Asbestos Product Information
1926 Sall Mountain Company

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original
original 1926 ad for Sall Mountain Company.  It is 1 page.  
The ad features the following products:  Aircell Corrugated
Asbestos Paper "The best fire-proof material for covering
heaters and hot-air pipes.  Made of a 1/4-inch and 1/8 inch
corrugated asbestos sheet with backingof flat asbestos
paper."; Asbestos Aircell Pipe Covering "Made up of alternate
layers of plain and corrugated asbestos paper, finished with
canvas jacket and lacquered metal bands.  Light, fire-proof
and durable, and has high insulating efficiency." Asbestos
Paper "Made by modern methods by a company that has had
long experience in the manufacture of asbestos products.  A
fire-proof paper of the highest quality."; Asbestos Millboard
"For protecting ceilings and walls exposed to heat.  Made of
pure asbestos fiber."; Sal-Mo Asbestos Cements "For covering
Boilers and Fittings.  Readily applied over irregular surfaces.  
Comes dry in 100 lb. bags and needs only the addition of
water to be ready to use."; Sal-Mo Asbestos Furnace Cement
"Adheres firmly to all metals, firebrick and stone; and does
not crack, shrink or disintegrate when subjected to heat.  Used
for setting up furnaces, stoves and ranges and for repairing
broken joints."
Sall Mountain Company
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