brass Mfg. Co.
Cleveland Chair Co.
Cleveland Container Co.
Cleveland Coppersmithing Works
Cleveland Crane & Engineering Co.
Cleveland Formgrader Co.
Cleveland Fruit Juice Co.
Cleveland Gas Burner & Appliance Co.
Cleveland Lock Works
Cleveland Steel Barrel Co.
Cleveland Trencher Co.
Cleveland Twist Drill Co.
Cleveland Wire Spring Co.
Cleveland Worm & Gear Co.
Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co.
Climax Molybdenum Co.
Cline Truck Co.
Clinton Industries, Inc.
Clinton L. Bogert Associates
Clinton Metallic Paint Co.
Clinton Switch Co.
Clipper Mfg. Co.
Closter Stone Quarries
Clyde Iron Works
Clyde Iron Works, Inc.
Coal & Coke By-Products Co.
Coal Washing Equipment Co.
Coatesville Boiler Works
Coburn Trolley Track Mfg. Co.
Cochrane Corp.
Cocoline Products, Inc.
Coen Co.
Cohan-Epner Co.
Cohn Sigmund
Cohoes Rolling Mill Co.
Coil Winding Equipment Co.
Colas Roads
Colcombet Cellars
Cold Spring Granite Co
Coldwell Lawn Mower Co.
Cole Mfg. Co.
Coleman & Bell Co.
Collins Radio Co.
Colonial Cut Cast Stone Corp.
Colonial Fireplace Co.
Colonial Mfg. Co.
Colonial Steel Co.
Colonial Supply Co.
Colorado Iron Works Co.
Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Mfg. Co.
Columbia Metal Box Co.
Columbia Mills
Columbia Mineral Wool Co.
Columbia Steel Co.
Columbia Wire & Supply Co.
Columbian Enameling & Stamping Co.
Columbian Iron Works
Columbian Lock Div.
Columbus Coated Fabrics Corp.
Columbus-McKinnon Chain Corp.
Comar Electric Co.
Combination Blow Torch Mfg. Co.
Combustion Engineering Co.
Combustion Engineering Co., Inc.
Combustion Engineering Corp.
Commercial Lumber Co.
Commercial Parlor Frame Co.
Commercial Solvents Corp.
Commercial Testing & Engineering Co.
Common Brick Mfr's Association of America
Communication Accessories Co.
Communication Measurements Laboratory
Compagnie Europeenne de Traitement des Minerais
Compound & Pyrono Door Co.
Compound Injector & Specialty Co.
Compressed Wood Preserving Co.
Conant Ball Co.
Concannon Vineyards
Concealed Bed Corp.
Concord Paint Co.
Concordia Electric Co.
Concrete Block Manufacturers
Concrete Engineering Co.
Concrete Materials Corp.
Concrete Products Co. of America
Concrete Specialties Co.
Concrete Steel Co.
Concrete Structural Units
Concrete Surfacing Machine Co.
Condensation Engineering Corp.
Condensite Co. of America
Condor Co.
Conduo-Base Co.
Conewango Furniture Co.
Confection Machine Sales Co.
Conklin Lyon & Co.
Conkling-Armstrong Terra Cotta Co.
Conneaut Shovel Co.
Connecticut Telephone & Electric Corp.
Connellsville Foundry Machine & Steel Casting Co.
Connellsville Iron Works
Connellsville Mfg. & Mine Supply Co.
Connersville Blower Co.
Connery Construction Co.
Connoisseur Wineries
Conover Co.
Conrad & White Scenic Co.
Consolidated Ashcroft Hancock Co
Consolidated Ashcroft Hancock Co.
Consolidated Ashcroft Hancock Co.
Consolidated Chimney Co.
Consolidated Expanded Metal Cos.
Consolidated Filters Co.
Consolidated Iron-Steel Mfg. Co.
Consolidated Lamp & Glass Co.
Consolidated Packaging Machinery Corp.
Consolidated Pneumatic Tool Co.
Consolidated Products Co.
Construction Castings Corp.
Construction Machinery Co.
Construction Survey Co.
Continental Car Co. of America
Continental Car-Na-Var Corp.
Continental Chemical Corp.
Continental Chimney Co.
Continental Chimney Co., Inc.
Continental Electric Co.
Continental Furniture Co.
Continental Industrial Engineers
Continental Pipe Mfg. Co.
Continental Roofing Mills
Continental Rubber Co.
Continental Rubber Works
Continental Steel Corp.
Continental-Diamond Fibre Co.
Continental-Diamond Fibre Corp.
Continetal Rubber Works
Continetal Steel Corp.
Contractors Machinery & Supply Co.
Conver Steel & Wire Co.
Convertible Wagon-Trailers
Conveying Weigher Co.
Conveyors Corp. of America
Cook Plant of Barnes-Gibson-Raymond
Cook Watkins & Patch
Cook's Adam Sons
Cooling Tower Co.
Cooper & Co.
Cooper Alloy Foundry Co.
Cooper Mfg. Co.
Co-operative Foundry Co.
Cooper-Bessemer Corp.
Coover Railroad Track Brace Co.
Copeland Sales Co.
Copper Clad Steel Co.
Copperweld Steel Co.
Coppes Bros. & Zook
Coppus Engineering & Equipment Co.
Coppus Engineering Corp.
Corcoran Mfg. Co.
Cordley & Hayes
Corhart Refractories Co.
Cork Import Corp.
Cork Insulation Co.
Corn Products Sales Co.
Cornell Iron Works
Cornell Iron Works, Inc.
Cornell Wood Products Co.
Cornell-Dubilier Electric Corp.
Corning Glass Works
Corning Terra Cotta Co.
Cornish Wire Co.
Coronet Brandy
Corozone Co.
Corry Bleacher Co.
Corry Case Goods Co.
Corry Metal Corp.
Coshocton Iron Co.
Cosmopolitan Chemical Co.
Cottrell Processes
Counter-Flashing Receiver Co.
Covington Machine Co.
Cowing Pressure Relieving Joint Co.
Crab Orchard Stone Co.
Craft Mfg. Co.
Craftex Co.
Crampton-Farley Brass Co.
Crandall Packing Co.
Crane Co.
Crane Packing Co.
Crawford & McCrimmon Co.
Creamery Package Mfg. Co.
Creo-Dipt Co.
Creo-Dipt Co.
Creo-Dipt Co., Inc.
Crescent Armored Wire Co.
Crescent Furniture Co.
Crescent Insulated wire & Cable Co.
Crescent Steel Co.
Crescent Stove Works
Cresson-Morris Co.
Cresta Blanca Wine Co.
Crex Carpet Co.
Crex Patent Column Co.
Crittall Casement Window Co.
Crocker Chair Co.
Crocker-Wheeler Co.
Crockett Bros.
Croll-Reynolds Engineering Co.
Cromar Co.
Crooks-Dittmar Co.
Crosby Laboratories
Crosby Steam Gage & Valve Co.
Cross Engineering Co.
Crowell Mfg. Co.
Crown Cork & Seal Co.
Crown Iron Works Co.
Crucible Steel Co. of America
Crystal Gelatine Co.
Crystal Oil Burner Corp.
Cummins Engine Co.
Cuno Engineering Corp.
Currahee Furniture Co.
Curtis & Curtis Co.
Curtis & Tompkins
Curtis Companies Service Bureau
Curtis Development & Mfg. Co.
Curtis Lighting
Curtis Mfg. Co.
Curtis Pneumatic Machinery Co.
Curtiss-Wright Corp. Princeton Div.
Custodis Canadian Chimney Co.
Custodis Chimney Construction Co.
Cutler Mail Chute Co.
Cutler-Hammer Mfg. Co.
Cutler-Hammer, Inc.
Cutter Co.
Cyclone Fence Co.
Cyclone Grate Bar Co.
Cyclops Mfg. Co.
D & W Fuse Co.
D & W Fuse Works of General Electric Co.
D. A. Ebinger Sanitary Mfg. Co.
D. A. Matot
D. E. Hughes Co.
D. E. Makepeace Co.
D. G. C. Trap & Valve Co.
D. H. Gowing
D. M. Rose & Co.
D. O. James Mfg. Co.
D. Van Nostrand Co.
D. W. Onan & Sons
D. W. Onan & Sons
Dage Electric Co.
Dahlquist Mfg. Co.
Dahlstrom Metallic Door Co.
Dail Steel Products Co.
Daimler-Benz of North America
Dairy Laboratories
Dairy Specialties
Dallastown Furniture Co.
Damrow Bros. Co.
Daniels Manufacturing Co.
Dano Electric Co.
Daprato Statuary Co.
Darling Pump & Mfg. Co.
Darling Valve & Mfg. Co.
Darnell Corp., Ltd.
Daven Co.
Davenport Besler Corp.
David E. Kennedy
David Levow
David Lupton’s Sons Co.
David Lupton's Sons Co.
David Newman & Sons
Davidson Coke & Iron Co.
Davidson Steel Co.
Davis Engineering Corp.
Davis Extruded Sash Co.
Davis Regulator Co.
Davis-Birely Table Co.
Davis-Bournonville Co.
Davison Chemical Corp.
Day Brite Reflector Co.
Day Co.
Day-Brite Lighting, Inc.
Dayton Greenhouse Mfg. Co.
Dayton Irrigation System
Dayton-Dowd Co.
Dayton-Dowd Pump Co.
De Coursey Engineering Laboratory
De La Vergne Machine Co.
De Laval Separator Co.
De Laval Steam Turbine Co.
Deacon Bros.
Dean Bros. Co.
Dean Hill Pump Co.
Dean Payne
Deane Bramhall Co.
DeBothezat Fans Div.
Decorative Stone Co.
Dee Electric Co.
Deepfreeze Div. Motor Products Corp.
Defiance Pressed Steel Co.
Deister Concentrator Co.
Deister Machine Co.
DeJur Amsco Corp.
Delco Light Co.
Delker Bros. Mfg. Co.
Deltox Rug Co.
DeLuxe Metal Furniture Co.
Delvan Block Co.
Deming Co.
Dempcy-Degener Co.
Denison Engineering Co.
Denver Rock Drill Mfg. Co.
Deslauriers Metal Products Co.
Despatch Oven Co.
Detex Watchclock Corp.
Detrick M. H. Co.
Detroit Cinder Block & Tile Co.
Detroit Diesel Engine Div.
Detroit Graphite Co.
Detroit Hoist & Machine Co.
Detroit Insulated Wire Co.
Detroit Lubricator Co.
Detroit Show Case Co.
Detroit Steel Products Co.
Detroit Stoker Co.
Detroit-Michigan Stove Co.
Devoe & Reynolds Co., Inc.
DeWalt Products Corp.
Dewey-Portland Cement Co.
DeWolf Furnace Corp.
Dextone Co.
Dial Light Co. of America
Diamond Drilling & Exploration Co.
Diamond Machine Co.
Diamond Metal Weather Strip Co.
Diamond Mfg. Co.
Diamond Power Specialty Co.
Dicalite Co.
Diebold Safe & Lock Co.
Diehl Mfg. Co.
Diepress Co.
Dietz Design & Mfg. Co.
Dietz-Ballweg Co.
Dill Marshall
Dillig Engineering Co.
Dillon & Co.  W. C.
Dings Magnetic Separator Co.
Dings Magnetic SeparatorCo.
Direct Control Valve Co.
Disappearing Roller Screen Co.
Ditwiler Mfg. Co.
Diversey Mfg. Co.
Dixie Furniture Co.
Dixie Machinery Mfg. Co.
Dixie Tally-Ho
Dobson-Evans Co.
Dodge & Olcott Co.
Dodge & Olcott, Inc.
Dodge Mfg. Co.
Dodge Mfg. Corp.
Dodwell & Co., Ltd.
Doehler Die-Casting Co.
Doehler Metal Furniture Co.
Doetsch & Bauer Co.
Doherty-Brehm Co.
D'Olier Centrifugal Pump & Mch. Co.
Domestic Stoker Co.
Dominion Chain Co.
Donley Bros. Co.
Donley Brothers Co.
Dooley Bros.
Dorothy Lamp Shades
Dorr Co.
Dorr Cyanide Machinery Co.
Dorsey Trailers
Doubleday-Hill Electric Co.
Douglas Fir Plywood Mfrs.
Douthitt Engineering Co.
Dow Chemical Co.
Dow Pump & Diesel Engine Co.
Downingtown Iron Works
Dr. Alexander Katz & Co.
Dracco Corp.
Dravo Contracting Co.
Dravo Corp.
Dravo-Doyle Co.
Drehmann Paving & Construction Co.
Dresden Cosmetic Co.
Dresser Mfg. Div.
Drexel Furniture Co.
Drill Carrier Corp.
Driver-Harris Co.
Driv-Lok Pin Co.
Driwood Corp.
Drop Forging Association
Dry Zero Corp.
Du Bois Iron Works
Dubois Fence & Garden Co.
Dubonnet Corp.
Dudfield Mfg. Co.
Dudley Electric & machine Co.
Duff Mfg. Co.
Dumont Electric Corp.
Dumore Co.
Dunbar Furniture Mfg. Co.
Duncan Foundry & Machine Works
Duner Co.
Dunn  Struthers
Duotone Co.
Duplex Hanger Co.
Duplex Incinerator Div. of the Consolidated Iron-Steel Mfg. Co.
Duplex Mill & Mfg. Co.
Duquesne Mine Supply Co.
Durabilt Steel Locker Co.
Durabla Mfg. Co.
Durable Wire Rope Co.
Duraflex Co.
Duralith Corp.
Duraloy Co.
Durand Steel Locker Co.
Duriron Co.
Durlin Corp.
Duro Metal Products Co.
Dusing & Hunt
Dust Recovering & Conveying Co.
Duvinage Spiral Stair Co.
E. & F. King & Co.
E. A. Kaestner Co.
E. B. Badger & Sons Co.
E. B. Badger Sons Co.
E. C. Buehrer Associates
E. D. Barstow
E. D. Etnyre & Co.
E. F. Hauserman Co.
E. F. Houghton & Co.
E. F. Johnson Co.
E. Fougera & Co.
E. G. Munson
E. H. Friedrich Co.
E. H. Sheldon & Co.
E. I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co.
E. I. DuPont De Nemours & Co., Inc.
E. J. Brooks Co.
E. Keeler Co.
E. Kopriwa Co.
E. L. Bruce Co.
E. L. Smith & Co.
E. M. Dart Mfg. Co., Inc.
E. M. Long & Sons
E. M. Long Corp.
E. T. Archer & Co.
E. T. Burrowes Co.
E. T. Burrowes Co.
E. T. Ryan Iron Works
E. V. Briscoe & Son
E. Van Noorden Co.
E. W. A. Rowles Co.
E. W. Bacharach & Co.
E. W. Bliss Co.
E. Wiener Co.
Eagle Crusher Co.
Eagle Iron Works
Eagle Mfg. Co.
Eagle Pipe Supply Co.
Eagle Signal Corp.
Eagle-Ottawa Leather Co.
Eagle-Picher Lead Co.
Eagle-Picher Sales Co.
Earle Hardware Mfg. Co.
East Iron & Machine Co.
Eastern Electric Co.
Eastern Machinery Co.
Eastern Quarries
Eastern Stainless Steel Corp.
Eastern Terra Cotta Co.
Eastern Wine Co.
Easton Car & Construction Co.
Easton Furniture Mfg. Co.
East-Side Winery
Eaton Chair Co.
Eaton Furniture Co.
Eaton-Dikeman Co.
Ebert Electronics Co.
Ebsary Gypsum Co.
Eclipse Fuel Engineering Co.
Eclipse Machine Co.
Economic Machinery Co.
Economy Baler Co.
Economy Concrete Co.
Economy Drawing Table & Mfg. Co.
Economy Engineering Co.
Economy Fuse & Mfg. Co.
Economy Pumping Machinery Co.
Economy Pumps, Inc.
Ed Hansen Furniture Co.
Eddy Valve Co.
Edge Moor Iron Co.
Edge Moor Iron Works
Edgecumbe-Newham Co.
Edham Co.
Edin Co.
Edison General Electric Appliance Co.
Edison General Electric Appliance Co., Inc.
Edison Portland Cement Co.
Edison Storage Battery Co.
Educational Exhibition Co.
Edwal Labs.
Edward A. Pratt Service
Edward E. Johnson
Edward E. Robinson
Edward Valve & Mfg. Co.
Edwards & Co.
Edwards George & Co.
Edwards Mfg. Co.
Edwin A. Jackson & Bro.
Edwin Burhorn Co.
Edwin F. Guth Co.
Edwin L. Wiegand Co.
Egyptian Iron Works
Ehret Magnesia Mfg. Co.
Ehret Magnesia Mfg. Co.
Ehugh H. Eby
Eimsco Corp.
Eisler Engineering Co.
