1888-Orville H. Short-Fine Carriages and Sleighs

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original
1888 product catalog for Orville H. Short, Manufacturer
of Fine Carriages and Sleighs of Every Description.
 It is
50 pages.  The catalog features the following carriages
and sleighs, including No. 9-"Bonner" Speeding
Wagon, No. 8-Brewster Side Bar Piano, No. 2-End
Spring Piano Box, No. 02-End Spring Buggy, No. 3-Side
and End Spring Piano Box, No. 6-Side Spring Piano
Box, No. 4 Syracuse Phaeton, No. 4½-"Empress" Low
Wheel Ladies' Phaeton, No. 5½-"Newport" Loop-Front
Ladies' Phaeton, No. 000-Imperial Cabriolet, No.
80-"Elberon" Side Bar (Extension Top), No.
65-Brunswick Wagon (Extension Top), No. 67-Windsor
Canopy Top Surrey, No. 75-Mikado Canopy Top Surrey,
No. 69-Canopy Top Saxon, No. 650-Runabout Canopy
Top Surrey, No. 600-Runabout Open Surrey, No.
21-New York Spindle, No. 22-Brighton Spindle, No.
24-Tuxedo, No. 23-Greenwich Park Wagon, No.
26-Folsom Park Wagon, Spiral Spring Cart, No.
99-Gold Coin Runabout, No. 100-Runabout With One
Seat, No. 200-Runabout, No. 150, No. 250-Family
Wagon, No. 350-The Favorite Sewing Machine Wagon,
No. 400, No. 450, No. 500, No. 550, No. 551-Three
Spring Delivery Wagon, No. 553-Platform Delivery
Wagon, No. 552-Three Spring Delivery Wagon With
Top, No. 102-Portland, No. 103-Roman, No.
105-Roman With Top, No. 106-Special Portland, No.
107-Russian, No. 110-Family Sleigh, No. 109-Double
Portland, No. 108-Double Russian.
Orville H. Short
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