1952 American Steel & Wire Co.

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original 1952
product advertisement for the  
American Steel & Wire,
Division of United States Steel Company, with offices and
facilities in Cleveland, OH.  It is 4 pages.  It features Amerclad
Portable Power Cable, Amerclad Welding Cable, Amerclad
Railway Utility Cable, Amerclad Motor Lead Cable, Amerclad
Portable Oil-Proof Cords, Amerbestos Wire and Cable “Made
for “Hot around furnaces or boilers where other types of cable
would disintegrate.  Special felting process permits cable
insulation to be bent without breaking.  Available with all-
asbestos insulation impregnated with a compound, resistant to
moisture, flame and heat.”, Amerbestos AVC Wires and
Cables “Insulation is felted asbestos, varnished cambric,
felted asbestos and asbestos braid.  For use wherever
insulation may be exposed to continuous heat, heat and
moisture, oil, grease, corrosive fumes or fire hazard.  The
varnished cambric increases dielectic strength and improves
resistance to moisture and steam.”, 6 x 19 Tiger Brand
Standard Hoisting Rope, 6 x 37 Tiger Brand Special Flexible
Hoisting Rope, Tiger Brand Wire Rope Slings, and Tigerweld
Rail Bonds.  
1952 American Steel & Wire Co.
Asbestos Product Information
United States Steel Company (American Steel & Wire)
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