1900 Friedrich Pustet & Co. Catalog-PDF

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original
circa 1900s (undated) catalog for Fr. (Friedrich) Pustet &
Co., manufacturers of Statues and Statuary Groups in
Marble, Wood, Stone Composition, Zinc. The company was
located in New York and Cincinnati, Ohio. The catalog is
44 pages, including the front and rear covers. The catalog
features Statues Carved in White Carrara Marble,
Handsome Wood Carved Statuary, French Statues &
German Statues (Ecclesiastical, Saints & Angels), Statues
and Groups in Cast Zinc, Large Full Scale Nativity scenes
(Christmas Crib No. 2250 "All Hand Carved in Wood",
Christmas Crib No. 200-Stone Composition, Christmas
Crib No. 85 & Christmas Crib No. 116).
Friedrich (Fr.) Pustet & Co.
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