1945 Rockbestos Products Corporation

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original 1945
ad for
Rockbestos Products Corporation, with offices and
facilities in New Haven, CT.  This is a 2 page ad.  This ad
features the following products made Room Wire-Type AVA (for
general lighting and control circuits, wiring around ovens,
furnaces, lehrs, tenter frames, boiler rooms, soaking pits, steam
lines and general hot spot wiring); Rockbestos Heat-Resisting
Fixture Wires-Type AF (for lighting fixtures, small motor leads,
small switchboards, electrified office equipment, and electrical
ranges) “The asbestos insulation does not dry out and become
brittle under high socket temperatures and it is also high in
moisture resistance.”; Rockbestos 300 Volt Duplex Heat
Resisting Flexible Cord-Type AFPD “A heatproof Underwriter-
approved cord for pendant lighting fixtures, insulated with felted
asbestos, polarized, and covered with black cotton or rayon
braid.”; Rockbestos A.V.C. 600 Volt Flexible Cord “Insulated with
felted asbestos and varnished cambric, and covered with a heavy
asbestos braid, this cord is resistant to heat and moisture, oil,
grease, corrosive Control Cable (for boiler rooms, power
stations, kiln rooms and other locations where control or signal
wiring is attacked by heat) “Rockbestos A.V.C. Control Cable is
designed for use under conditions too severe for control cables
with other types of insulation which deteriorates rapidly when
exposed to high temperatures.”; Rockbestos Thermostat Control
Wire (for automatic fuel burner control, low voltage signal and
intercommunicating systems, etc.); Rockbestos A.V.C. 600 Volt
Motor Lead and Apparatus Cable-Type AVA (for coil connections,
steel mill motors, transformer leads, electric locomotives,
subway cars, etc.) “Positively fireproof-will not burn nor transmit
flame.”; Rockbestos A.V.C. Power Cable (for power wiring in
boiler rooms, power plants, steel mills and hot industrial
locations “Non-deteriorating asbestos, impregnated and
compressed into a dense felted wall, seals the varnished cambric
insert against heat.”; Rockbestos All-Asbestos 600 Volt Rheostat
and Power Cable (for grid jumper and grid to faceplate
connections, also open wiring in hot locations); Rockbestos All-
Asbestos Stove Wire (for same uses as rheostat cable, wiring of
elevator and locomotive control panels, ranges and hotplates)
“Conductors of either plain copper, nickel or monel as specified
with asbestos insulation applied to form a dense, felted, heat-
resisting wall having no laps or seams.”; Rockbestos A.C.
Secondary Network Cable “Positively will not burn, neither will the
asbestos insulation give off smoke or toxic, inflammable or
explosive gases under arc conditions.”; Rockbestos A.V.C. 600
Volt Switchboard Wire; Rockbestos A.V.C. 600 Volt Hinge Cable;
Rockbestos A.V.C. Switchboard Bus Cable; All-Asbestos
Apparatus Cable; All-Asbestos Jumper Cable; and All-Asbestos
Magnet Wire.
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