Elastic Stop Nut Corp. of America
Elaterite Paint & Mfg. Co.
Electornic Engineering Associates
Electra Mfg. Co.
Electric Arc Cutting & Welding Co.
Electric Auto-Lite Co.
Electric Door Corp.
Electric Dumbwaiters
Electric Furnace Co.
Electric Indicator Co.
Electric Materials Co.
Electric Railway Equipment Co.
Electric Railway Improvement Co.
Electric Rotary Machine Co.
Electric Service Supplies Co.
Electric Soldering Iron Co.
Electric Storage Battery Co.
Electric Tamper & Equipment Co.
Electric Wheel Co.
Electrical Engineering Co.
Electrical Industries
Electrical Material Co.
Electrical Reactance Corp.
Electrical Research Products
Electro Bleaching Gas Co.
Electro Chemical Supply & Engineering Co.
Electro Development Corp.
Electro Metallurgical Co.
Electro Products Laboratories
Electro-Acoustic Products Co.
Electro-Chemical Supply & Engineering Co.
Electro-Dynamic Co.
Electrolux Refrigerator Sales
Electronic Coils
Electronic Designs
Electronic Instrument Co.
Electronic Measurements Co.
Electronic Mechnaics
Electronic Transformer Co.
Electronic Tube Corp.
Electro-Seal Corp.
Electro-Tec Corp.
Elevator Code
Elevator Supplies Co.
Elgin A. Simonds Co.
Elgin Butter Tub Co.
Elgin Sales Corp.
Elgin Softener Corp.
Elgin Stove & Oven Co.
Elhide Co. Frank Elian & Co.
Elite Furniture Co.
Elite Mfg. Co.
Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co.
Elkhart Foundry & Machine Co.
Ellena Bros.
Elliot Frog & Switch Co.
Elliott Co.
Ellis & Ford Mfg. Co.
Ellison Bronze Co.
Ellsworth Haring
Elmer & Amend
Elmer E. Carr
Elmes Charles F. Engrg. Works
Elmes Engineering Works
Elmira Building Units
Elwell-Parker Electric Co.
Elyria Gas Power Co.
Emeloid Co.
Emerson & Cuming Co.
Emerson Electric Mfg. Co.
Emil Pick
Empire Case Goods Co.
Empire Chair Co.
Empire Furniture Co.
Empire Steel Partition Co.
Enameled Metals Co.
Energy Elevator Co.
Engels & Krudwig
Engineer Co.
Engineering Co.
English Tool & Supply Co.
Ensign-Bickford Co.
Enterprise Foundry & Machine Works
Enterprise Furniture Co., Inc.
Enterprise Oil Burner Co.
Enterprise Parlor Furniture Co.
En-Trout-Cas Co. (Syston)
Epworth Mfg. Co.
Equipment & Supply Co.
Equitable Asphalt Maintenance Co.
Equitable Powder Mfg. Co.
Eraser Co.
Ergolyte Mfg. Co.
Erick Electric Siren Co.
Erie Ball Engine Co.
Erie City Iron Works
Erie Machine Shops
Erie Patent Block Co.
Erie Pump & Equipment Co.
Erie Resistor Corp.
Erie Steam Shovel Co.
Erie Steel Construction Co.
Erikson Electric Co.
Ermold Co. Edward
Ernest Norrman Laboratories
Erskine Copper Radiator Corp.
Ertel Engineering Corp.
Essco Mfg. Co.
Essmueller Co.
Estate Stove Co.
Estey Manufacturing Co.
Etched Products Corp
Euclid Crane & Hoist Co.
Eugene Dietzgen Co.
Eureka Fire Hose
Evans Chemetics
Evans Elevator Equalizer Co.
Evans Scofield & Co.
Evansville Furniture Co.
Evansville Furniture Mfg. Association
Evansville Paint & Varnish Co.
Evansville Supply Co.
Everfast Window Cleaning Safety Device Co.
Everhot Mfg. Co.
Everlasting Valve Co.
Everson Filter Co.
Everwear Mfg. Co.
Evinrude Lawn-Boy Poer Mower
Exact Weight Scale Co.
Excel Metal Cabinet Co.
Excelsior Motor Mfg. & Supply Co.
Excelso Products Corp.
Excelso Products Corp. Div. of American Radiator & Standard Sanitary Corp.
Executone, Inc.
Exeter Machine Works
Extension Press
Exum Furniture Co.
Eynon-Evans Corp.
Eyrle Co.
F. B. Leopold Co.
F. Biernacki Furniture Co.
F. C. Sheldon Slate Co.
F. D. Cummer & Son Co.
F. E. Mayhew & Co.
F. E. Myers & Bro. Co.
F. G. Dickerson & Co.
F. H. Conants Sons
F. H. Lawson Co.
F. H. Woodruff & Sons
F. I. Raymond Co.
F. J. Burns & Co.
F. J. Kloes
F. J. Stokes Machine Co.
F. Korbel & Bros.
F. P. Smith Wire & Iron Works
F. R. Hormann Co.
F. Ritter & Co.
F. S. Payne Co.
F. W. Hanpeter Furniture Co.
F. W. Shepler Stove Co.
F. W. Stevens & Sons
F. W. Stewart Mfg. Corp.
F. W. Wakefield Brass Co.
Fabric Fire Hose Co.
Fairbanks Co.
Fairbanks Morse & Co.
Fairchild Camera & Instrument Corp.
Fairfacts Co.
Fairfacts Co., Inc.
Fairfield Engineering Co.
Fairmont Electric Service Co.
Fairmont Mining Machinery Co.
Fairmont Wall Plaster Co.
Falk Co.
Falk Corp.
Falls Clutch & Machinery Co.
Falstrom Co.
Fancher Furniture Co.
Farley & Loetscher Mfg. Co.
Farrar & Trefts, Inc.
Farrel Foundry & Machine Co.
Farrel-Birmingham Co.
Fate-Root-Heath Co.
Faucett-Umphrey Chair Co.
Faultless Caster Corp.
Fawcus Machine Co.
Fearless Dishwasher Co.
Fedders Mfg. Co., Inc.
Federal Electric Co.
Federal Flooring Co.
Federal Laboratories
Federal Machine & Welder Co.
Federal Meter Co.
Federal Mfg. & Engineering Corp.
Federal Screw Products
Federal Seaboard Terra Cotta Corp.
Federal Steel Sash Co.
Federal Telecommunication Laboratories
Federal Telephone & Radio Corp.
Federal-American Cement Tile Co.
Federated Purchaser
Felker Mfg. Co.
Fellows Gear Shaper Co.
Felters Co.
Felton Chemical Co.
Felton Chemical Co., Inc.
Fenske Bros.
Ferdinand Gutmann & Co.
Ferranti Electric
Ferrous Metals Corp.
Fetta Water Softener Co.
Fezandie & Sperrle
Fiat Metal Mfg. Co.
Fibre Pipe Co.
Fies & Fries, Inc
Figge Co.
Filtrine Mfg. Co.
Filtrol Corp.
Finch & Ostrander
Finishing Lime Assn. of Ohio
Finzer Bros. Clay Co.
Firecraft Corp.
Firecraft Door Co.
Firmenich & Co.
Fir-Tex Insulating Board Co.
Fischer & Hayes Rope & Steel Co.
Fisher Furnace Co.
Fisher Governor Co.
Fisher Mine Equipment Co.
Fish-Shurman Corp.
Fiske & Co.
Fiske Bros. Refining Co.
Fitch Recuperator Co.
Fitchburg Steam Engine Co.
Fitzgibbons Boiler Co.
Flanner Water-Tube Boiler Co.
Flax-li-num Insulating Co.
Fleming J. R. & Sons Co.
Fletcher Works
Fletcher Works, Inc.
Flexible Road Joint Machine Co.
Flexwood Co.
Flint & Walling Mfg. Co.
Flint Cinder Block & Products Co.
Flint Faience & Tile Co.
Flint Rock Stucco Co.
Flintkote Co.
Flock Process Co.
Flockhart Foundry Co.
Flood City Mfg. Co.
Floor Accessories Co.
Floorola Corp.
Florasynth Labs, Inc.
Florasynth Labs.
Florence Table & Mfg. Co.
Florentine Craftsmen
Flory S. Mfg. Co.
Flynn & Emrich Co.
Foamite-Childs Corp.
Folding Products Corp.
Foley Greenhouse Mfg. Co.
Follansbee Bros. Co.
Folwell-Ahlskog Co.
Fond du Lac School Supply Co.
Foote & Jenks
Foote Co.
Foote-Reynolds Co.
Ford Meter Box Co.
Ford Motor Co.
Ford Roofing Products Co.
Formica Insulation Co.
Forster Mfg. Co.
Forsyth Furniture Lines, Inc.
Fort Smith Chair Co.
Fort Smith Couch & Bedding Co.
Fort Smith Folding Bed & Table Co.
Fort Smith Furniture Manufacturers' Co.
Fort Wayne Engineering & Mfg. Co.
Foskett & Bishop Co.
Foster Bros. Mfg. Co.
Foster Engineering Co.
Foster Pump Works, Inc.
Foster Wheeler Corp.
Foundation Co.
Foundation Equipment Corp.
Fox Furnace Co. Div. of American Radiator & Standard Sanitary Corp.
Foxboro Co.
Fraco Mfg. Co.
France Packing Co.
Francis A. Bruner
Francis J. Booraem M. E.
Francis Keil & Son
Frank & Son, Inc.
Frank Adam Electric Co.
Frank Adams Electric Co.
Frank G. Hough Co.
Frank H. Thompson
Frank S. Betz Co.
Frank S. Harden Co.
Franklin Airloop Corp.
Franklin Furniture Co.
Franklin Pottery
Franklyn R. Muller
Franks Chemical Products Co.
Frank-Vliet Co.
Frazier Stair Co.
Fred G. Jones & Co.
Fred J. Ryan Co.
Fred K. Braby & Co.
Fred Medart Mfg. Co.
Fred Pearson & Co.
Fred S. Carver
Fred S. Carver, Inc.
Frederic Blank & Co.
Fredonia Products Corp.
Freed Transformer Co.
Freeman Mfg. Co.
French & Heald Co.
French & Italian Wine Co.
French Electric Co.
French Oil Mill Machinery Co.
Fretz-Moon Tube Co.
Fretz-Moon Tube Co.
Frick & Lindsay Co.
Fries & Co. George G.
Fries & Son Steel Construction & Engineering Co.
Frigidaire Corp.
Fritzsche Bros, Inc.
Fritzsche Bros.
Fromm & Sichel
Fruit Industries
Ft. Worth Steel & Machinery Co.
Fuchs & Co.
Fugle-Miller Laboratories
Fuller & McClintock
Fuller-Lehigh Co.
Fullerton Furniture Factories
Fullman Mfg. Co.
Fulmer Churchill Associates
Fulton Bag & Cotton Mills
Fulton Iron Works
Fulton Iron Works Co.
Fulton Sylphon Co.
Fulton Tool Works
Fulton-Kenova Mine Car Co.
Furnace Economy Co.
Furniture City Upholstery Co.
Furniture Shops
Furst Bros. & Co.
G & G Atlas Systems
G. Bagatta
G. Drouve Co.
G. E. Beck, Inc.
G. E. Walter
G. F. S. Zimmerman Co.
G. H. Elmore
G. H. Leland
G. H. Williams Co.
G. I. Sellers & Sons Co.
G. L. Simonds & Co.
G. L. Stuebner Iron Works
G. M. Davis & Son
G. M. Johnson Mfg. Co.
G. M. Ketcham Mfg. Corp.
G. S. Blakeslee & Co.
Gabriel Steel Co.
Galion Allsteel Body Co.
Galion Iron Works & Mfg. Co.
Galion Metallic Vault Co.
Galland-Henning Mfg. Co.
Galloway Terra Cotta Co.
Gambarelli & Davitto
Gamewell Co.
Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Co.
Gamon Meter Co.
Gane's Chemical Works
Gar Wood Boiler Div.
Gar Wood Industries
Garatti Winery
Garden City Plating & Mfg. Co.
Gardiner & Lewis
Gardner Mfg. Co.
Gardner-Denver Co.
Garey Reflectors Div. of Garden City Plating & Mfg. Co.
Garford Motor Truck Co.
Garland Block & Sand Co.
Garland Mfg. Co.
Garlock Packing Co.
Garratt-Callahan Co.
Gas Engine & Power Co. & Charles L. Seabury Co.
Gas Machinery Co.
Gaso Pump & Burner Mfg. Co.
Gasway Corp.
Gates Reversible Window Co.
Gaylord Bros.
Gee Electric Co.
Gehnrich Oven Div.
Gem Mfg. Co.
General American Transportation Corp.
General Bronze Corp.
General Cellulose Co., Inc.
General Ceramics & Steatite Corp.
General Ceramics Co.
General Concrete Construction Co.
General Drug Co.
General Electric Co.
General Electric X-Ray Corp.
General Electronics
General Engineering & Mfg. Co.
General Excavator Co.
General Explosives Co.
General Fireproofing Co.
General Insulating & Mfg. Co.
General Kontrolar Co.
General Mill Equipment Co.
General Motors Corp.
General Motors Truck Co.
General Percelain Enameling & Mfg. Co.
General Plastics
General Plate Div.
General Precision Laboratory
General Radio Co.
General Refrigeration Co.
General Refrigeration Sales Co.
General Regulator Corp.
General Sheet Metal Works
Geo. L. Claflin Co.
Geo. Rackle & Sons Co.
Geo. Schmitt & Co., Inc.
Geo. T. Ladd Co.
Geo. T. McLauthlin Co.
Geo. W. Johnson Mfg. Co.
George A. Johnson
George B. Limbert & Co.
George C. Borthig Co.
George C. Brown & Co.
George C. Mages Co.
George D. Whitcomb Co.
George Haiss Mfg. Co.
George J. Hagan Co.
George Lester Wilkins
George Lueders & Co.
George Mepham Co.
George Spindler Co.
George V. Pettigrew Co.
George W. Blabon Co.
George W. Borg Corp.
George W. Zeigler Machinery Co.
George Walker Co.
George Windeler & Co.
Georgia Marble Co.
Gerson-Stewart Corp.
Gettysburg Furniture Co.
Getz Exterminators
Giant Furniture Co.
Gibson Wine Co.
Gifford-Wood Co.
Gifford-Wood Co. C. W. Hunt Div.
Gilbert & Barker Mfg. Co.
Gilby Wire Co.
Giles Drilling Co.
Gillinder Bros.
Gillis & Geoghegan
Girtanner-Daviess Co.
Gits Bros. Mfg. Co.
Givaudan-Delawanna, Inc.
Glascote Co.
Glaser Lead Co.
Glaser-Steers Corp.
Glasgow Iron Co.
Glass Containers
Gleason-Tiebout Glass Co.
Gledhill Road Machinery Co.
Glendon A. Richards Co.
Globe Parlor Furniture Co.
Globe Stainless Tubes Co.
Globe Steel Tubes Co.
Globe Ventilator Co.
Globe Woven Belting Co.
Globe-Bosse-World Furniture Co.
Globe-Wernicke Co.
Glyco Products Co.
Glynn-Johnson Corp.
G-M Laboratories
Gobelin Textile Co., Inc.
Goder Incinerator Corp.
Goetz Gasket & Packing Co.
Goetz Gasket & Packing Co.
Goetze Gasket & Packing Co.
Goheen Corp. of N. J.
Gold Medal Camp Furniture Mfg. Co.
Golden State Sales Corp.
Golden-anderson Valve Specialty Co.
Good Furniture Magazine
Good Roads Machinery Co.
Goodall Rubber Co.
Goodenow Incinerator Mfg. Co.
Goodin Reid & Co.
Goodman Mfg. Co.
Gordon Hanover Press
Gorham Co.
Gould Storage Battery Co.
Goulds Mfg. Co.
Goulds Pumps
Goulds Pumps, Inc.
Goyne Steam Pump Co.
Gramer Transformer Corp.
Grand Rapids Bedding Co.
Grand Rapids Bookcase & Chair Co.
Grand Rapids Chair Co.
Grand Rapids Furniture Co.
Grand Rapids Market Association
Grand Rapids Upholstering Co.
Granite City Steel Co.
Granite Mfrs. Assn. of Mount Airy
Granite Paving Block Mfrs. Assn.
Granite Railway Co.
Grant Elevator Equipment Corp.
Grant Pulley & Hardware Co.
Graphite Metallizing Corp.
Grasselli Chemical Co.
Grasselli Powder Co.
Graton & Knight Mfg. Co.
Graver Corp.
Graver Tank & Mfg. Co., Inc.
Gray Research & Development Co.
Graybar Electric Co.
Great Western Mfg. Co.
Green Bag Cement Co.
Green Engineering Co.
