1913 Marathon Motor Works

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an
ORIGINAL 1913 DEALER CATALOG for the Marathon
Motor Works, with offices and facilities in Nashville,
TN.  Although the catalog is not dated, we estimate
the date to be 1913 based on the following facts.  
When Marathon relocated to Nashville, TN, the line
was expanded from the original A9 Touring Car, and
B9 Rumble Seat Roadster.  By 1911 five models were
offered, and by 1913 they had increased to 12
different models.  This catalog depicts 11 different
models.  The car was a huge success, and production
could hardly keep pace with demand.  Despite the
Marathon’s popularity, production ceased in 1914
because the company was unable to meet its’
financial obligations.  It is not known how many
Marathons were produced, but only eight samples are
known to exist today.  Interestingly enough, this may
be the only dealer catalog for the Marathon Motor
Works that exists today.  The catalog includes 20
B&W glossy illustrations and photos, all linen backed
for reinforcement.  All of the illustrations are by The
Crown Press and signed “Chi”.  There are a total of
15 full page illustrations, of photographic quality.  11
of the illustrations depict different models and the
other 4 illustrate the internal mechanics of the
vehicle, including cross sections of the engine itself.  
In addition to the 15 illustrations, there are 5 very
rare 8” x 10” B&W photos.
Marathon Motor Works
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