1932 Kraftile Company

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original 1932
catalog for the Kraftile
Company, with offices and facilities in
Niles, Alameda County, CA.  It is 2 pages.  This ad features
High Fired Sized Faience Tile, handcraft texture and semi-mat
finish for walls, floors and swimming pools “Unlike most tile
which is made by applying the glaze after the body has been
burned, Kraftile is made by the monolithic method by which
body and glaze are burned in one long firing at tremendously
high temperature.  The result is that an absolute bond is
created between the glaze and the body, and spalling or lifting
of the glaze is prevented.”; High Fired Decorative Faience Tile
in Moorish, Spanish, Persian and Tunisian designs; Special
Opaque Kraftile, for use in public washrooms, bathrooms,
kitchens and subways, and wherever the tile is subject to stains
from dampness or seepage; Scum Gutters for swimming pools;
Bathroom Fixtures; Fixtures; and the Kraftile Tile Cutter.   
Kraftile Company
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