Green Fuel Economizer Co.
Green Fuel Economizer Co., Inc.
Green Instrument Co.
Greene Bros.
Greene Tweed & Co.
Greening Landscape Co.
Greening Nursery Co.
Greenlee Bros. & Co.
Gregg Publishing Co.
Gregory Electric Co.
Greilick Manufacturing Co.
Grenci & Ellis
Grid Flat Slab Corp.
Grier Bros. Co.
Grieve-Hendry Co.
Griffin Engineering Co.
Griffith Furniture Works
Grigor-Heyman Corp.
Grinnell Co.
Grinnell Co., Inc.
Griscom-Russell Co.
Griswold Safety Signal Co.
Groen Mfg. Co.
Gross Metal Products Co.
Gruendler Crusher & Pulverizer Co.
Gruendler Patent Crusher & Pulverizer Co.
Guardian Electric Mfg. Co.
Gulf Publishing Co.
Gulf Red Cypress Co.
Gulf Refining Co.
Gulick-Henderson Co.
Gumwood Service Bureau
Gunite Concrete & Construction Co.
Gunn Furniture Co.
Gurley Pump & Mfg. Co.
Gurney Ball Bearing Co.
Gustafson Mfg. Co.
Guy A. Reed
Guy C. Foster
Gwilliam Co.
Gwynn Gas Burner & Engineering Co.
Gy-A-Liner Mfg. Co.
H. & L. Tooth Co.
H. A. Brassert & Co.
H. A. Matot
H. A. Thrush & Co.
H. B. Fred Kuhls
H. B. Hunter Co.
H. B. Ives Co.
H. B. Sherman Mfg. Co.
H. B. Smith Co.
H. Bloomsburg & Co.
H. Cross Co.
H. D. Conkey & Co.
H. E. Fletcher Co.
H. E. Shaw Furniture Co.
H. F. Staples & Co.
H. F. Watson Mills
H. H. Robertson Co.
H. H. Rosenthal Co.
H. H. W. Bergmann & Co.
H. J. Baker & Bro.
H. J. M. Howard Mfg. Co.
H. K. Porter
H. K. Porter Co.
H. Kohnstamm & Co.
H. Kohnstamm & Co., Inc.
H. L. Dalis
H. L. Judd Co.
H. L. Judd Co.
H. Lauter Co.
H. M. Reynolds Shingle Co.
H. S. B. W-Cochrane Corp.
H. V. Bright
H. W. Baker Linen Co.
H. W. Caldwell & Son Co.
H. W. Clark Co.
H. W. Covert Co.
H. W. Keebler Mfg. Co.
H. W. Wilson Co.
H. Wagner & Adler Co.
H. Y. Carson Co.
H. Z. Mallen & Co.
Habitant Shops
Hachmeister-Lind Co.
Haden Lime Co.
Hadfield-Penfield Steel Co.
Haese Electric Co.
Haggard & Marcusson Co.
Hagstrom Mfg. Co.
Halcomb Steel Co.
Hale Fire Pump Co.
Hall & Lyon Furniture Co.
Hall-Hodges Co.
Hall-Neal Furnace Co.
Halsey W. Taylor Co.
Hamill R. H. Co.
Hamilton Alexander Institute
Hamilton Mfg. Co.
Hamlin Cement Products
Hanley Co.
Hannahs Mfg. Co.
Hanover Cabinet Co.
Hanovia Chemical & Mfg. Co.
Hanson Clock Co., Inc.
Hanson-Van Winkle-Munning Co.
Harbison-Walker Refractories Co.
Hardie-Tynes Mfg. Co.
Hardinge Co.
Hardinge Co., Inc.
Hardsocg Martin Co.
Hardsocg Mfg. Co.
Hardsocg Wonder Drill Co.
Hardwick & Magee Co.
Hardwood Manufacturers' Institute
Hardwood Products Corp.
Harker Mfg. Co.
Harlein Products, Inc.
Harley-Davidson Motor Co.
Harmain Engineers
Harnett Electric Corp.
Harnischfeger Corp.
Harold K. Jones Co.
Harper Furniture Co.
Harriman Foundry & Machine Works
Harrington & King Perforating Co.
Harris Bentley Mfg. Co.
Harris Granite Quarries Co.
Harris Mfg. Co.
Harris Pump & Supply Co.
Harrisburg Building Block Co.
Harrison Granite Co.
Harrison John Corp.
Harrison Radio Corp.
Harrison Safety Boiler Works
Harriton Carved Glass
Harry L. Friend Co.
Hart & Cooley Co.
Hart & Cooley Mfg. Co.
Hart & Hutchinson Co.
Hart-Carter Co.
Hartford Cinder Block Co.
Hartford Fire Insurance Co.
Hartmann-Sanders Co.
Harvey Hubbell
Harvey Hubbell, Inc.
Harvey R. Pierce Co.
Harvey Radio Co.
Harwood Beebe Co.
Hasbrouck Co.
Hasbrouck Flooring Co.
Haskelite Mfg. Corp.
Haslett Chute & Conveyor Co.
Hastings Pavement Co.
Hastings Table Co.
Hauck Mfg. Co.
Hauser-Stander Tank Co.
Hausman & Wimmer Co.
Hausman Steel Co.
Haven-Busch Co.
Hawkins-Paulson Co.
Hawthorne Roofing Tile Co.
Haydite Mfrs.’ Assn.
Haydon Mfg. Co.
Haydu Bros.
Hays Corp.
Hays Mfg. Co.
Hayward Co.
Haywood Tag Co.
Hazard Mfg. Co.
Hazard Wire Rope Div. American Chain & Cable Co.
Hazel-Atlas Glass Co.
Headley Emulsified Products Co.
Headley Good Roads Co.
Health-Air Div. of Economy Baler Co.
Healy-Ruff Co.
Heath Co.
Heatilator Co.
Hebenstreit & Bartelt Co.
Hedges-Walsh-Weidner Co.
Heer Engine Co.
Heil Co.
Heil Engineering Co.
Heiland Research Corp.
Heine Boiler Co.
Heine Chimney & Construction Co.
Heine Safety Boiler Works
Heinemann Electric Co.
Heintz Mfg. Co.
Heinze Electric Co.
Heisler Locomotive Works
Hekman Furniture Co.
Heldor Mfg. Co.
Helipot Corp.
Hellam Furniture Co.
Helmick Foundry-Machine Co.
Heltzel Steel Form & Iron Co.
Heminway & Bartlett Mfg. Co.
Henderson Bros.
Hendrick Mfg. Co.
Henkel “Edge-Lite” Corp.
Henry B. Lust
Henry Bower Chemical Mfg. Co.
Henry C. Steul & Sons, Inc.
Henry Cole Co.
Henry Furnace & Foundry Co.
Henry G. Thompson & Son Co.
Henry Heyer & Son
Henry J. Landolt’s Sons
Henry Klein & Co.
Henry L. Crowley & Co.
Henry L. Doherty & Co.
Henry R. Worthington
Henry Schmidt Furniture Co.
Henry Weis Mfg. Co.
Henry Weis Mfg. Co., Inc.
Henszey Co.
Heppner Mfg. Co.
Herbert Morris
Hercules Filter Corp.
Hercules Motors Corp.
Hercules Powder Co.
Herman L. Winterer
Herman Miller Furniture Co.
Herman Nelson Corp.
Herman Nelson Div.
Herman Soellner
Hermaseal Co.
Hermetic Seal Products Co.
Herring-Hall-Marvin Safe Co.
Hersey Mfg. Co.
Hersh Bros. & Co.
Herwig Co.
Herz Bed Co.
Hess Warming & Ventilating Co.
Hess-Bright Mfg. Co.
Hetzel Roofing Products Co.
Hewes & Phillips Iron Works
Hewlett-Packard Co.
Heyden Chemical Corp.
Heyl & Patterson
Heyman Mfg. Co.
Hibriten Furniture Co.
Hickok Electrical Instrument Co.
Higgin Mfg. Co.
Highland Body Co.
Highland Chemical Products Co.
Highland Engineering Co.
Highland-Western Glass Co.
Highway Equipment Co.
Hild Floor Machine Co.
Hill Clutch Co.
Hill Laundry Equipment Co.
Hill Pump Valve Co.
Hillburn Electronic Products
Hills-McCanna Co.
Hill-Standard Co.
Hillyard Chemical Co.
Himmel Bros. Co.
Hind & Harrison Plush Co.
Hitchings & Co.
Hi-Test Chemical Corp.
Hoar Shovel Agency
Hoar Shovel Co.
Hobart Mfg. Co.
Hobson Bros.
Hockensmith Wheel & Mine Car Co.
Hoffman & Billings Mfg. Co.
Hoffman Bros.
Hoffman Combustion Engineering Co.
Hoffman Combustion Engrg. Co.
Hoffman Specialty Co.
Hoffman-La Roche
Hoggson & Pettis Mfg. Co.
Holcroft & Co.
Holland Furnace Co.
Holland Furniture Co.
Hollatz Bros. Co.
Hollow Building Tile Association
Hollywood Building Block Co.
Holmes Disappearing Bed Co.
Holmes Robert & Bros.
Holophane Co.
Holophane Co.
Holophane Glass Co.
Holt Mfg. Co.
Holt Mfg. Co.
Holtzer-Cabot Electric Co.
Holyoke Heater Co.
Holyoke Machine Co.
Homasote Co.
Homestead Valve Mfg. Co.
Honan-Crane Corp.
Honhorst Joseph Co.
Hood River Distillers
Hood Rubber Co.
Hood Rubber Co., Inc.
Hooker-Bassett Furniture Co., Inc.
Hoosier Asphalt Co.
Hoosier Building Tile & Silo Co.
Hoosier Manufacturing Co.
Hoosier Mfg. Co.
Hooten Chocolate Co.
Hooven Owens Rentschler Co.
Hooven-Owens-Rentschler Co.
Horix Mfg. Co.
Horn Folding Partition Co.
Horne-Ash Machinery Co.
Hose Accessories Co.
Hoskins Mfg. Co.
Hotchkiss Steel Products Co.
Hotstream Heater Co.
Hough Shade Corp.
House of Art
Housing Co.
Houston Stanwood & Gamble Co.
Howard B. Cinch Mfg. Corp.
Howard B. Payne
Howard K. Bell
Howard Wheat & Flour Testing Laboratories
Howell Electric Motors Co.
Howells Mining Drill Co.
Howie Co.
Hoyt Hardlead Products Div.
Hubbard & Co.
Hubbard, Eldredge & Miller, Inc.
Huber Mfg. Co.
Hudson Fireproof Block Co.
Hudson Sharp Machine Co.
Hudson Wire Co.
Huetteman & Cramer Co.
Hughes Bros.
Hughes-Keenan Co.
Hulburt Oil & Grease Co.
Hulson Grate Co.
Hummel & Downing
Humphrey Brick & Tile Co.
Humphryes Mfg. Co.
Hunt Corp.
Hunter Pressed Steel Co.
Hunt-Helm-Ferris & Co.
Huntington Laboratories
Hurd Lumber & Woodwork Co.
Huston-Cannonsburg Cinder Co.
Huttig Mfg. Co.
Hyatt Roller Bearing Co.
Hycon Mfg. Co.
Hyde-Murphy Co.
Hydraulic Hoist Mfg. Co.
Hydraulic Press Mfg. Co.
Hydraulic-Press Brick Co.
Hydrolithic Waterproofing Co.
Hydroseal Waterproofing Co.
Hygienic Fibre Co.
Hygrade Sylvania Corp.
Hynes Electric Heating Co.
Hy-Test Cement Co.
I. B. Williams & Sons
I. F. Schnier Co.
I. L. Mitchell & Co.
I. P. Callison & Sons
I. P. Morris Co.
I. T. Verdin Co.
Ideal Cabinet Corp. Div. of Deslauriers Metal Products Co.
Ideal Cement Stone Co.
Ideal Commutator Dresser Co.
Ideal Concrete Machinery Co.
Ideal Hanger Co.
Ideal Opening Die Co.
Ideal Power Lawn Mower Co.
Ideal Rubber Co.
Ideal Tool & Mfg. Co.
Ideal Ventilator Co.
Idis Chocolate Co.
Ilg Electric Ventilating Co.
Illinois Bronze & Iron Works
Illinois Cinder Block Co.
Illinois Condenser Co.
Illinois Malleable Iron Co.
Illinois Powder Mfg. Co.
Illinois Refrigerator Co.
Illinois Shade Cloth Corp.
Illinois Stoker Co.
Illinois Testing Laboratories
Imperial Brass Mfg. Co.
Improved Office Partition Co.
Improved Seamless Wire Co.
Inca Mfg. Div. Phelps-Dodge Copper Products Corp.
Inclinator Co. of America
Independent Concrete Pipe Co.
Independent Lock Co.
Independent Pneumatic Tool Co.
Independent Register & Mfg. Co.
Indestructo Glass Corp.
Indian Motorcycle Co.
Indiana Foundry Co.
Indiana Limestone Co.
Indiana Rubber & Insulated Wire Co.
Indiana Steel Products Co.
Individual Drinking Cup Co.
Induction Heating Corp.
Inductograph Products
Industrial Brownhoist Corp.
Industrial Chemical Sales Div. West Virginia Pulp & Paper Co.
Industrial Control Co.
Industrial Electronics
Industrial Filter & Pump Mfg. Co.
Industrial Hardware Mfg. Co.
Industrial Oven Engineering Co.
Industrial Steels, Inc.
Industrial Works
Inferno Co.
Infilco Inc.
Ingersoll Steel & Disc Div.
Ingersoll-Rand Co.
Inglenook Vineyard Co.
Ingram-Richardson Mfg. Co.
Inland Alkaloid Co.
Inland Glass Works
Inland Steel Co.
Inman Tank Pipe & Crossarm Co.
Innis Speiden & Co.
Insl-X Co.
Instrument Resistors Co.
Instrument Specialties Co.
Insulite Co.
Insurance Credit System Co.
Interflash Signal Corp.
Interlock Flashing Corp.
International Art Foundries
International Business Machines Corp.
International Casement Co.
International Conveyor Corp.
International Filter Co.
International Harvester Co. of America
International Instruments
International Motor Co.
International Nickel Co.
International Nickel Co.
International Projector Corp.
International Resistance Co.
International Steam Pump Co.
International Store Front Co.
International Time Recording Co. Div. of International Business Machines Corp.
Interstate Color Co.
Interstate Equipment Corp.
Interstate Shade Cloth Co.
Invincible Vacuum Cleaner Mfg. Co.
Invincible Weather Guard Co.
Iowa Valve Co.
Iron City Electric Co.
Iron Fireman Mfg. Co.
Ironclay Brick Co.
Ironsides Co.
Ironton Engine Co.
Irving Hamlin
Irving Iron Works Co.
Irving Subway Grating Co., Inc.
Irvington Varnish & Insulator Co.
Irwin Foundry & Mine Car Co.
Isaac C. Decker, Inc.
Italian & French Wine Co.
Italian Swiss Colony
I-T-E Circuit Breaker Co.
Ivers-Lee Co.
J. & W. Jolly
J. A. Samuel & Co.
J. B. Ehrsam & Sons Mfg. Co.
J. B. Ford Co.
J. B. Sedberry
J. C. Budding Co.
J. C. Deagan
J. C. Deagan, Inc.
J. C. Millet Co.
J. D. Adams & Co.
J. D. Adams Mfg. Co.
J. D. Sargent Granite Co.
J. E. Baker
J. E. Bauer Co.
J. E. Burke Co.
J. E. Lonergan Co.
J. E. Rilling Co.
J. F. Weinheimer
J. G. Braun
J. G. Robinson
J. G. Wilson Corp.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware Co.
J. H. Balmer Co.
J. H. Bunnell & Co.
J. H. Gwathmay
J. H. McCormick & Co.
J. H. Parker
J. H. Williams & Co.
J. I. Holcomb Mfg. Co.
J. L. Gleason & Co., Inc.
J. L. Witz Furniture Corp.
J. L.Ferguson Co.
J. M. Dodge Co.
J. M. Ney Co.
J. Merrill Richards
J. Oliver Johnson, Inc.
J. Olney Dean & Co.
J. P. Devine Co.
J. P. Devine Mfg. Co., Inc.
J. P. Eustis Mfg. Co.
J. P. Horn & Co.
J. R. Alsing Engineering Co.
J. R. Richards
J. S. Heath Co.
J. S. Latta
J. S. Mundy Hoisting Engine Co.
J. S. Swingle
J. S. Thorn Co.
J. T. Baker Chemical Co.
J. W. Doyle Co.
J. W. Fiske Iron Works
J. W. Gillis Co.
J. W. Greer Co.
Jackson Byron Co.
Jackson Vibrators
Jacobsen & Schraeder
Jacobsen Mfg. Co.
