1927 The Udell Works - PDF

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original 1927
catalog for The Udell Works. This catalog features Udell Sectional
Bookcases and includes a net price list dated 1/25/27. It is 24
pages, including the price list and front and rear covers. Specific
models pictured include "The Library" Combination No. 57;
Standard-Combination Nos. 26-F, 46-F, 28-F, 29-F; Standard for
Law Books-Combination No. 130-F; Standard High
Base-Combination No. 476; "Adam" Combination No. 456;
"Queen Anne" Combination No. 486; and the "Colonial"
Combination Nos. 43-F, 71-R, 32-F. Product features include the
Non-Binding Door "Door guide absolutely prevents friction, or
sticking of any door, furthermore, they operate on steel roller
bearings and are instantly removable without the use of tools.";
Air-Cushioned Doors "Perfect air-tight construction gives you an
absolutely cushioned door without the use of felt or packing.";
Metal Dust Shield "A steel division between the books and
receding door, protecting the tops of the books from dust or
damage. No sectional bookcase is perfect without this protection."
"Since 1873 The Udell Works has held to high ideals of better
workmanship, careful and progressive design and the best of material in
building furniture.

The name Udell has been synonymous with quality for more than half a
century. Always, the name Udell has stood for the best in materials and
the finest skill in wood working. Udell sectional bookcases are typical of
every article that has ever borne the name. They have niceties of
construction and finish that stamp them as the peer of any bookcase on
the market.

The non-binding door does not and cannot stick. The door guide
absolutely prevents friction. Doors operate on roller bearings and are
instantly removable. The sections are dust-proof and practically
moisture-proof. A metal dust shield at the top of each section protects
the books. The doors are air cushioned, and slide back over the dust

Several years ago, The Udell Works purchased the stock, machinery and
patents of the J. C. Widman Company of Detroit, Michigan. Udell
bookcases retain all of the valuable and exclusive mechanical features of
the Humprey-Widman bookcases that were manufactured by them for
twenty-two years, plus our advanced designing and manufacturing.

Udell sectional bookcases are offered to the retail trade as profit-making
merchandise. They have the same Udell quality, dependability and
workmanship, that have for more than fifty years distinguished the
products of this pioneer firm. You can depend on Udell."
1930 The Udell Works - PDF
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1895-1896 The Udell Works - PDF (88 pages + 4 page price list)

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original 1895-1896 catalog for The Udell Works. It is
88 pages including the front and rear covers. In addition, this catalog includes a separate 4 page price
list for all products featured in the catalog, including Parlor and Corner Cabinets, Music Cabinets,
Ladies' Desks, Combination Book Cases, Folding Book Cases, Buffets, Side Boards, Ladies' Dressers,
Gent's Dressers, Chiffoniers, Hall Trees, Hat and Coat Racks, Commodes, Medicine Cabinets, Blacking
Cases, Foot Stools, Spice Cabinets, Invalid Trays, Butler Trays, Library and Pantry Steps, Lap Boards,
Tables, Towel Arms and Towel Rollers.
The Udell Works
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