1950 Grant Wilson, Inc.

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original ad
for Grant Wilson, Inc.  It is 1 page.  This ad features many
products containing asbestos, including Asbestos Millboard
"Fireproof...can be sawed, die-cut, punched, nailed or
painted."; Asbestos Aircell Pipe Covering "Use on low pressure
steam, hot water and vapor system pipe lines..."; Asbestos
Insulating Felt Paper "...ideal for wrapping furnace pipes and
casings, for fire-proofing combustible construction, making
gaskets, etc..."; Asbestos Range Boiler Jackets; Asbestos
Furnace Cement "Makes an excellent smoke-tight, gas-tight
and fire-proof seal on all types of heating units."; Asbestos
Insulating Cement "Insulation for all boilers, fittings and
tanks."; and DUX-SULATION "Asbestos protected
DUX-SULATION is the only all-purpose blanket insulation for
saving fuel, deadening metallic noises and minimizing heat
Grant Wilson, Inc.
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