Jacobson Mantel & Ornament Co.
Jacques Wolf & Co.
Jaeger Machine Co.
Jaeger Portable Machinery Co.
James B. Clow & Sons
James B. Horner & Co.
James G. Biddle Co.
James H. Channon Mfg. Co.
James Knights Co.
James L. Shreffler
James Lumber Co.
James McKinney & Son
James P. Marsh Corp.
Jamestone Metal Desk Co.
Jamestown Block & Tile Co.
Jamestown Chair Co.
Jamestown Furniture Market Association
Jamestown Lounge Co.
Jamestown Metal Equipment Co.  
Jamestown Screen & Mfg. Co.
Jamestown Upholstery Co.
Jamison Cold Storage Door Co.
Janes & Kirtland
Jarecki Mfg. Co.
Jas. H. Matthews & Co.
Jas. P. Marsh & Co.
J-B-T Instruments
Jeffers Electronics
Jefferson Union Co.
Jeffrey Mfg. Co.
Jenkins Bros.
Jennings Funriture Co.
Jennings Radio Mfg. Co.
Jennings Sanitary Milk Bottle Co.
Jennison-Wright Co.
Jensen Mills
Jerguson Gage & Valve Co.
Jesse Allen Lime Co.
Jewell Belting Co.
Jewitt Refrigerator Co.
JFD Mfg Co.
Jiffy Mfg. Co.
Jno Williams
Joanna Mills
Joerns Bros. Furniture Co.
John & E. Sturge
John & James Dobson, Inc.
John A. Roebling's Sons Co.
John A. Williar
John Bardenheir Wine & Liquor Co.
John Bean Div.
John Boyle & Co.
John C. Smith Hoe & Tool Co.
John C. Wiarda & Co.
John D. Emack Co.
John E. Fast & Co.
John E. Lingo & Son
John E. Lingo & Sons
John E. Smith's Sons Co.
John Eichleay Jr. Co.
John F. Abernathy & Co.
John H. Carlin Machine Co.
John H. McGowan Co.
John Harsch Bronze & Foundry Co.
John Henry Stores, Inc.
John J. Baffa
John J. Deery Co.
John J. Madden Mfg. Co.
John J. Nesbitt
John J. Nesbitt
John J. Wise & Co.-
John L. Goss Corp.
John Lucas & Co.
John M. Anderson
John Mohr & Sons
John Nooter Boiler works Co.
John O'Brien Boiler Works Co.
John Oster Mfg. Co.
John Poole
John Powell & Co.
John Robertson Co.
John Sexton & Co.
John Sheffman
John Simmons Co.
John Swenson Granite Co.
John T. Swanson Co.
John Thomas Batts
John Volkert Metal Stampings
John W. Ayers & Sons
John W. Kiesling & Son
John Widdicomb Co.
John Wiley & Sons
John Wood Mfg. Co.
John Zimmermann & Sons, Inc.
Johnson & Hoffman
Johnson & Johnson
Johnson Bronze Co.
Johnson Carlyle Machine Co.
Johnson Corp.
Johnson Fan & Blower Co.
Johnson Furniture Co.
Johnson Metal Products Co.
Johnson Service Co.
Johnson-Handley-Johnson Co.
Johns-Pratt Co.
Johnston & Jennings Co.
Johnston-Morehouse-Dickey Co.
Joint Equipment Compnay
Jointite Co.
Jones & Lamson Machine Co.
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp.
Jones Incinerator Co.
Jones-Hettelsater Construction Co.
Jos. E. Kiesler Co.
Josam Mfg. Co.
Joseph A. Vogel Co.
Joseph Bancroft & Sons Co.
Joseph Dixon Crucible Co.
Joseph Harrington Co.
Joseph P. Lynch Sales Co.
Joseph T. Ryerson & Son
Joseph T. Ryerson & Son
Joy Machine Co.
Joy Mfg. Co.
Joyce-Cridland Co.
Judelson Dryer Corp.
Judy Mfg. Co.
Julian D'Este Co.
Julius Blum & Co.
Juniata Reconstruction Stone Co.
Jurden Penrod & Clark Co.
Justrite Mfg. Co.
K .H. Huppert Co.
K. Arakelian
K. I. Willis Corp.
K. Nicholson Furniture Co.
K. P. L. Furniture & Bldg. Co., Inc.
Kahle Engineering Co.
Kahn Products Corp.
Kalamazoo Tank & Silo Co.
Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Co.
Kalman Steel Co.
Kanawha Mfg. Co.
Kane Mfg. Co.
Kansas City Furniture Mfg. Co.
Kaplan Furniture Co.
Karp Metal Products Co.
Kaustine Co.
Kaustine Co., Inc.
Kawneer Co.
Kay Electric Co.
Kay-Fries Chemicals
K-B Pulverizer Co.
Keagler Brick Co.
Keasbey & Mattison Co.
Ke-Bond Co.
Keely & Jones Co.
Keep Bros.
Kehr Paper Products Corp.
Keithley Instruments
Kelite Products
Keller Products
Kelley Island Lime & Transport Co.
Kellogg Switchboard & Supply Co.
Kelly & Jones Co.
Kelton Cosmetic Co.
Kelvinator Corp.
Kelvinator Sales Corp.
Kemitex Products Co.
Kennedy Valve & Mfg. Co.
Kennedy Valve Mfg. Co.
Kennedy Webster Electric Co.
Kennedy-McCandless Corp.
Kennedy-Stroh Corp.
Kennedy-Van Saun Mfg. & Eng. Corp.
Kennicott Co.
Kent-Costikyan Trading Co., Inc.
Kentucky Rock Asphalt Co.
Kentucky Rock Asphalt Co.
Kentucky Wagon Mfg. Co.
Kenwood Bridge Co.
Kenyon Transformer Co.
Kepco Laboratories
Kerlow Steel Flooring Co.
Kernchen Co.
Kerner Incinerator Co.
Kerr Machinery & Supply Co.
Kerr Turbine Co.
Kester Electric Co.
Kester Solder Co.
Kewanee Machinery & Conveyor Co.
Kewanee Mfg. Co.
Kewanee Private Utilities Co.
Key Boiler Equipment Co.
Keystone Asphalt Products Co.
Keystone Cabinet Co.
Keystone Carbon Co.
Keystone Diamond Drilling Co.
Keystone Driller Co.
Keystone Electric & Mfg. Co.
Keystone Gypsum Fireproofing Corp.
Keystone Lubricating Co.
Keystone Metal Specialties Co.
Keystone Table Co., Inc.
Kiefer Machine Co. Karl
Kiel Furniture Co.
Kieley & Mueller
Kieley & Mueller, Inc.
Kilbourne & Jacobs Mfg. Co.
Kilby Frog & Switch Co.
Kimball Bros. Co.
Kimble Glass Co.
Kindel Furniture Co.
King Construction Co.
King Laboratories
King Machine Tool Co.
King Mfg. Co.
King-Haase Furniture Co.
Kings Electronics
Kings Microwave Co.
King-Seeley Corp.
Kinnear Mfg. Co.
Kinney Mfg. Co.
Kirk & Blum Mfg. Co.
Kisco Boiler & Engineering Co.
Kittinger Co., Inc.
Kittredge Quarries
Klamer Furniture Corp.
Klauer Mfg. Co.
Kleen-Kap Corp.
Kleistone Rubber Co.
Klemm Reflector Co.
Kliegl Bros.
Klingsbury Machine Works
Klise Mfg. Co.
K-M Supply Co.
Knape & Vogt Mfg. Co.
Knapp & Tubbs, Inc.
Knapp Bros. Mfg. Co.
Knowles Mushroom Ventilator Co.
Knox Glass Associates
Knoxville Table & Chair Co.
Kobzy Tool Co.
Koehler Mfg. Co.
Koehring Co.
Kohler Co.
Kold-Hold Mfg. Co.
Kollsman Instrument Corp.
Kompak Co.
Kompolite Co.
Kopp glass
Koppel Industrial Car & Equipment Co.
Koppers Co.
Koppers Products Co.
Korb-Pettit Wire Fabrics & Iron Works
Korb-Pettit Wire Fabrics & Iron Works, Inc.
Korfund Co.
Kosmos Portland Cement Co.
Kraftile Co.
Kraissl Co.
Kramer Mfg. Co.
Krebs, Stengel & Co.
Krenz  Oscar
Kroehler Mfg. Co.
Krohn-Hite Instrument Co.
Kron Co.
Kropp Forge Aviation Div.
Kropp Forge Co.
Krug Winery Charles
Kuhlman Electric Co.
Kuhlmann Metal Weather Strip Co.
Kulka Electric Mfg. Co.
Kurman Electric Co.
Kurtz Bros.
Kux Machine Co.
Kwik-Mix Concrete Mixer Co.
L & J Press Corp.
L .N. Renault & Sons
L. & J. G. Stickley
L. A. Green
L. B. Foster Co.
L. Burmeister Co.
L. C. Chase & Co.
L. Del Tuurco & Bros.
L. H. Butcher Co.
L. J. Bour Refractories Co.
L. J. Buck
L. J. Mueller Furnace Co.
L. J. Wing Mfg. Co.
L. Luchini & Son
L. O. Koven & Brother
L. Sonneborn Sons
L. Sonneborn Sons
L. T. Smith
La Crosse Trailer Corp.
La Favorite Rubber Mfg. Co.
La Luz Products Co.
La Salle Wines of California
LaBour Co., Inc.
Laclede-Christy Clay Products Co.
Laidlaw-Dunn Gordon Co.
Lake Shore Engine Works
Lake Superior Loader Co.
Lakeside Craft Shops
Lakso Co.
Lally Column Co.
Lambda Electronics Corp.
Lambert Hoisting Engine Co.
Lambin & Carver
Lamella Roof Syndicate
Lammert & Mann Co.
Lamont, Corliss & Co.
Lampkin Laboratories
Lamson Co.
Lancaster Concrete Mixer Co.
Lancaster Concrete Tile Co.
Landau Cabinet Co.
Landi Tool Co.
Landis & Gyr  Dept. of Magnetic Clock Co.
Landstrom, Inc.
Lane Co., Inc.
Langevin Mfg. Corp.
LaPointe-Plascomold Corp.
Larkmead Vineyards
Lassahn Furniture Co.
Lastik Products Co.
Latchford-Marble Glass Co.
Lathrop-Hoge Gypsum Construction Co.
Laubenstein Mfg. Co.
Lautier Fils
Lavoie Laboratories
Lawrence Bros.
Lawrence Pump & Engine Co.
Lawrence Pump and Engine Co.
Lawton-Stephens Co.
Layne & Bowler Co.
Le Roi Co.
Le Valley-Vitae Carbon Brush Co.
Lead Coating Div. of Boston Galvanizing Works
Leader Boiler & Heater Co.
Leadite Co.
Leadite Co., Inc.
Leavitt Machine Co.
Lebanon Boiler Works
Lebanon Steel Foundry
Lee Metal Products Co.
Lee Spring Co.
Lee Trailor & Body Co.
Leeben Chemical Co.
Leeds & Northrup Co.
Leetonia Tool Co.
Lehman Sprayshield Co.
Lehon Co.
Leitch Mfg. Co.
Leland Electric Co.
Lenkurt Electric Co.
Lentz Table Co.
Lenz Electric Mfg. Co.
Leonard Refrigerator Co.
Leonard-Rooke Co.
Lepel High Frequency Laboratories
Leroi Furniture Mfg. Co.
Leschen A. & Sons Rope Co.
Level Furniture Co.
Levin Bros., Inc.
Lewis Asphalt Engineering Corp.
Lewis Spring & Mfg. Co.
Lewisburg Chair Corp.
Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Co.
Lidgerwood Mfg. Co.
Light Railway Equipment Co.
Lily-Tulip Cup Corp.
Lima Armature Works
Lima Electro Motor Co.
Lima Locomotive Works
Limestone Products Corp. of America
Lincoln Electric Co.
Lincoln Furniture Mfg. Co., Inc.
Lincoln Steel & Forge Co.
Lincoln-Schlueter Floor Machinery Co.
Lincoln-Schlueter Machinery Co.
Lindberg Engineering Co.
Linde Air Products Co.
Link Belt Co.
Link-Belt Co.
Linoleum Specialties Corp.
Lionel Vallas
Liquid Carbonic Corp.
Liquidometer Corp.
Liston-Folb Instrument Co.
Litchfield Foundry & Machine Co.
Lithaloys Corp.
Lithoprint Co. of New York
Little Giant Co.
Little Giant Mfg. Co.
Little Red Wagon Mfg. Co.
Littleford Bros.
Littleford Bros.
Lobdell Car Wheel Co.
Lock Joint Pipe Co.
Lockport Paper Co.
Lock-Steel Co.
Lockstrip Mfg. Corp.
Logan Co.
Logan Engineering Co.
Logan-Long Co.
Logansport Machine
Lojack Precision Corp.
Lombard Governor Co.
Long & Allstatter Co.
Loomis-Manning Filter Distributing Co.
Lord & Burnham Co.
Lord Mfg. Co.
Louden Machinery Co.
Louis F. Nafis
Louis P. Booz
Louis Roesch Co.
Louisville Cement Co.
Louisville Cement Co., Inc.
Louisville Chair & Furniture Co.
Louisville Drying Machinery Co., Inc.
Louisville Frog & Switch Co.
Louthan Mfg. Co.
Lovejoy Flexible Coupling Co.
Lowell Insulated Wire Co.
Lowell Wrench Co.
Lubriplate Div.
Luce Furniture Shops
Ludlow Valve Mfg. Co.
Ludlum Steel Co.
Ludowici-Celadon Co.
Lueders & Co. George
Luger Furniture Co.
Luitwieler Pumping Engine Co.
Lukens Iron & Steel Co.
Lukko Sales Corp.
Lumen Bearing Co.
Lummus Co.
Lundell-Eckberg Mfg. Co.
Lundey Associates
Lunkenheimer Co.
Lurie Products
Lusteroid Container Co.
Lycoming Mfg. Co.
Lycoming Upholstering Co.
Lyle Culvert & Road Equipment Co.
Lynch Package Machinery Corp.
Lyon Metal Products
Lyon Metal Products, Inc.
M. A. Ferst, Ltd.
M. C. Benham
M. C. Jones Electronics Co.
M. C. Rosenblatt
M. D. Knowlton Co.
M. H. Detrick Co.
M. H. Rogers, Inc.
M. J. Merkin Paint Co.
M. J. Whittall Associates
M. K. Frank
M. N. Cartier & Sons Co.
M. R. Lane & Sons
M. Rebizzo & Co.
M. W. Kellogg Co.
M. W. Parsons Imports
Macallen Co.
MacArthur Concrete Pile Corp.
Macbeth-Evans Glass Co.
Machine Tool Elements
Machinery & Equipment Co.
Machlett Laboratories
Mack Trucks
Macomber Steel Co.
Macotta Mfrs. Assn.
Macwhyte Co.
Madera Wineries & Distilleries
Magnesia Association of America
Magnesite Products Co.
Magnesium Div. Dow Chemical Co.
Magnetic Amplifiers
Magnetic Changeable Sign Co.
Magnetic Clock Co.
Magnetic Core Corp.
Magnetic Mfg. Co.
Magnolia Metal Co.
Magnus Chemical Co.
Magnus Mabee & Reynard
Magnus, Mabee & Reynard, Inc.
Main Belting Co.
Maine & New Hampshire Granite Corp.
Maizewood Products Corp.
Majestic Co.
Majestic Steel Cabinet Co.
Malco Tool & Mfg. Co.
Malcolmson Engineering & Machine Corp.
Mall Tool Co.
Malleable Iron Fittings Co.
Malleable Iron Range Co.
Mallinckrodt Chemical Works
Mancha Storage Battery Locomotive Co.
Manhattan Terrazzo Brass Strip Co.
Manierre Engineering & Machinery Co.
Manistee Iron Works Co.
Manistee Mfg. Co.
Manitowoe Portland Cement Co.
Manly Jail Works
Mann Kellogg & Co.
Manning, Maxwell & Moore, Inc.
Manufacturers Glass Co.
Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association
Maple Flooring Mfrs. Assn.
Marbleithic Co.
Marbleloid Co.
Marconi Instruments
Marietta Chair Co.
Marietta Mfg. Co.
Marion Electrical Instrument Co.
Marion Foundry Corp.
Marion Machine Foundry & Supply Co.
Markem Machine Co.
Market Forge Co.
Marlene Manufacturing Corp.
Marley Co.
Marlow Pumps
Marquette Electric Co.
Marschke Co.
Marsh Electro Chlorination Co.
Marsh Wall Products, Inc.
Marsh Wall Tile Co.
Marshall & Stearns Co.
Marshall Bros. Co.
Marshall Field & Co.
Marshall Foundry Co.
