1953 Insul-Mastic Corporation of America

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original 1953
product catalog for Insul-Mastic Corporation of America. It is 4
pages.  This catalog features Insul-Mastic Coatings.  
"Insul-Mastic coatings are of two types:  Gilsonite base for
protecting heavy industrial equipment against corrosion, and
Mica base for sealing and beautifying home and building
walls."; "Insul-Mastic coating also contain about 40% inert
mineral fillers including mica flake (proven the most durable
filler by tests at the National Bureau of Standards), asbestos
fibre, and selected ceramic clay."
1953 Insul-Mastic Corporation of America
Asbestos Product Information
Insul-Mastic Corporation of America
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