1955-Smith & Kanzler Jetbestos, Inc.

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original 1955
catalog for
Smith & Kanzler Jetbestos, Inc., with offices and
facilities in Linden, NJ.  It is 4 pages.  This catalog features
Spray Craft "a monolithic non-combustible surfacing material
with superior qualities for both thermal and acoustical insulation.
It is applied with an advanced type of spraygun equipment which
deposits a scientifically balanced combination of asbestos fiber
plus mineral fiber, binder, water and air.  This forms a mat-like
surface with the characteristics to reduce heat as well as to
absorb and to deaden noise."
1955 Smith & Kanzler Jetbestos, Inc.
Asbestos Product Information
1968 Smith & Kanzler Company

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original 1968
catalog for
Smith & Kanzler Company.  It is 8 pages.  This
catalog features SprayCraft Firetest, Sprayed Asbestos Mineral
Fiber for Fireproofing, Sound Proofing, Thermal Insulation,
Condensation Control and Acoustical Correction. "SprayCraft
Firetest fiber consists of scientifically formulated blends of
virgin asbestos fiber, mineral fiber and inorganic binders.";
SprayCraft Firetest fiber (Type 1132) "...applied to steel
beams, columns, floor and roof assemblies provides in a single
application the most economical, effective and lightest in
weight fireproofing yet devised.", "SprayCraft may be applied
directly to a variety of roof, ceiling or wall surfaces to provide a
highly efficient acoustical and thermal insulating treatment.
Spraycraft provides monolithic acoustical system adapted to
curved and flat shapes, which can be spray-painted in any
color. Unusual design and highlight effects are possible.",
"Spraycraft is manufactured in two forms, namely Type S and
Type H." Featured installations include 55 Broad Street, NY;
Monroe County Health & Welfare Administration Building;
Pioneer Theater Auditorium, Reno, NV; Pan Am Building, NY;
Missouri State Office building, Kansas City, MO; State Street
Bank Building, Boston, MA; Equitable Life Assurance Society of
the U.S., Atlanta, GA.
Smith & Kanzler Jetbestos, Inc.
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