Marstall Furniture Co.
Mart & Lawton
Martindale Electric co.
Marvel Furniture Co.
Maryland Glass Corp.
Maryland Metal Building Co.
Mascot Stove Mfg. Co.
Mashek Engineering Co.
Mason Regulator Co.
Masonite Corp.
Mason-Neilan Regulator Co.
Massachusetts Machine Shop
Massey Concrete Products Corp.
Master Builders Co.
Master Electric Co.
Master Metal Strip Service
Master Vibrator Co.
Masters Steel Frame Co.
Mathews Conveyor Co.
Mathieson Alkali Works
Mathieson Alkali Works ()
Mathieu  Charles
Matt Corcoran & Co.
Maumee Color Co.
Maurice A. Knight
Maxim Motor Co.
Maxwell & Crouch Mule Co.
May Oil Burner Corp.
MB Mfg. Co.
McAbee G. R. Powder & Oil Co.
McAlear Mfg. Co.
McArthur Brick Co.
McCabe Hanger Mfg. Co.
McClave-Brooke Co.
McClave-Brooks Co.
McClintic-Marshall Corp.
McCord Mfg. Co.
McCormick & Drury
McCoy-Brandt Machinery Co.
McCray Refrigerator Sales Corp.
McDonald Co.  Thomas J.
McDonnell & Miller
McDougall Co.
McEwen Bros.
McGill Mfg. Co.
McIntosh & Seymour Co.
McIntosh & Seymour Corp.
McIntosh Engineering Laboratories
McKee Door Co.
McKeown Bros. Co.
McKesson & Robbins
McKinney Door Sales Co.
McKinney Mfg. Co.
McMahon & Co.
McNab & Harlin Mfg. Co.
McNeill Ornamental Iron & Construction Co.
McShane Bell Foundry Co.
McWane Cast Iron Pipe Co.
Meadon's Blower & Pipe Works
Measurements Corp.
Mechanical Handling Systems
Mechanics Furniture Co.
Medal Brick & Tile Co.
Medart Co.
Medart Fred Mfg. Co.
Medart Mfg. Co.
Medart Patent Pulley Co.
Medusa Portland Cement Co.
Meehanite Metal Corp.
Memphis Furniture Mfg. Co.
Menasha Products Co.
Meneely & Co.
Meneely Bell Co.
Mentzer Read Co.
Merchant & Evans Co.
Merchen Scale Feeder Co.
Merck & Co.
Merck & Co.
Merck & Co., Inc.
Merckens Chocolate Co., Inc.
Mercoid Corp.
Mercury Mfg. Co.
Merito Imported
Merrick Scale Mfg. Co.
Mersman Bros. Brandts Co.
Mesker Bros. Iron Co.
Metal & Thermit Corp.
Metal Burial Vault Mfgrs. Assn.
Metal Clad Doors
Metal Door & Trim Co.
Metal Forms Corp.
Metal Office Furniture Co.
Metal Textile Corp.
Metalace Corp.
Metaline Co.
Metallic Packing & Mfg. Co.
Metallic Sash Operator Co.
Metallizing Engineering Co., Inc.
Metallo Gasket Co.
Metals & Controls Corp.
Metal-Vitrix Co.
Methode Mfg. Corp.
Metric Metal Works
Metropolitan Electric Mfg. Co.
Metropolitan Paving Brick Co.
Mexico Refractories Co.
Meyers Fred J. Mfg. Co.
Miami Cabinet Co.
Mica Insulator Co.
Micamold Radio Corp.
Michael Baker Jr.
Michaels Art Bronze Co.
Michel & Pfeffer Iron Works
Michigan Chair Co.
Michigan Lubricator Co.
Michigan Pipe Co.
Michigan Power Shovel Co.
Mico Instrument Co.
Micro-Circuits Co.
Mid-Continent Metal Products Co.
Mid-States Equipment Corp.
Midvale Steel & Ordnance Co.
Mid-West Bottle Cap Co.
Mid-West Coil & Transformer Co.
Midwest Concealed Bed Corp.
Midwest Engine Co.
Mid-West Laboratories Co.
Mid-West Locomotive Works
Midwest Piping & Supply Co.
Midwest Piping & Supply Co., Inc.
Mikesell Bros. Co.
Milcor Steel Co.
Miles Mfg. Co.
Miles Reproducer Co.
Miller & Coulson
Miller Cabinet Co.
Miller Supply Co.
Miller-Bryant-Pierce Co.
Miller-Owen Electric Co.
Mills Co.
Millvac Instrument Corp.
Milne Chair Co.
Milne Water Tube Boiler Co.
Milo Radio & Electronics Corp.
Milwaukee Boiler Co.
Milwaukee Locomotive Mfg. Co.
Milwaukee Stamping Co.
Milwaukee Woven Wire Works
Mine Safety Appliances Co.
Miners' Supply Co.
Miniature Precision Bearings
Mining Equipment & Supply Co.
Mining Machine Co.
Mining Safety Device Co.
Minneapolis Heat Regulator Co.
Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co.
Minnesota Mining & Mfg. Co.
Minter homes Corp.
Minwax Co.
Mirror Slide Light Co.
Mississippi Glass Co.
Mississippi Wire Glass Co.
Missouri Store Co.
Mitchell & Mitchell Mfg. Co.
Mitchell Industries
Mitchell Mfg. Co.
Mitchell-Rand Dampproofing Corp.
Mitchell-Rand Insulation Co.
Mitchell-Rand Mfg. Co.
Mitchell-Tappen Co.
Mitts & Merrill
Mixing Equipment Co.
Mixing Equipment Co., Inc.
Model Rectifier Corp.
Model Stoker Co.
Modelectric Products Corp.
Modern Bronze Store Front Co.
Modern Machine Tool Co.
Modern Tool Co.
Modine Mfg. Co.
Moeschl-Edwards Corrugating Co.
Moeschl-Edwards Corrugating Co., Inc.
Moffitt Furniture & Upholstery Co.
Mohawk Carpet Mills
Mohlhenrich Furniture Co.
Molby Boiler Co.
Molding Corp. of America
Moline Cast Stone Co.
Molloy-Skelly Carpet Co.
Moloch Co.
Moloney Electric Co.
Monarch Boiler Arch Co.
Monarch Engineering Co.
Monarch Metal Products Co.
Monarch Metal Weatherstrip Corp.
Monarch Mfg. Co.
Monarch Mfg. Works
Monarch Steel Co.
Monarch Valve & Mfg. Co.
Monarch Wine Co. Brooklyn
Monarch Wine Co. of Georgia
Monitor Furniture Co.
Monongahela Tube Co.
Monsanto Chemical Co.
Montgomery Coal Washing & Mfg. Co.
Montgomery Elevator Co.
Montgomery Table & Desk Works
Moon George C. Co.
Moore & White Co.
Moore Co.
Moore Steam Turbine Corp.
Moorhead Machinery Co.
Morehead Mfg. Co.
Morene Products Co.
Morgan Co.
Morgan Millwork Co.
Morgan Sash & Door Co.
Morgan Woodwork Organization
Morgan-Gardner Electric Co.
Morgantown Furniture Co.
Morris Knowles
Morris Machine Works
Morrison & Risman Co.
Morrison Steel Products, Inc.
Morrison-Skinner Co.
Morrow Mfg. Co.
Morschhauser W. A.
Morse Boulger Destructor Co.
Morse Chain Co.
Morton Mfg. Co.
Morton Vacuum Breaker Co.
Mosaic Tile Co.
Mosher Mfg. Co.
Mosler Safe Co.
Motch & Merryweath Machinery Co.
Moto Mower Co.
Moto-Mower Co.
Mount & Robertson
Mount Airy Granite Cutting Co.
Mount Vernon Car Mfg. Co.
Muckle Mfg. Co.
Mueller Brass Co.
Mueller Co.
Mueller Mosaic Co.
Mullins Mfg. Corp.
Multi Metal Wire Cloth Co.
Multicore Solders
Multi-Metal Co.
Multiple Boring Machine Co.
Mundet Cork Co.
Mundet Cork Corp.
Municipal Service Co.
Municipal Street Sign Co.
Municipal Supply Co.
Munson Mfg. Co.
Munson Mill Machinery Co.
Muralo Co.
Murdock Mfg. & Supply Co.
Murphy Door Bed Co.
Murphy Iron Works
Murphy Varnish Co.
Murray Iron Works Co.
Murray Pump & Valve Mfg. Co.
Murray Tile Co.
Murtaugh Elevator Co.
Muscat Cooperative Winery Association
Mutschler Bros. Co.
Mycalex Corp. of America
Mycalex Tube Socket Corp.
Myers-Whaley Co.
N. Bois
N. E. Booth
N. I. Malmstrom & Co.
N. Ransohoff
N. Y. Revolving Portable Elevator Co.
N. Y. Silicate Book Slate Co.
Nailcrete Corp.
Napa Valley Grape Products Co.
Naperville Nurseries
Nash Engineering Co.
Nashua Machine Co.
National Air Cell Covering Co.
National Airoil Burner Co.
National Airoil Burner Co.
National Airoil Burner Co., Inc.
National Almond Products Co., Inc.
National Aniline & Chemical Co.
National Aniline Div.
National Armature & Elec. Works
National Asbestos Shingle Corp.
National Assn. of Ornamental Iron Bronze & Wire Mfrs.
National Brake & Electric Co.
National Bronze & Aluminum Foundry Co.
National Building Granite Quarries Assn.
National Capacitor Co.
National Carbide Corp.
National Carbon Co.
National Carbon Co.
National Cast Iron Pipe Co.
National Cinder Concrete Products Association
National Co.
National Conveyors Co.
National Council for Better Plastering
National Distillers Products Corp.
National Electric Light Assn.
National Electric Products Corp.
National Electronics
National Enameling & Stamping Co.
National Equipment Co.
National Equipment Corp.
National Fire Proofing Co.
National Fireproofing Co.
National Fireproofing Corp.
National Furniture Mfg. Co.
National Gas Burners Div.
National Gypsum Co.
National Heliopore Floor Corp.
National Incinerator Co.
National Lead Co.
National Malleable & Steel Castings Co.
National Metal Products Co.
National Meter Co.
National Mfg. Co.
National Mineral Wool Assn.
National Moldite Co.
National Mortar & Supply Co.
National Oil Products Co.
National Paint & Varnish Co.
National Paving Brick Mfrs. Assn.
National Pipe Bending Co.
National Refining Co.
National Roofing Co.
National Safety Window Device Co.
National Spring & Wire Co.
National Steam Pump Co.
National Steel Fabric Co.
National Steel Fabric Co. Div. of Pittsburg Steel Co.
National Steel Products Co.
National Sugar Refining Co.
National Super Service Co.
National Tapestry Co.
National Terra Cotta Society
National Terrazzo & Mosaic Assn.
National Theatre Supply Co.
National Tile Co.
National Transit Pump & Machine Co.
National Tube Co.
National Union Radio Corp.
National Valve & Mfg. Co.
National Varnished Products Corp.
National Vault Light Co.
National Ventilating Co.
National Vulcanized Fibre Co.
National Warm Air Heating & Ventilating Association
National Warm Air Heating Association
National Water Main Cleaning Co.
National Waterproofing Co.
National Wood Products Co.
Natural Slate Blackboard Co.
Naugatuck Aromatics Div. of U.S. Rubber Co.
Nazareth Cement Co.
Nazel Engineering & Machine Works
Neemes Bros.
Nelson Valve Co.
Neo-Sil Corp.
Nepeuma Building Materials Co.
Neptune Meter Co.
Never Split Seat Co.
New Departure Div. of General Motors Corp.
New Departure Mfg. Co.
New England Butt Co.
New England Collapsible Tube Co.
New England Granite Works
New England Lime Co.
New England Mica Co.
New Hampshire Ball Bearings
New Hermes
New Holland Machine Co.
New Jersey Chimney Co.
New Jersey Hollow Tile Corp.
New Jersey Zinc Co.
New York & New Jersey Lubricant Co.
New York Architectural Terra Cotta Co.
New York Belting & Packing Co.
New York Blower Co.
New York Blue Print Paper Co.
New York Continental Jewel Filtration Co.
New York Engineering Co.
New York Flag Pole Co.
New York Furniture Exchange Association, Inc.
New York Kalamein Co.
New York Quinine & Chemical Works
New York Sewage Disposal Co.
New York Silicate Book Slate Co.
New York Transformer Co.
Newark Electric Co.
Newman Bros., Inc.
Newman Mfg. Co.
Newport Culvert Co.
Newport Culvert Co.
Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co.
Newport Rolling Mill Co.
Niagara Filter Corp.
Niagara Machine & Tool Works
Niagara Metal Weatherstrip Co.
Nicholson-Kendle Furniture Co.
Niles-Bement-Pond Co.
Noble & Westbrook Mfg. Co.
Noble Co.
Norda Essential Oil & Chemical Co.
Nordberg Mfg. Co.
Nordyke & Marmon Co.
Norfolk Building Block Co.
Norma Co. of America
Norma-Hoffman Bearings Corp.
Norman Boosey Mfg. Co.
North American Car Corp.
North American Iron Works
North American Refractories Co.
North Carolina Granite Corp.
North Electric Mfg. Co.
North State Granite Co.
Northern Boiler & Structural Iron Works
Northern Engineering Works
Northern Equipment Co.
Northern Fire Apparatus Co.
Northern Furniture Co.
Northern Hard Maple Manufacturers
Northern Hemlock & Hardwood Manufacturers' Association
Northern Hemlock & Hardwood Mfg. Association & Rotary Birch Club
Northern Paper Mills
Northern Pump Co.
Northern Radio Co.
Northfield Co.
Northwestern Terra Cotta Co.
Nortmann-Duffke Co.
Norton Co.
Norton Door Closer Co.
Norton Lasier Co.
Nor-Vell Sieve Co.
Norwood White Co.
Noslip Co.
Novadel-Agene Corp.
Novitiate of Los Gatos
Nukem Products Corp.
Nurre Cos.
Nustone Products Corp.
Nutting Truck Co.
Nu-Way Corp.
Nypenn Furniture Co.
O. A. Kanauer & Co.
O. S. Stewart Co.
O. W. Ketcham
O’Brien Bros. Slate Co.
O’Brien Varnish Co.
Oak Flooring Bureau
Oak Flooring Mfrs.’ Assn. of the United States
Oak Furniture Co.
Oak Service Bureau
Oakes & Burger Co.
Oakite Products
Oakland Foundry Co.
Obelisk Waterproofing Co.
Ogden Filter Co.
Ohio Brass Co.
Ohio Crankshaft Co.
Ohio Grease Co.
Ohio Hydrate & Supply Co.
Ohio Rubber Co.
Ohmite Mfg. Co.
Ohmweve Co.
Oil & Waste Saving Machine Co.
Oil Conservation Engineering Co.
Oil Well Supply Co.
Oildraulic Lift Co.
Okadee Co.
Okonite Co.
Old Master Winery
Old Mission Wineries
Old Virginia Brick Co.
Oldroyd Mining Machine Co.
Oliver Corp.
Oliver Mfg. Co.
Oliver Oil Burner Corp.
Oliver United Filters, Inc.
Oliver Whyte Co.
Olsen Publishing Co.
Olsen Testing Machine Co.
Olsen Tinius Testing Mach. Co.
Olson Granite Co.
Olympic Metal Products Co.
Omaha Standard
Omara Parlor Frame Co.
Oneida Community Limited
Oneida Paper Products Co.
Oneida Steel Pulley Co.
Opad-Green Co.
Opici Winery
Orange Screen Co.
Orbis Products Corp.
Oregon Brass Works
Oringer Mfg. Co.
Ornamental Iron Work Co.
Orr & Sembower
Orr Co.
Orthon Corp.
Osborn Mfg. Co.
Oscar C. Rixson Co.
Oscar W. Hedstrom Corp.
Osgood Wheeler Co.
Oster Mfg. Co.
Oswego Shade Cloth Co.
Otis Elevator Co.
Ottawa Steel Products
Otterholt Creamery Supply Co.
Otto Gas Engine Works
Otto H. York Co.
Ottumwa Box Car Loader Co.
Ottumwa Iron Works
Outboard Motors Corp.
Overhead Door Corp.
Owen Bucket Co.
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.
Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
Owens-Illinois Glass Corp.
Oxweld Acetylene Co.
P. Bannon Pipe Co.
P. C. Leonard Co.
P. Deissler & Bros.
P. Derby & Co., Inc.
P. H. & F. M. Roots Co.
P. M. Bruner Granitoid Co.
P. M. Lattner Mfg. Co.
P. Puchkoff & Sons
P. R. Dreyer
P. R. Dreyer, Inc.
P. Wall Mfg. Supply Co.
Paalman Furniture Co.
Pacific Biological & Research Laboratories
Pacific Car & Foundry Co.
