1944 Standard Asbestos Mfg. Company

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original
1944 ad for the Standard Asbestos Mfg. Company.  It is 1
page.  The ad features “Stamco” Laminated Asbestos Felt
and Sponge Covering “For covering high pressure and
medium pressure steam lines.  Especially adapted for
vibrating lines or pipes for vibrating lines or pipes running out-
of-doors.  Composed of successive layers of asbestos paper
with a sponge-like material imbedded into and forming part
of the felt itself so as to provide maximum insulating value.”,
Asbestos Air Cell Board “Made up of alternate layers
corrugated and flat asbestos paper, firmly bound together
with silicate of soda.”; Asbestos Sheet Millboard “For general
use for lining partitions, doors, etc., as a protection against
fire, heat, fumes, etc.”, Asbestos Paper and Rollboard
“Asbestos paper is used extensively for covering hot air
furnace pipes and also as a general fire-retarding material on
wood partitions, etc.”, and Asbestos Air Cell Coverings “These
insulations are so constructed as to form very strong, medium
weight coverings with high insulating qualities and make a
firm, clean section, easy to apply, and give the finished job a
neat appearance.” (“Standard” 4-ply, “Sixcel”, “Stanocel”).
1944 Standard Asbestos Mfg. Company
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