Asbestos Product Information
1938 American Seitz Filter Corporation-PDF

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original 1938
product advertisement for the American Seitz Filter Corporation.
It is 2 pages. Filter Sheets "Germ-proofing, sterilizing and This is
a high quality digital clarifying.  Made from asbestos by a secret
clarifying.  Made from asbestos by a secret process.  Available in
9 porosites.  The EK sterilizing sheet (4 grades) gives 100%
sterility while delivering an economical working volume.  Used for
sterilizing serums, wines, fruit juices, vinegar, or whatever
germ-proofing is positively required, By eliminating
pasteurization, EK sheets preserve qualities often destroyed or
altered by heat-composition, flavor, etc. These sheets also
useful in cracking certain types of emulsions."; Asbestos Filter
Aids "Seitz Asbestos filtering materials (18 grades) are
extremely sharp in clarifying action, and may be used on any
filterable product. Their high absorptive powers shorten
precoating time, giving crystal clear high yields with minimum
costs for material and lowest labor charges for setting and
resetting. Diatomaceous earth or char may be used in
conjunction with Seitz Asbestos aids."
1938 American Seitz Filter Corporation ASBESTOS
American Seitz Filter Corporation
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