Pacific Lumber Co.
Pacific Tank & Industrial Coating Co.
Pacific Tank & Pipe Co.
Pacific Timber Co.
Package Machinery Co.
Packing Engineering Corp.
Packomatic Packaging Co.
Padre Vineyard Co.
Page Engineering Co.
Page Fence & Wire Products Assn.
Page Fence Assn.
Page Fence Association
Page Steel & Wire Co.
Paine Lumber Co.
Paine Lumber Co., Ltd.
Palmer Co.
Palmer Products
Palmros Machinery Sales Corp.
Pamfilis Contracting Co.
Pan American Trade Development Corp.
Pan Metal Roof Deck Co.
Pangborn Corp.
Pannier Bros. Stamp Co.
Panoramic Radio Products
Pantasote Co.
Paradon Co.
Paramount Paper Tube Corp.
Pardee Matawan Tile Co.
Parento  Compagnie
Park Furniture Co.
Parker Appliance Co.
Parkesburg Iron Co.
Parrott & Co.
Parsons Co.
Parsons Engineering Corp.
Pass & Seymour
Pass & Seymour, Inc.
Patent Button Co. of Tennessee
Patented Building Block Co.
Paterson Fire Brick Co.
Paterson Parchment Paper Co.
Patterson-Kelley Co.
Patterson-Williams Mfg. Co.
Patton-MacGuyer Co.
Patton-McCray Co.
Paul L. Vittur
Paul O. Abbe
Paul O. Abbe, Inc.
Pauly Jail Building Co.
Pawling & Harnischfeger Co.
Payson Mfg. Co.
Peabody Engineering Corp.
Peat Import Corp.
Peck & Hills Furniture Co.
Peck Spring Co.
Pecora Paint Co.
Peek & Velsor
Peelle Co.
Peerless Furniture Co.
Peerless Heater Co.
Peerless Machine Co.
Peerless Mfg. Co.
Peerless Shower Door Co.
Peet & Powers
Penberthy Injector Co.
Penick & Ford, Ltd., Inc.
Penn Brass & Bronze Works
Penn Brick Corp.
Penn Electrical Engineering Co.
Penn HardwareCo.
Penn Heat Control Co.
Penn Metal Co.
Penn Metal Co. of Penna.
Penn Mill & Mine Supply Co.
Penn Table Co.
Penn Ventilating Co.
Penn-Greg Mfg. Co.
Pennsylvania Casting & Machine Works
Pennsylvania Crusher Co.
Pennsylvania Drilling Co.
Pennsylvania Electrical Repair Co.
Pennsylvania Flexible Metallic Tubing Co.
Pennsylvania Furniture Co.
Pennsylvania Glass Products Co.
Pennsylvania Lawn Mower Works
Pennsylvania Lawn Mower Works
Pennsylvania Pump & Compressor Co.
Pennsylvania Refining Co.
Pennsylvania Salt Mfg. Co.
Pennsylvania Testing Laboratory
Pennsylvania Textile Mills, Inc.
Pennsylvania Wire Glass Co.
Perey Mfg. Co.
Perfection Electric Co.
Perfection Mfg. Co.
Perfection Stove Co.
PerfeKtum Products Co.
Period Cabinet Mfg. Co.
Periodical Publishing Co.
Permoflux Corp.
Permutit Co.
Perry Bros. Granite Co.
Peter Clark
Peter Klug
Peterson Art Furniture Co.
Petri Wine Co.
Petroleum Heat & Power Co.
Petroleum Iron Works Co.
Pfaltz & Bauer
Pfaudler Co.
Pfizer & Co. Chas.
Phalo Plastics Corp.
Phenix Furniture Co.
Phenix Mfg. Co.
Philadelphia Partition & Building Block Co.
Philadelphia Storage Battery Co.
Philadelphia Supplies Co.
Philadelphia Textile Finishers
Philadelphia Tramrail Co.
Philamon Laboratories
Philfuels Co.
Philip Carey Co.
Philip Carey Mfg. Co.
Philipp Mfg. Co.
Philips Petroleum Co.
Philipsburg Foundry & Machine Co.
Phillips Control Corp.
Phillips Mine & Mill Supply Co.
Phillips Petroleum Co.
Phoenix Cabinet Co.
Phoenix Co.
Phoenix Glass Co.
Phoenix Iron Works Co.
Phoenix Mfg. Co.
Phoenix Products Co.
Phoenix Specialty Mfg. Co.
Phosphate Products Div.
Photostat Corp.
Picker X-Ray Corp.
Pickering & Co.
Pickering Governor Co.
Pihl & Miller
Pines Engineering Co.
Pioneer Engineering Works
Pitman Mfg. Co.
Pitometer Co.
Pittsburg Coal Washer Co.
Pittsburg Filter & Engineering Co.
Pittsburg Gage & Supply Co.
Pittsburg Harness Supply Co.
Pittsburg Knife & Forge Co.
Pittsburg Mining Machinery Co.
Pittsburg Perforating Co.
Pittsburg Plate Glass Co.
Pittsburg Shovel Co.
Pittsburg Steel Co.
Pittsburg Supply Co.
Pittsburg Transformer Co.
Pittsburg Water Heater Co.
Pittsburg Wire Rope Co.
Pittsburg-Des Moines Steel Co.
Pittsburgh Incinerator Co.
Pittsburgh Meter Co.
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.
Pittsburgh Reflector Co.
Pittsburgh Steel Co.
Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory
Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory
Pittsburgh Valve Foundry & Construction Co.
Pittsburgh-Des moines Steel Co.
Pix Mfg. Co.
Planet Mfg. Corp.
Plant Engineering & Equipment Co.
Plastergon Wall Board Co.
Plastic Products Co.
Plastoid Corp.
Plate Glass Mfrs. Of America
Platt Iron Works Co.
Platter Sound Products Corp.
Pleasant Valley Wine Co.
Plymouth Quarries
Plywood Products Co.
Pneumelectric Corp.
Pneumelectric Machine Co.
Polak & Schwarz Co.
Polak & Schwarz, Inc.
Polak's Frutal Works
Polarad Electronics Corp.
Pole & Tube Works
Polytechnic Research & Development Co.
Pomona Machine Works
Poole Engineering & Machine Co.
Poole Foundry & Machine Co.
Porete Mfg. Co.
Portable Products Corp.
Porter-Cable-Hutchinson Corp.
Portland Spar Co.
Post-Glover Electric Co.
Potter & Brumfield
Potter Instrument Co.
Potter Mfg. Corp.
Potter Separator Co.
Pottsville Building Block Co.
Powder Metallurgy Corp.
Power Piping Co.
Power Plant Specialty Co.
Power Specialty Co.
Power Supply Co.
Powers Regulator Co.
Prater Pulverizer Co.
Pratt & Cady Co.
Pratt & Cady Co.
Pratt & Lambert
Precise Measurements Co.
Precision Metal Products Co. of Malden
Precision Paper Tube Co.
Precision Rectifier Corp.
Precision Scientific Co.
Prehy Co.
Premier Furniture Mfg. Co.
Preogressive Mfg. Co.
Presbey Leland Studios
Pressed Prism Plate Glass Co.
Pressed Steel Car Co.
Pressed Steel Tank Co.
Presstite Engineering Co.
Presto Recording Corp.
Price Bros.
Princeton Foundry & Supply Co.
Processed Lumber Co.
Proctor & Gamble Co.
Proctor & Schwartz
Product Development Co.
Prometheus Electric Corp.
Proportioneers, Inc.
Prospect Fire Engine Co.
Protexol Corp.
Protoexol Corp.
Providence Engineering Works
Providence Granite Co.
Prox Frank Co.
Pryne & Co.
Pullman Couch Co.
Pullman Mfg. Co.
Pulverizing Machinery Co.
Punxsutawney Drilling & Contracting Co.
Puritan Mfg. Co.
Puritan Paint & Oil Co.
Puritan Paper Plate & Products Co.
Purity Paper Vessels Co.
Purity Stamping Co.
Pursell Co.
Pusey & Jones Co.
Putnam & Co.
Pyramid Co.
Pyrofax Div. Carbide & Carbon Chemicals Corp.
Pyroferric Co.
Pyrometer Instrument Co.
Q & C Co.
Quabaug Rubber Co.
Quaker City Gear Works
Quaker City Rubber Co.
Quality Fruit Wines Corp.
Quigley Co.
Quigley Furnace & Foundry Co.
Quimby Pump Co.
Quincy Compressor Co.
Quincy Elevator Gate Co.
R. C. Mahon Co.
R. D. Cole Mfg. Co.
R. D. Nuttall Co.
R. D. Simpson Co.
R. D. Wood & Co.
R. G. Johnson Co.
R. G. Read Co.
R. Guastavino Co.
R. H. Beaumont Co.
R. J. Dickey & Sons
R. J. Dorn Co.
R. J. Dorn Co., Inc.
R. J. Schwab & Sons Co.
R. L. Byrum Son's Co.
R. M. Dubin Corp.
R. McMillen Co.
R. O. W. Sales Co.
R. W. Clark Mfg. Co.
R. W. Cramer Co.
R. W. Greeff & Co.
Racine Confectioners' Machinery Co.
Racine Radiator Co.
Radio Cores
Radio Corp. of America
Radio Materials Corp.
Radio Receptor Co.
Radio Shack Corp.
Rahm Instruments
Rail Joint Co.
Rail Steel Bar Assn.
Railway & Mine Supply Co.
Railway Track-Work Co.
Ralph B. Carter Co.
Ralph Watkins Wrought Iron & Bronze Co.
Ramp Buildings Corp.
Rand McNally & Co.
Randle Machinery Co.
Randolph Finishing Products Co.
Rapids Standard Co.
Ravenna Mosaics
Rawlplug Co.
Rawson Electrical Instrument Co.
Ray Burner Co.
Ray H. Bennett Lumber Co.
Ray Proof Corp.
Ray T. Ebert
Raymond Brennan
Raymond Concrete Pile Co.
Raytheon Mfg. Co.
RCA Victor Co.
Read Machinery Co.
Reading Engineering Co.
Reading Hardware Corp.
Reading Iron Co.
Reading Valve & Fittings Co.
Reardon Co.
Reaser Furniture Co.
Receivador Sales Co.
Red Cedar Lumber Manufacturer's Association
Reed-Prentice Co.
Reese Metal Weatherstrip Co.
Reeves Instrument Corp.
Reeves Pulley Co.
Reeves Soundcraft Corp.
Reeves-Hoffman Corp.
Refinite Co.
Reflector & Illuminating Co.
Refrigerating Equipment Co.
Reinhardt Mfg. Co.
Reinhold Publishing Corp.
Reinthal & Newman
Reischmann Chair Co.
Reisert Automatic Water Purifying Co.
Reliance Automatic Lighting Co.
Reliance Bronze & Steel Corp.
Reliance Gauge Column Co.
Remington Rand Business Service
Rensselaer Valve Co.
Republic Fireproofing Co.
Republic Flow Meters Co.
Republic Foil & Metal Mills
Republic Steel Corp.
Republic Supply Co.
Research Publications
Resistance Products Co.
Revere Copper & Brass
Revolving Doors
Rex Incinerator Co.
Reynolds Metals Co.
Rezilite Mfg. Co.
Reznor Mfg. Co.
Rhode Island Tool Co.
Richard H. Bird & Co.
Richard N. Spiers & Sons
Richards & Kelly Mfg. Co.
Richardson & Boynton Co.
Richardson Co.
Richardson Roofing Co. Div. of The Flintkote Co.
Richardson Scale Co.
Richardson-Allen Corp.
Richardson-Phenix Co.
Richards-Wilcox Canadian Co.
Richards-Wilcox Mfg. Co.
Richmond Cedar Works
Richmond Electric Co.
Richmond Fireproof Door Co.
Richmond Mfg. Co.
Richmond Patented Building Block Corp.
Richsto Metal Trim Co.
Ric-wiL Co.
Rider-Ericsson Engine Co.
Ridgway Dynamo & Engine Co.
Riehle Bros. Testing Machine Co.
Riehle Testing Machines Div.
Riester & Thesmacher Co.
Rile Co.
Rising & Nelson Slate Co.
Rite-Grade Shingle Association
Ritter-Burns Lumber Co.
Rival Strap Corp.
Rivet-Grip Steel Co.
Rivett Lathe & Grinder
Roanwell Corp.
Robbins Electric Co.
Robbins Flooring Co.
Robbins Mfg. Co.
Robert A. Fulton Co.
Robert A. Keasbey Co.
Robert C. Reeves Co.
Robert Dollar Co.
Robert Gillespie Co.
Robert W. Hunt & Co.
Robert W. Hunt Co.
Robert Wetherill & Co.
Roberts & Mander Stove Co.
Roberts & Schaeffer Co.
Roberts Filter Mfg. Co.
Roberts Sash & Door Co.
Robertson Art Tile Co.
Robins Conveying Belt Co.
Robinson Aviation
Robinson Flagstones
Robinson Mfg. Co.
Robinson Ventilating Co.
Robt. P. Carsen Scenic Studios
Rochester Cinder Block Co.
Rochester Motors Co.
Rock Island Register Co.
Rock Plaster Corp.
Rock Road Construction Co.
Rockford Cabinet Co.
Rockford Chair & Furniture Co.
Rockford Drilling Machine Co.
Rockford Drilling Machine Div. of Borg-Warner Corp.
Rockford Eagle Furniture Co., Inc.
Rockford Furniture Co.
Rockford Furniture Manufacturers' Association
Rockford Machine Tool Co.
Rockford National Furniture Co.
Rockford Peerless Furniture Co.
Rockford Republic Furniture Co.
Roddis Lumber & Veneer Co.
Rodney Hunt Machine Co.
Roeper Crane & Hoist Works
Rogan Bros.
Rogers Bros. Corp.
Rohden Mfg. Co.
Rohm & Hass Co.
Roll-A-Way Bed Corp.
Roller-Smith Co.
Rolling Screens
Rolscreen Co. of Pella Iowa
Roma Wine Co.
Rome Cable Corp.
Rome Co., Inc.
Rome Radiation Co. Div. of Revere Copper & Brass
Rome Wire Co.
Rookwood Pottery Co.
Roots-Connersville Blower Corp.
Rosedale Foundry & Machine Co.
Ross & Rowe, Inc.
Ross Enterprises
Ross Heater & Mfg. Co.
Rossendale-Reddaway Belting & Hose Co.
Rotron Mfg. Co.
Rowe Mfg. Co.
Royal Blue Bed Spring Co.
Royal Safety Anchor Co.
Royal Ventilator Co.
Royer Foundry & Machine Co.
Royersford Foundry & Machine Co.
Royle & Pilkington Co.
R-S Products Corp.
Rubberstone Corp.
Ruberoid Co.
Ruberoid Mills
Rudolf Lesch
Ruggles Motor Truck Co.
Ruggles-Coles Engineering Co.
Ruggles-Klingemann Mfg. Co.
Rural Utilities
Russell & Stoll
Russell Burdsall & Ward Bolt & Nut Co.
Russell Grader Mfg. Co.
Rust Engineering Co.
Ruud Mfg. Co.
Ryber Mfg. Co.
Ry-Lock Co.
S Corrugated Quenched Gap Co.
S K F Industries
S. B. Penick & Co.
S. Blickman, Inc.
S. C. Johnson & Son
S. D. Baker Mfg. Co.
S. F. Bowser & Co.
S. F. Bowser & Co.
S. F. Bowser & Co., Inc.
S. Flory Mfg. Co.
S. H. Pomeroy Co.
S. Haskel & Sons
S. Howes Co.
S. J. Harry Corp.
S. Karpen & Bros.
S. M. Hexter & Co.
S. Obermayer Co.
S. R. Dresser Mfg. Co.
S. S. White Dental Mfg. Co.
S. T. Johnson Co.
Sackett Mine Supply Co.
Safe Tread Co.
Safepack Mills
Safety & Maintenance Co.
Safety Car Heating & Lighting Co.
Safety First Supply Co.
Safety Grinding Wheel & Machine Co.
Safety Processing Co.
Safety Stair Tread Co.
Safety-First Supply Co.
Salem Tool Co.
Sales on Sound Corp.
Salkover Metal Processing
Sall Mountain Co.
Salubra Wall Cover Co.
Samson Cordage Works
Samson Electric
Samuel Cabot
Samuel Greenstein & Sons
Samuel J. Creswell Iron Works
Samuel Olson & Co.
Samuel Olson Mfg. Co., Inc.
Samuel Peterson
San Martin Vineyards Co.
Sanborn Co.
Sanderson-Cyclone Drill Co.
Sands Electric Co.
Sandusky Cement Co.
Sanford-Day Iron Works
Sangamo Electric Co.
Sanimetal Tile Corp.
Sanitation Corp.
Santa Fe Vintage Co.
Santa Rosa Winery
Sanymetal Products Co.
Sarco Co.
Sarco Engineering Co.
Sargeant & Wilbur
Sauerman Bros.
Savage Bros., Co.
Savutime Devices, Inc.
Sayre & Fisher Brick Co.
Scandia Mfg. Corp.
Schaefer Wagon Co. Gustav
Schaeffer & Budenberg Mfg. Co.
Schiefer Furniture Mfg. Co.
Schilling & Co. C.
Schimmel & Co.
Schmidt Lithograph Co.
Schmieg Industries
Schoeck Mfg. Co., Inc.
Schoelkopf Mfg. Co.
Schofield-Donald Co.
Schonthal Joseph Co.
Schreiber L. & Sons Co.
Schubert-Christy Corp.
Schutte & Koerting Co.
Schutte Pulverizer Co.
Schwab Boiler & Machine Co.
Schwab Safe Co.
Schwarze Electric Co.
Scientific Equipment Co.
Scientific Filter Corp.
Scientific Glass Apparatus Co.
Sclage Lock Co.
Scott Bagby
Scott Machinery Co.
Scott-Kidwell Jacket Co.
Scovill Mfg. Co.
Scranton Electric Contruction Co.
Screw Conveyor Corp.
Seaburg Mfg. Co.
Seagrave Co.
Sealed Containers Corp.
Sealed Joint Construction Corp.
Sealright Co.
Seamlex Co.
Seattle Cedar Lumber Mfg. Co.
Sebastiani Wineries
Security Fire Door Co.
Sedgewick Machine Works
Sedgwick Machine Works
Segal Co., Inc.
Seidlitz Paint & Varnish Co.
Seng Co.
Serfas Lumber Co.
Servel Sales
Service Recorder Co.
Service Supply Corp.
Servicised Products Corp.
Servo Corp. of America
Servo-Tek Products Co.
Sessions Clock Co.
Set Screw & Mfg. Co.
Seth Thomas Clock Co.
Sexauer & Lemke
Seymour Mfg. Co.
Shakeproof Lock Washer Co.
Shallcross Mfg. Co.
Shand & Jurs Co.
Sharon Hardware Mfg. Co.
Sharples Specialty Co.
Shaw Insulator Co.
Shawnee Stone Co.
Shaw-Walker Co.
Sheesley Supply Co.
Sheets Mfg. Co.
Shelby Spring Hinge Co.
Shenango-Penn Mold Co.
Shepard Electric Crane & Hoist Co.
Shepard Elevator Co.
Shepard Niles Crane & Hoist Corp.
Sherron Electronics Co.
Sherwin-Williams Co.
Sherwood Refining Co.
Shimp Mfg. Co.
Shine-All Sales Co.
Shore Instrument & Mfg. Co.
Showers Bros. Co.
Shrewsbury Furniture & Mfg. Co.
Shufflin & Green
Shunk Mfg. Co.
Shure Bros.
Shurite Meters
Sidney Grain Machinery Co.
Siebe Gorman & Co.
Sieling Furniture Co., Inc.
Sight Light Corp.
Sigma Instruments
Sigmund Cohn Corp.
Signal Electric Mfg. Co.
Signal Engineering & Mfg. Co.
Sikes Chair Co.
Silent Automatic Corp.
Silent Hoist Winch & Crane Co.
Silver Creek Case Goods Co.
Silver Lake Co.
Silvers Mfg. Co.
Simmons Co.
Simon Ventilighter Co.
Simonds Machine Co.
Simplex Steel Products Co.
Simplex Valve & Meter Co.
Simplex Wire & Cable Co.
Simpson Co. Orville
Sims Co.
Sireno Co.
Sisalkraft Co.
Skandia Furniture Co.
SKF Industries
Skidmore Corp.
Skilsaw, Inc.
Skinner Engine Co.
Sleeth Seaman Co.
Sligh Furniture Co.
Sligo Iron Store Co.
Sloane-Blabon Corp.
Small & Schelosky Co.
Smith & Egge Mfg. Co.
Smith & Wesson
Smith Gas Power Co.
Smoot Engineering Div.
Smooth-on Mfg. Co.
Smyser-Royer Co.
Snead & Co.
Soapitor Co.
Sola Electric Co.
Solar-Sturgis Mfg. Co.
Solid Section Steel Window Industry
Solvay Process Co.
Solvay Sales Co.
Solvay Sales Corp.
Solventol Chemical Products
Somers Fitler & Todd Co.
Somerset Door & Column Co.
Somerset Importers
Sommers & Co.
Sorensen & Co.
Soss Mfg. Co.
Soule Steel Co.
South Bend Chilled Plow Co.
South Bend Lathe Works
South Side Foundry & Machine Works
Southern Chair Co.
Southern Coupon Co.
Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association
Southern Cypress Mfrs. Assn.
Southern Furniture Market Association
Southern Iron & Equipment Co.
Southern Oak Flooring Industries
Southern Pine Sales Corporation
Southern Prison Co.
Southern Wheel Co.
Southern Wood Preserving Co.
Southwark Foundry & Machine Co.
Southwestern Portland Cement Co.
Sparkler Mfg. Co.
Sparta Ceramic Co.
Spaulding Fibre Co.
Speakman Co.
Specialty Battery Co.
Specialty Brass Co.
Specialty Furniture Co.
Speedways Conveyors
Speer Carbon Co.
Speer Resistor Corp.
Spellman Television Co.
Spence Engrg. Co.
Spencer Heater Co.
Spencer Heater Co. Div. of Lycoming Mfg. Co.
Spencer Lens Co.
Spencer Turbine Co.
Spencer White & Prentis
Spencer Wire Co.
Spencer-Cardinal Corp.
Spencer-Kennedy Laboratories
Sperry Gyroscope Co.
Sprague Electric Works
Spray Engineering Co.
Spray Painting & Finishing Equipment Sales Co.
Sprayo-Flake Co.
Springfield Boiler & Mfg. Co.
Springfield Boiler Co.
Springfield Cinder Block Co.
Sprout Waldron & Co.
Square D Co.
St. John Grate Bar Co.
St. Johns Table Co.
St. Mary's Machine Co.
St. Paul Hydraulic Hoist
St. Regis Machine Div. of St. Regis Paper Co.
St. Regis Paper Co.
Stackpole Carbon Co.
Stakmore Co., Inc.
Standard Alcohol Co.
Standard Cap & Seal Corp.
Standard Chair Co.
Standard Coated Products Corp.
Standard Coil Products Co.
Standard Conveyor Co.
Standard Crystal Co.
Standard Electric Time Co.
Standard Engineering & Mfg. Co.
Standard Fence Co.
Standard Furniture Co.
Standard Gas Equipment Corp.
Standard Gas Power Co.
Standard Heater Co.
Standard Iron & Wire Works
Standard Oil Co. of Indiana
Standard Oil Co. of New York
Standard Oil Co. of New York
Standard Pressed Steel Co.
Standard Railway Supply Co.
Standard Safety Tread Corp.
Standard Scale & Supply Co.
Standard Steel & Bearings Co.
Standard Steel Corp.
Standard Store Front Construction Co.
Standard Synthetics
Standard Tank & Seat Co.
Standard Textile Products Co.
Standard Transformer Corp.
Standard Underground Cable Co.
Standard Varnish Works
Standard Wire & Iron Works Co.
Standard Wood Pipe Co.
Standard-Knapp Corp.
Stanley & Patterson
Stanley Works
Star Car & Foundry Co.
Star Furniture Co.
Star Mfg. Co.
Star Porcelain Co.
Stark Brick Co.
Statesville Furniture Co.
Stauffer Chemical Co.
Staver Co.
Stead & Miller Co.
Stearns Magnetic Mfg. Co.
Stedman Rubber Flooring Co.
Stedmans Foundry & Machine Works
Stedman's Foundry & Machine Works
Steel & Tubes
Steel & Wike Co.
Steel Car Forge Co.
Steel Frame House Co.
Steelbilt Products Corp.
Steiner-Ives Co.
Stephens Mfg. Co.
Stephens-Adamson Mfg. Co.
Stephens-Admason Mfg. Co.
Sterling Brick Co.
Sterling Engineering & Mfg. Co.
Sterling Engineering Co.
Sterling Equipment & Supply Co.
Sterling Fibre Co.
Sterling Foundry Co.
Sterling Furniture Co.
Sterling Furniture of Grand Rapids
Sterling Lumber Co.
Sterling Machine Co.
Sterling Products Co.
Sterling Range & Furnace Corp.
Sterling Ti-Di-Nette
Sterling Wheelbarrow Co.
Stevens Arnold
Stevens Mfg. Co.
Stevenson Cold Storage Door Co.
Stewart Hartshorn Co.
Stewart Iron Works Co.
Stewart Iron Works Co.
Stewart Iron Works Co., Inc.
Stewartstown Furniture Co.
Stewart-Warner Corp.
Stickley Bros. Co.
Stickley Mfg. Co.
Stimple & Ward Co.
Stimpson Equipment Co.
Stockland Road Machinery Co.
Stoelting Bros. Co.
Stokes & Smith Co.
Stone Mountain Granite Corp.
Storm Lumber Co.
Stover Lock Nut & Machinery Corp.
Stover Mfg. & Engine Co.
Stow & Davis Furniture Co.
Stow Mfg. Co.
Straub Building Units
Straub Cincrete Co.
Straub Cincrete Corp.
Straub Cinder Block Co.
Streeter-Amet Weighing & Recording Co.
Stroh Steel-Hardening Process Co.
Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Mfg. Co.
Strong Carlisle & Hammond Co.
Strong-Scott Mfg. Co.
Stroudsburg Septic-Tank Co.
Structural Glass Corp.
Structural Gypsum Corp.
Structural Slate Co.
Struthers Wells Corp.
Struthers-Wells Co.
Stumpp & Walter Co.
Stupakoff Ceramic & Mfg. Co.
Sturtevant B. F. Co.
Sturtevant Mill Co.
Stutz Fire Engine Co.
Sugarcreek Clay Products Co.
Sullivan Co.
Sullivan Granite Co.
Sullivan Machinery Co.
Summerbell Truss Co.
Sumner Equipment
Sun Co.
Sun Oil Co.
Sun Radiator Cover
Sun Radio & Electronics Co.
Sun Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co.
Sun Tube Corp.
Sunland Industries
Sunnyside Winery
Super Concrete Emulsions
Superb Bronze & Iron Co.
Superheater Co.
Superior Bearing Bronze Co.
Superior Cleaning & Waterproofing Co.
Superior Electric Co.
Superior Engineering Co.
Superior Magnesium Castings Div.
Superior Metal Products Co.
Superior Mfg. Co.
Superior Separator Co.
Superior Skylight Co.
Superior Supply Co.
Superior Tube Co.
Superlite Co.
Suppes Forge & Foundry Co.
Surface Combustion Corp.
Sutton Steele & Steele
Swan & Finch Co.
Swank Hardware Co.
Swartwout Co.
Swedish Venetian Blind Co.
Sweet's Steel Co.
Swenson Evaporator Co.
Swift & Co.
Swimming Pool Construction Corp.
Swiss Silk
Sykes Metal Lath Co.
Sylvania Electric Products
Symington-Gould Corp.
Symons Clamp & Mfg. Co.
Syncor Products Co.
Syntomatic Corp.
Syntron Co.
Syra-Bord Rubber Flooring Co.
Syracuse Fire Door Corp.
T. B. Woods Sons Co.
T. C. Dill Machine Co.
T. E. Conklin Brass & Copper Co.
T. F. McGann & Sons Co.
T. H. Angermeier & Co.
T. J. Callahan Co.
T. J. Flynn Metal Works
T. J. Houlihan Co.
T. L. Blood & Co.
T. L. Smith Co.
T. New Construction Co.
Taber Pump Co.
Tablecase Co.
Tablet & Ticket Co.
Taco Heaters
Talbert Construction Equipment Co.
Tallman, Robbins & Co.
Tamaqua Mfg. Works
Taplet Mfg. Co.
Tarrant Mfg. Co.
Tate Furniture Co.
Tauber Parlor Furniture Co.
Taylor Instrument Cos.
Taylor Instruments Cos.
Taylor Stone Co.
Taylor Tubes
Technical Advisory Corp.
Technical Appliance Corp.
Technicraft Laboratories
Telechime Div. General Kontrolar Co.
Teletronics Laboratory
Tell City Chair Co.
Tell City Furniture Co.
Tel-O-Tube Corp. of America
Tel-Rad Mfg. Co.
Templeton Kenly & Co.
Tenny Engineering
Tensolite Insulated Wire Co.
Terminal Radio Corp.
Terry Steam Turbine Co.
Teschner-Quinn Corp.
Texas Co.
Textile Machine Works
Th. Foster & Bro. Co.
Th. Goldschmidt Corp.
Thatcher Co.
The Borden Co.
The Boss Manufacturing Co.
The Brown Instrument Co.
The Harrison Co.
The Hubinger Co.
The Ice Cream Review
The John Henry Co.
The Milk Dealer
The Nulomoline Co.
The Vacuum Candy Machinery Co.
Thermal Appliance Co.
Thermax Corp.
Thermo Service
Thomas & Skinner Steel Products Co.
Thomas & Smith
Thomas A. Edison
Thomas A. Edison
Thomas A. Edison, Inc.
Thomas Elevator Co.
Thomas Flexible Coupling Co.
Thomas Grate Bar Co.
Thomas Mfg. Co.
Thomas Stone & French
Thomas Truck & Caster Co.
Thomas W. Noble & Co.
ThomasMoulding Floor Mfg. Co.
Thomasville Chair Co.
Thompson & Co.
Thompson Products
Thomson Electric Welding Co.
Thomson Meter Co.
Thor Ceramics
Thorp Fire Proof Door Co.
Thos. H. Dallett Co.
Thos. Madden Son & Co.
Thos. Moulding Acoustical Engineering Co.
Thos. Nugent Sons
Three C. Davenport Co.
Thurman Machine Co.
Thurston & Braidich
Thwing Instrument Co.
Tiara Products Co.
Tiffin Scenic Studios
Tight Joint Co.
Tile-Tex Co.
Tillotson Furniture Corp.
Times Facsimile Corp.
Timken Michigan Co.
Timken Roller Bearing Co.
Tinius Olsen & Co.
Tinkham & Kilburn
Tirrill Gas Machine Corp.
Tirrill Gas Machine Lighting Co.
Titan Chain Saws
Titanium Alloy Mfg. Co.
Titeflex Metal Hose Co.
Titusville Iron Works Co.
Tobler Ernest & Traber
Toch Bros.
Toledo Bottle Cap Co.
Toledo Parlor Furniture Co.
Toledo Scale Co.
Tolhurst Centrifugals Div.
Tombarrel Products Corp.
Tomkins-Johnson Co.
Tompkins Label Service
Toncan Culvert
Tool Standards
Tool Steel Gear & Pinion Co.
Topping Mfg. Co.
Toro Mfg. Co.
Torrington Mfg. Co.
Torvic Oil Burner Corp.
Toycraft Rubber Co.
Tracy Bertrand P.
Trad Television Corp.
Traffic & Street Sign Co.
Traffic Sign & Signal Co.
Trane Co.
Transicoil Corp.
Transport Trailers
Tranter Mfg. Co.
Traylor Engineering & Mfg. Co.
Treadwell Engineering Co.
Tredick Oil & Grease Co.
Tremco Mfg. Co.
Trenton Iron Co.
Trenton Potteries Co.
Trevor F. Jones & Co.
Triangle Package Machinery Co.
Tri-Clover Machine Co.
Tri-Lok Co.
TrimPak Corp.
Triumph Column Co.
Trogden Furniture Co.
Trojan Powder Co.
Tropical Paint & Oil Co.
Troy Engine & Machine Co.
Troy Laundry Machinery Co.
Trumbull Electric Mfg. Co.
Truscan Steel Co.
Truscon Laboratories
Truscon Steel Co.
Trussbilt Steel Doors
Tubular Chute Systems
Tubular Woven Fabric Co.
Tulsa Boiler 7 Machinery Co.
Tung-Sol Lamp Works
Turbine Sewer-Machine Co.
Turbo-Gear Co.
Turco Products
Turner Co.
Turner Laurin H. & Co.
Tuthill Pump Co.
Tuthill Spring Co.
Tuttle & Bailey Mfg. Co.
Twin City Machine Co.
Twin Disc Clutch Co.
Twining Laboratories
U. Hansell
U. S. Ball Bearing Mfg. Co.
U. S. Bottlers Machinery Co.
U. S. Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Co.
U. S. Changeable Sign Co.
U. S. Expansion Bolt Co.
U. S. Gutta Percha Paint Co.
U. S. Hame Co.
U. S. Hoffman Machinery Corp.
U. S. Industrial Chemicals
U. S. Rubber Co.
U. S. Rubber Co. Naugatuck Chemical Div.
U. S. Sanitary Specialties Corp.
U. S. Stoneware Co.
U. T. Hungerford Brass 7 Copper Co.
U.S. Bottlers Machinery Co.
Udell Works
Udylite Corp.
Uehling Instrument Co.
Uhlmann Mfg. Co.
Umphrey Mfg. Co.
Una Welding
Under-Feed Stoker Co. of America
Ungerer & Co.
Union Bed & Spring Co.
Union Blind & Ladder Co.
Union Bros.
Union Carbide & Carbon Corp.
Union Carbide Sales Co.
Union Conf. Machinery Co., Inc.
Union Drawn Steel Co.
Union Electric Co.
Union Electric Products Co.
Union Fibre Co.
Union Fibre Sales Co.
Union Furniture & Novelty Co., Inc.
Union Furniture Co.
Union Insulating Co.
Union Iron Products Co.
Union Iron Works
Union Iron Works
Union Metal Mfg. Co.
Union Petroleum Co.
Union Special Machine Co.
Union Steam Pump Co.
Union Steel Products Co.
Union Water Meter Co.
Unit Sash & Sales Co.
United Condenser Corp.
United Conveyor Corp.
United Cork Cos.
United Electronics
United Furniture Co.
United Lead Co.
United Metal Box Co.
United Metal Products Co.
United Mfg. & Service Co.
United Plywood Corp.
United Plywood Sales Corp.
United States Blower & Heater Corp.
United States Chain & Forging Co.
United States Electrical Tool Co.
United States Electronics Corp.
United States Euboeolith Co.
United States Furniture Co.
United States Gasket Co.
United States Graphite Co.
United States Gypsum Co.
United States Mail Chute Corp.
United States Mineral Wool Co.
United States Powder Co.
United States Quarry Tile Co.
United States Rail Co.
United States Register Co.
United States Rubber Co.
United States Steel Corp.
United States Testing Co.
United Transformer Co.
Universal Audit Co.
Universal Crane Co.
Universal Crusher Co.
Universal Electrical Stage Lighting Co.
Universal Form Clamp Co.
Universal Gypsum & Lime Co.
Universal Gypsum Co.
Universal Mfg. Co.
Universal Motor Co.
Universal Pipe & Radiator Co.
Universal Road Machinery Co.
Universal Safety Tread
Universal Sanitary Mfg. Co.
Universal Septic Tank Corp.
Universal Truck Corp.
Universal Willow & Reed Ware Co.
University Loudspeakers
Uno Ventilator Co.
Upson Co.
Urbana Furniture Mfg. Co.
Utica Heater Co.
Utilities Service
V. D. Anderson Co.
Vac Spray Machine Co.
Vaile-Kimes Co.
Valentine & Co.
Valentine-Seaver Co.
Valley City Desk Co.
Valley Foundry & Machine Works
Valley View Brick Co.
Valliant & Son Vineyards
Van Ameringen-Haebler
Van Arnam Mfg. Co.
Van Dorn & Dutton Co.
Van Dorn Electric Tool Co.
Van Dorn Iron Works Co.
Van Kannel Revolving Door Co.
Van Zile Ventilating Corp.
Vanadium Corp. of America
Variety Fire Door Co.
Varnum Door Engine Co.
Vector Electronic Co.
Veeder Mfg. Co.
Vendor Slate Co.
Venn-Severin Machine Co.
Ventilating Products Co.
Ventilighter Co.
Ventilouvre Co.
Ventilouvre Co.
Vento Steel Sash Co.
Vent-O-Lite Co.
Verley  Albert
Vermont Marble Co.
Vermont Structural Slate Co.
Vestal Chemical Laboratories
Vibro-Plus Products
Victor Balata & Textile Belting Co.
Victor Chemical Works
Victor Cooler Door Co.
Victor Electric Products, Inc.
Victor Equipment Co.
Victor Metal Products Corp.
Victor Oolitic Stone Co.
Victor Products Corp.
Victor Vent Co.
Victoreen Instrument Co.
Victory Engineering Corp.
Village Winery
Vilter Mfg. Co.
Vincent Whitney Co.
Virginia Furniture Co., Inc.
Virginia Smelting Co.
Virginia Table Co.
Virginia-Carolina Chemical Corp.
Virginian Electric & Machine Works
Vissering Harry & Co.
Vitaglass Corp.
Vitrolite Co.
Vogel-Peterson Co.
Vogt Henry Machine Co.
Vogt Machine Co.
Voightmann & Co.
Voigtmann Metal Window Corp. Div. of Campbell Metal Window Corp.
Vonnegut Hardware Co.
Vortex Mfg. Co.
Voss Belting & Specialty Co.
Voss Mobley Hardware Co.
Vulcan Copper & Supply Co.
Vulcan Detinning Co.
Vulcan Electric Co.
Vulcan Engineering Sales Co.
Vulcan Iron Works
Vulcan Rail & Construction Co.
Vulcan Rail Construction Co.
Vulcan Soot Cleaner Co.
Vulcan Tool Mfg. Co.
V-W Ventilator Co.
W. & J. Sloane
W. & J. Sloane Mfg. Co.
W. A. Augur
W. A. Carrell & Co.
W. A. Case & Son Mfg. Co.
W. A. Cleary Corp.
W. A. Jones Fdry. & Machine Co.
W. A. Riddell Corp.
W. A. Taylor & Co.
W. C. Lea
W. C. Ritchie & Co.
W. D. & C. F. Tucker
W. D. Allen Mfg. Co.
W. D. Crooks & Sons
W. E. Caldwell Co.
W. E. Caldwell Co.
W. E. Caldwell Co., Inc.
W. E. Otto
W. F. Barnes & John Co.
W. F. Hirschman Co.
W. F. Norman Sheet Metal Mfg. Co.
W. F. Overly & Sons
W. G. Bush & Co.
W. G. Nagel Electric Co.
W. H. Gunlocke Chair Co.
W. H. Johnson & Sons Co.
W. H. Loomis Talc Corp.
W. H. Nicholson & Co.
W. Irving Forge
W. J. Baker Co.
W. J. Bush & Co.
W. J. Dennis & Co.
W. J. Holliday & Co.
W. J. Savage Co.
W. L. Evans
W. L. MaxCorp.
W. M. Lalor Co.
W. M. Lawrence Co.
W. M. Ritter Lumber Co.
W. M. Welch Mfg. Co.
W. N. Best Corp.
W. N. Durant Co.
W. Ralston & Co.
W. S. Dickey Clay Mfg. Co.
W. S. Rockwell Co.
W. S. Tyler Co.
W. T. McCullough Electric Co.
Wade Iron Sanitary Mfg. Co.
Wadsworth Howland & Co.
Wagner Furniture Co.
Wagner Mfg. Co.
Waite Carpet Co.
Walker Dishwasher Corp.
Walker-Turner Co., Inc.
Wallace & Tierman Co.
Wallace & Tierman Co.
Wallace & Tiernan Co.
Wall-Colmonoy Corp.
Walsh & Weidner Boiler Co.
Walter B. Gilbert & Co.
Walter Baker Chocolate & Cocoa Division
Walter Bates Co., Inc.
Walter H. Jelly & Co.
Walter Mucklow
Walters Co.
Waltham Horological Corp.
Walton Samuel Co.
Walworth Mfg. Co.
Ward Furniture Mfg. Co.
Ward Leonard Electric Co.
Ward's Natural Science Establishment
Warfield Chocolate Co.
Warford Corp.
Warner & Swasey Co.
Warner & Swasey Co. Gradall Div.
Warner Chemical Co.
Warner Elevator Mfg. Co.
Warren City Tank & Boiler Co.
Warren Clock Co.
Warren Ross Lumber Co.
Warren Shade Co.
Warren Telechron Co.
Warren Websterand Co.
Warsaw Elevator Co.
Washburn & Granger
Washington Brick Lime & Sewer Pipe Co.
Washington Concrete Products Corp.
Washington Parlor Furniture Co.
Wasmuth-Endicott Co.
Waterbury Co.
Waterloo Foundry Co.
Waterman Products Co.
Waterproofing Co.
Waters Governor Co.
Watertite Drain & Scupper Co.
Watson Elevator Co.
Watson Elevator Co.
Watson Mfg. Co.
Watson Truck Corp.
Watson-Flagg Machine Co.
Watson-Stillman Co.
Watsontown Door & Sash Co.
Watt Mining Car Wheel Co.
Watts Co.
Watts Regulator Co.
Waukesha Machine Co.
Waukesha Motor Co.
Waverly Oil Works Co.
Waverly Petroleum Products Co.
Wayne Chemical Products Co.
Wayne Oil Tank & Pump Co.
Wayne Tank & Pump Co.
Waynesville Furniture Co.
Weatherbest Corp.
Weatherbest Stained Shingle Co.
Weatherbest Stained Shingle Co.
Weatherhead Co.
Weatherproof Calking Co.
Weber Costello Co.
Webster & Co.
Webster & Co. Warren
Webster & Weller Mfg. Cos.
Webster Mfg.
Webster Mfg. Co.
Webster Spring Corp.
Webster Tallmadge & Co.
Webster Warren & Co.
Wehr Co.
Weibel Champagne Vineyards
Weinman Bros.
Weinman Pump Mfg. Co.
Weir Frog Co.
Weirton Steel Co.
Welch Holme & Clark Co.
Weldcraft Equipment Co.
Welfare Seating Co.
Weller Mfg. Co.
Wellington Arms Hotel
Wellman Engineering Co.
Wellman-Seaver-Morgan Co.
Wells & Richardson Co.
Wells Mfg. Corp.
Wellsville Upholstering Co.
Welsbach Co.
Welsbach Street Lighting Co. of America
Wendland Engineering & Construction Co.
Wente Bros. Winery
W-E-R Ribbon Corp.
Werner & Pfeiderer Div.
Werra Aluminum Foundry Co.
Wesley Bintz
West Branch Novelty Co.
West Coast Kalsomine Co.
West Disinfecting Co.
West Michigan Furniture co.
West Penn Cement Co.
West Virginia Armature Co.
West Virginia Rail Co.
Westco Pump Co.
Westco Pump Corp.
Western Architectural Iron Co.
Western Blind & Screen Co.
Western Brick Co.
Western Electric Co.
Western Foundation Co.
Western Furniture Co.
Western Lithograph Co.
Western Metal Products Co.
Western Metal Specialty Co.
Western Pine Assn.
Western Pine Manufacturer's Association
Western Precipitation Co.
Western Rotary Ventilator Co.
Western Shade Cloth Co.
Western Structural Co.
Western Venetian Blind Co.
Western Waterproofing Co.
Western Wire & Iron Works
Westinghouse Air Brake Co.
Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
Westinghouse Electric Corp.
Westinghouse Electric International Co.
Westinghouse Lamp Co.
Westinghouse Traction Brake Co.
Weston Electrical Instrument Corp.
Westvaco Chlorine Products Corp.
Weyerhaeuser Sales Co.
Wheatley Tile & Pottery Co.
Wheeler Building Tile Co.
Wheeler Condenser & Engineering Co.
Wheeler Reflector Co.
Wheeler Reynolds & Stauffer
Wheeler-Okell Co.
Wheeling Corrugating Co.
Wheeling Metal & Mfg. Co.
Wheeling Steel Corp.
Wheelock Lovejoy & Co.
Whirlwind Lawn Mowers Sales Corp.
White Door Bed Co.
White Furniture Co.
White Pine Sash Co.
White Products Co.
White Steel Sanitary Furniture Co.
White Stokes Co., Inc.
White Tar Co. of N. J.
Whitestown Trencher Co.
Whiting Corp.
Whiting-Swenson Co.
Whitlock Coil Pipe Co.
Whitman & barnes Mfg. Co.
Whitner 2-Rope Safety Co.
Whitney Duplicating Check Co.
Wickes Boiler Co.
Wickes Bros.
Wickwire Spencer Steel Co.
Wickwire Spencer Steel Corp.
Wico Electric Co.
Widdicomb Furniture Co.
Wilbraham-Green Blower Co.
Wilbur B. Driver Co.
Wilbur Lumber Co.
Wilbur-Suchard Chocolate Co., Inc.
Wilder Mfg. Co.
Wilder-Pike Thermometer Co.
Wilkor Products
Will Corp.
Willcox Engineering Co.
William A. Camp Co.
William B. Lucke, Inc.
William Bayley Co.
William Brand & Co.
William F. Klemp Co.
William F. Klemp Co., Inc.
William H. Lutton Co.
William L. Barrell Co. of N. Y.
William R. Pitt Composite Iron Works
William S. Haines & Co.
William Sultan & Co.
William W. Kellogg
Williams & Wilkins Co.
Williams Form Engineering Corp.
Williams Improved Stretcher Co.
Williams Iron Works
Williams Oil-O-Matic Heating Corp.
Williams Patent Crusher & Pulverizer Co.
Williams Pivot Sash Co.
Williams White & Co.
Williamsport Furniture Co.
Williamsport Wire Rope Co.
Willis Mfg. Co.
Wilmot Castle Co.
Wilmot Engineering Co.
Wilson Furniture Co.
Wilson Laboratories
Wilson-Mauelen Co.
Wilson-Snyder Mfg. Co.
Wilson-Wetmore Lumber Co.
Winchester Electronics
Windshield Scupper Co.
Windsor Machine Co.
Wine Growers Guild
Wing & Evans
Winslow Government Standard Scale Works
Winter-Weiss Co.
Winthrop Chemical Co.
Wire Belt Co. of America
Wiremold Co.
Wirt & Knox Mfg. Co.
Wisconsin Bridge & Iron Co.
Wisconsin Engine Co.
Wise-Bundock Co.
Witcombe McGeachin & Co.
Wm. Ainsworth & Sons
Wm. B. Bolles Co.
Wm. B. Pierce Co.
Wm. B. Scaife & Sons Co.
Wm. Baragwanath & Son
Wm. Braun Co.
Wm. Bros. Boiler & Mfg. Co.
Wm. D. Gibson Co.
Wm. E. Martin Co.
Wm. F. Wittell & Co.
Wm. Ganschow Co.
Wm. Graver Tanks Worth
Wm. H. Jackson Co.
Wm. Highton & Sons Div. of Hart & Cooley Mfg. Co.
Wm. J. Stange Co.
Wm. Shelton Nicholls
Wm. Summerhays Sons Corp.
Wm. Wharton Jr. & Co.
Wolf Co.
Wolfe-Kote Co.
Wolverine Tube Co.
Wonder Window Co.
Wood & Selick, Inc.
Wood Alan Iron & Steel Co.
Wood Conversion Co.
Wood Hydraulic Hoist & Body Co.
Wood Hydraulic Hoist & Body Co.
Wood Lath Bureau
Woodbury Granite Co.
Wood-Fibre Board Corp.
Woodford Hydrant Co.
Wood-Mosaic Co.
Wood-Regan Instrument Co.
Woodville Lime Products Co.
Woodweb Shade Mfrs.
Wooster Products
Worcester Pressed Steel Co.
Workshop Associates
Worthington Mower Co.
Worthington Pump & Machinery Copr.
Worthington Pump & Machinery Corp.
Woven Wire Work Div. of National Assn. of Ornamental Iron Bronze & Wire Mfrs.
Wright & Gamber
Wright Mfg. Div.
Wright Rubber Products Co.
Wright-Austin Co.
Wurster & Sanger
W-W Grinder Corp.
Wyandotte Chemicals Corp.
Wyoming Shovel Works
Wyoming Valley Equipment Co.
X-ite Corp. Div. of E. L. Bruce Co.
Yale & Towne Mfg. Co.
Yankee Paper & Specialty Co.
Yarnall-Waring Co.
Yarnell-Waring Co.
Yaun Mfg. Co.
Yawman & Erbe Mfg. Co.
Yaxley Mfg. Co.
Yeager Furniture Co.
Yeomans Bros.
Yeomans Bros. Co.
Yoder-Morris Co.
York Furniture Mfg. Corp.
York Ice Machinery Corp.
York Mfg. Co.
York Patented Building Block Co.
York Safe & Lock Co.
Young Bros. Co.
Youngberg Charles
Youngstoen Pressed Steel Co.
Youngstown Pressed Steel Co.
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co.
Ypsilanti Reed Furniture Co.
Z. H. Polachek
Zahm & Nagel Co.
Zahner Mfg. Co.
Zangerle & Peterson Co.
Zaremba Co.
Zeleny Thermometer Co.
Zenitherm Co.
Zenobia Nut Co.
Zeolite Chemical Co.
Zero Weather Stripping Co.
Zinsser & Co.
Zophar Mills
Zouri Co.
Zouri Drawn Metals Co.
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